Sponsor Spotlight! Tiffanie from SF Corner Blog!

Living in San Francisco, we’re lucky to have such a great community of blogger pals—like Victoria from sfgirlbybay, Jordan from Oh Happy Day, and Liz from Say Yes to Hoboken. But one of our new local favorites is the lovely Tiffanie from Corner Blog. Her blog’s tagline is “slowing down at one of San Francisco’s busiest corners,” which I love and can relate to! Tiffanie chronicles her beautiful experiments in housewifery and motherhood. Tiffanie is an architect by trade, but has a burlesque alter ego names, Yves Jobs (love). She also hails from back East and has a little bit of New England tucked in her heart. But what I really love is that Tiffanie has a wonderful “blog voice”—very charming and winsome and she writes about  all sorts of things like:

Her stunning kiddos, the magnificent Stella (perhaps you recall her from her Weekly Kiddo post?) and her snuggly little bro, Oliver.

I love her quest to find 101 uses for her donut pan.  I’m torn between crust bread rolls and hand pies.

Her zany, take back your sassiness burlesque side career which she writes about with such joy and humor.

Her party throwing skills seem to be pretty darn impressive. With an emphasis on fun. And good food.

And the misc. burro pinata cake, which is all kinds of crafty genius.

And bless her heart, I freaking adore her point-tastic meal inspirations so much!

But my favorite posts of hers are the one where she talks about herself and just those little scraps of life that are so astounding and begged to be written about and fortunately she does and she shares it with us.

So, I hope you’ll check out our blogging neighbor, Tiffanie and stop by and say hi!



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