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The World’s Hippest Fireplace.

It’s a lovely Friday evening. You’re playing bridge with The Johnsons (Bitsy made her infamous sandwich loaf). You stroll over to your toasty hearth…but hold on a moment…oh ho ho! What’s this? This is no ordinary fireplace….

It’s a full on freakin’ entertainment system—AND BAR!!

Yup. A freestanding vintage fireplace unit from the 1950s. Faux marble, wooden detailing. Pretty cool. Can you just imagine how cool the couple that owned this thing was??

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4 Responses

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  1. Eartha Kitsch says

    I so wish I had room for one of these! Do tell! Is it yours? Please say yes!

    • Alix says

      Oh I wish this were mine!!

  2. Dolly Dahl says

    OH MY GOD I need this in my life. This is amazing! <3

  3. Kim says

    My grandmother has one of these with the bar on top!

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