Vintage Bookshelf // Sassy Nursery Rhymes from 1967

Pictures by Jenny Williams. Designed by Tony Williams. (are they related??) First published in 1967. Printed in the Netherlands by L. van Leer and Co.

I love the mix of super colorful illustrations and then the more minimal black and white line drawings with pops of blue! Take a look…

There was a section where a few pages were ripped….and oddly, I still found these slivers of paper beautiful:

I love this book! Most I buy to share with Wolfie, but I admit many I buy for me. And with the younger story topic (nursery rhymes) and slightly poor condition means I guess that means that this one is allll for me. But that’s ok! I’m kind of a kid at heart.

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2 thoughts on “Vintage Bookshelf // Sassy Nursery Rhymes from 1967

  1. I love this book! I had it as a kid when I lived in Germany, sadly moving between europe/back to the states/back to europe and back to the states we left behind allot of treasures.

    I do the same, I’ll buy books for Judah, but mainly they are for me 🙂

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