The Vintage Bookshelf.

Hello friends! It’s time for a peek into some of my favorite vintage children’s books—I usually like to pick books with a great story, but sometimes lets face it….it’s the super groovy illustrations that make my heart sing.

This week we have a sweet little ABC book. I only picked a few letters of the alphabet, but you get the idea. If there are any letters you’d like me to post, I’m happy to do so. And um, yeah….I forgot to scan “W”. Don’t tell Wolfie!

That owl….love him. I know owls are all over the place, but really….you kinda can’t go wrong with a animal in overalls, am I right??

This next one especially charming, I think:

This lil cutie was printed in 1951 with illustrations by Cornelius Witt. I love the name Cornelius, by the way….so Planet of the Apes, eh?

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