Valentine’s Day:: a scarf for my sweetie!

I love my guy.  I don’t often chat about him here, but please know that he is the heart of so many posts and has been an amazing support to me and this blog.  He is the best darn tootin’ guy I know and I’m head over heels for him.

And when he found his favorite pair of vintage wool trousers riddled with moth holes, he was heartbroken. And one of his sweaters too! Pathos!

But unbeknownst to him, I ferreted them out of the garbage and decided to turn two wrongs into a right! That beautiful gray brown pinstriped with a touch of red fabric and wooly sweater still had more life in them yet.

While he was tinkering with a friend’s vintage car, I cut everything up and with a bit of thread and a whole lot of love, I created this jaunty scarf that will keep him warm and still allow him to wear his favorite trousers too!

Fortunately, he loves scarves as much as I do, so I knew he would love it.  Almost as much as I love him.

Here are the deets on how to make your own. I used one of his scarves as a guide for how wide and how long it should be. I recommend you do that as well…

And I gotta say, I like the way it looks on my sweetie!  Here’s hoping your guy or gal likes your version just as much!

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! May your day be full of pretty flowers and yummy chocolate!

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    1. Barbie, that is a great idea to do something like that with baby clothes and blankets! I’ve often heard of people turning baby clothes into quilts for their kids when they go away to school… Something to think about!

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