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Vintage Flashback :: Sassy Mamas

Nothing makes me smile like vintage photos. The colors and composition are always so other worldly. I also love trying to figure out the backstory, you know….like, what was happening when the image was taken. Occasionally you luck out and someone knows the people in the photo. Check out these fab photos that people have posted of their mamas!

How gorgeous is this lady?? I love her hair. I love her dress. But more importantly I love the fact that she is on her way to the 1967 GRAMMY AWARDS!!!!!! Aw yeah. I believe her husband was a composer. She’s is incredible.

But she wasn’t the only stylish one in the family. Look at her with her sisters on easter. These ladies are the bomb:

Images from bigbrownhouse

Now check out this lovely lady:

Images from Tommy and Georgie

Mmmm, german chocolate cake. As an aside, German Chocolate cake isn’t German at all. German was a brand of chocolate (like Hershey’s) and they invented the cake!

I also love this lady’s look. She is so quirky and cool. Rockin’ in 1970. Dig that frenzy of patterns!

Ahhh, the ol “nap and smoke,” as her son called it.  Heh.

Images from bryanscott
And then just for kicks— LOVE these boozin’ airplane grannies!!!  HAPPY FRIDAY YA’ALL!!! I will have more links and goodies around noon!

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10 Responses

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  1. Dottie says

    This is KILLING me! I love the brunette at the end. The ole “nap and smoke” HA! Is that a young Mrs. Robinson? LOVE IT!

  2. Becky W says

    I love this post. I have a similar love for old photos featuring glam gals, like pics of my mum in the ’60s and ’70s.

  3. Lynn Landry says

    I love me some boozin’ airplane grannies! Great post!

  4. jenny says

    nap & smoke has got to be one of the greatest things i have ever heard!!!! her dress in that photo is TOPS.

    boozin’ grannies are killin it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Alice says

    The last one is killing me. In a good way.

  6. Dottie says

    Oh mah lord! I didn’t even see the sleeping lady in the back.

    Loving the drinking grannies. Not very hard to see myself as one of ’em!

  7. Alice says

    I love how the woman in the front has to raise both her arms to toast.

  8. Ms.Tips (Tammy) says

    amazing photos!! They look like they’re having so much fun!

  9. Dolly Dahl says

    HAHAHA “the old nap and smoke” — LOVE IT!
    Also, I want to hang out with the easter ladies. Seriously. We would be amazing friends.

  10. Shari D. says

    That group photo looks like the King Sisters family members! And if I recall correctly, the beautiful young blonde (aren’t almost all of them?!) But on the third from the left in the yellow dress and the flowered hat is Tina Cole. She is a cousin of the King Sisters family I believe. And if that’s her, then she played Katie Douglas, Robbie’s wife on My Three Sons!

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