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I’m just gonna go out on a limb and say it. This is quite possibly the coolest playhouse EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It rules on so many levels. And yes it’s hip, but most importantly it looks like it would be SO fun to play inside. It got me thinking, “What did play houses look like back in the day??” So I went on a hunt. Lemme tell ya, it was a little hard to find. For example, I love this image, these kiddos are so cute (and stylish!). That playhouse is a tad grim though, eh?

OK,  this is more like it! A-frame goodness….with a built-in sandbox on the side.

This clever little playhouse is made of cloth. Love the big flowers….

This isn’t vintage, but it’s made of vintage sheets. It’s enough to make me want to hop on the tee pee bandwagon!

images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

I love all of those so much! I was curious if I could find some modern counterparts that had as much style and here’s what I turned up!

I really like this rad little pad—the double doors are very cool and it seems so light and airy inside! (nevermind that it KINDA looks like a 70s office building…)

image: modern play shed

This one is interesting but I have to admit it sort of looks like you’re playing inside a stylish piece of cheese:

image: smart playhouse

I like it better at night:

So this one….it’s slick, but seems so dark. Not very cheery, ya know? I’m all for hip design for kids, but not sacrificing FUN!

Ahhhh, see? This one is pretty groovy.  AND it still seems fun. Wouldn’t you rather have a fun slide than a CHIC! MODERN! MIDCENTURY! WOOD BOX! (ahem, playhouse above)

This one is quite adorable. The clear ceiling makes it really airy!

image: modern cabana

And finally….check out this bad boy. It ain’t purty but you know you would have one helluva good time staging battles and pretending your backyard was the planet of Tatooine. And your golden retriever a wookie.

Mmm hmmm. Featuring a 4-Sound Electronic Console. That *is* gym-dandy.

13 thoughts on “Then and Now :: Groovy Playhouses

  1. This could not have come at a more perfect time. My husband and I just started planning our kids’ modern playhouse this past weekend. We will be taking a close look at the houses featured here!

  2. There is so much awesomeness here I am *THIS CLOSE* to having my mind explode.

    Could we talk about the Star Wars toy house. Mah God! Star Wars Marketers are only topped by Krusty the Klown with products.

    But THAT settles it–I’m not going to plant a plum tree in that spot in our backyard! I’m going to make the Peach a backyard playhouse!

    We had a treehouse growing up that was so rickety I wasn’t allowed up it, but just to know that it existed still makes me smile.

  3. “featuring a 4-sound electronic console!”

    My cousins had the most awesome treehouse. Not “mod” but it included a wraparound porch and a fireman’s pole to get down quickly for snack time. We wanted to play there all the time!

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