Vintage Bookshelf :: Black + White and Pink all Over.

Most of the vintage children’s books I show off have luscious rich illustrations—in bold colors and jewel tones that I just love! But for a little twist, I thought it would be fun to take a look at a more parred down book. What happens when the illustrations get a bit simpler? Say… and white. I  have a few books like this with just a hint of color and honestly,  they are every bit as excellent as the colorful ones. Let’s take a look!

Ahhh, I love how clean and simple the colors in this book look. Just black, white and a splash of pink. But oh what a splash it is! It just goes to show you how effective even the teensiest bit of color can be!


This is the House Where Jack Lives. By Joan Heilbronner. Illustrations by the marvelous Aliki. 1962.

{PS Sorry the photos are a little wonky…oddly enough, the colors were really hard to capture—they grey kept blowing out on me!}

4 thoughts on “Vintage Bookshelf :: Black + White and Pink all Over.

    1. Older Aliki is AWESOME!!!! Her later stuff is a little more 80s and I’m not as in to….but I have several books she did in the 60s and they are the bomb! (Also, I always though Aliki was a dude….but wardomatic schooled me straight!)

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