The Summit School Flame Yearbook 1964. Woot!

I was in a teensy thrift store a while back…you know the ones that are run by really sweet little old ladies? I usually find that I will walk away with absolutely nothing, or something really awesome. There’s not much middle ground. This time I didn’t find much, but as I was making my out of the shop I spied a stack of old year books. This one in particular caught my eye. It was for an all girls school in Minnesota (yes I found it in California). I think these are so fun to look at. C’mon, lets take a peek!

The senior class had some really cool looking young ladies.

haha. i love that she is a “record, boy and clothing collector”!

Yes. Her nickname is SHOTSY. Love that!

Each section had a special hand pressed (hand colored?) page tipped in—so fun! And how cute is this:

But what about the staff?? I have to say that Headmistress Ethel Pease looks like a good ol gal!

But that Gertrude Kelsey? Shelooks like a tough old bird, eh?

I have several other yearbooks that I’ll be sharing with you guys—the co-ed ones are especially fun because they have great photos of DANCES! (And lets not forget the autographs….)

8 thoughts on “The Summit School Flame Yearbook 1964. Woot!

  1. The little thrift stores with lovely elderly ladies are my favourite! They often offer you a cup of tea and they’re always up for a lovely chat.

    That yearbook is a great find and wonderful look into 1964. There are some fabulous hairstyles and I particularly love Anne Sommers spectacles. 🙂

  2. And I thought Dottie was a great nickname. I bow to the awesomeness of Shotsy.

    I found a few of my old college yearbooks in a dumpster on campus and it was and IS still amazing! I’ll share it with you!

    1. Dottie still is an amazing nickname! Shotsy sounds a little dirty somehow….so wait are the yearbooks old yearbooks you found or they are your own yearbooks? Either would be fun!

  3. I love Anne Sommers glasses!
    I love looking through old books to get “ideas” of future names for children (if I have any more). Im obsessed with names.
    It would be neat to see where these ladies are now. What a fantastic tribute written out to Shotsy.

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