Vintage Kiddo Retro Round Up

How was your weekend, everyone? Did you have a blast? I hope so! I spent some time working on a special project that we’ll tell you about soon and some time cleaning in prep for THE GRANDPARENTS coming.  The Peach has started to stockpile books for Grandma to read and has taken her trains out to show Grandad.

But of course I did a little online vintage shopping, natch. And I think I have some sweet fun finds to share with you.

It’s almost too much for me to handle, these pants.  Ticking and zoo animals? Stop, Hart & Sew, it’s almost too cute for words!

Jeannie of my favorite Etsy seller, Sweet Shop Vintage has a full vintage Fisher Price house and accessories for a great deal!  Someone snatch this up STAT!

Turtles need to come back!  Sorry owls. But when they are as cute as this turtle on this romper, well, you just gotta love turtles that button cute! Thanks Blue Bird Lucy’s!

For anyone going to Tiki-Oasis with a little girl, 3 Ring Circus has TWO wonderful vintage Hawaii three piece outfits that are soo divine!

I know ties are popular with boys as well as gents today.  So, someone should snap up these great vintage lot of ties from Robot Parade 4 Kids!

These vintage shortalls feature trains! Now, what kiddo wouldn’t choo choo choose them? From Etsy seller, Sam & Milly!

Oh, these sweet floral gray little rain boots would look great on any kiddo OR as a wee bit of decor in a girl’s room. From Etsy seller, Vintage Friends.

You know I love anything with ricrac! But this charming bigger girl size dress is the perfect amount of ricrac oh so tastefully and charmingly done. From Etsy seller, Night Owl Vintage, who has a terrific selection of dresses for mama too. Really pretty dresses…

It is a good thing I never had this Sigmund the Sea Monster board game as a kid, because I would have kissed cover due to my huge crush on a certain redhead… But I’m sure the game is as enjoyable as the show! From Etsy seller, Found in Alaska.

Oh just look at this little cutie patootie in her darling vintage blouse. I love gingham and chambray together.  So sweet! And bonus–on SALE! Thanks, Etsy seller, Salvage House Vintage.

And this next one? I. die. From Etsy seller, Cathode Blue.

Oh, for the love of Pete, would you take a look at this. CANDY!!!  ‘Nuf said.  I’m dying here, Young Team. Actually, you have a slew of cuteness in your store right now, so I highly suggest people take a look around…

Any sewing mama wants to get her little ones hooked as early as possible. And why not get them their own sewing machine so they aren’t fussing with yours.  Like this one from Etsy seller, Calloo Callay! (And yes, the Peach already has a little toy sewing machine thanks to Auntie Eileen!!!)

Thanks for stopping by and happy Monday!

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