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Vintage Kiddo Retro Round up!

Well, count down to turkey day. And boy oh boy am I looking forward to four straight days of time off.  Unfortunately my RSI is acting up, so I’m going to keep it brief and just focus on the truly fabulous finds of vintage awesomeness!

OK—I know it is totally naughty of me to post something summery as we are looking down the barrel of winter, but I would not be right of me to post this nautical number with a Mondrian go-go twist to boot! But this is one to buy now and save for summer in my opinion. (Ahem, Jody… ) How can you part with it Frecklewonder??

While we’re at it, I know it is wrong to show something as summery as this adorable baby dress with matching knickers, but it’s so cute, really, how could I not?  And isn’t it warming up quite nicely in Australia, Pilgrim?  From the always wonderful Robot Parade.

Speaking of warming up, check out this adorable coat it’s togglerific!  From eBay seller, Flying Debris!

Check out these sweet widdle corduroy slippers featuring the rare green polka dotted bunny! From eBay seller, CJSBargains.

Because the thermometer has the gaul to slink downward for the next couple of months, I just had to include another coat. But this one comes with a hat AND a cat.   From Etsy seller, Aunt Sue’s Old and New.

Clearly I’m all about coats today, but really, how could I look you all straight in the face and NOT post this Disneytastic pair of white patent Mary Janes.  Do you see the little mouse heads inside? And the heart cut-outs?  Sigh.  Again, from eBay seller, CBSBargains.

This little owly shirt is a hoot!  From Etsy seller, Vintage from Finland.  (This Etsy stop is totally worth a closer look!)

It seems that there is a dearth of cool vintage sweaters for boys.  So I was quite chuffed to find this cutie! Velvet! For boys! From Etsy seller FuzzyMama.

Oh, and the ADORABLENESS of this set!  Sweater pants with matching booties.  If that doesn’t keep that tiny bottom warm I don’t know what will! Never worn, but hopefully will be soon. Nudge nudge… Thanks for the find 3 Ring Circus!

OK—this isn’t really something to wear… I mean, as a crafty lady, I don’t think I could let one teaspoon of applesauce get on such stunning embroidery that took so much time.  But wouldn’t these embroidered bibs be the cutest thing EVER on the wall above a crib?  Seriously. I DIE. From Etsy seller, BabyComeBack.

We have a full holiday vintage kiddo round-up in the works, so be sure to check back here next week!

AND be sure to pop by in a few hours, for Alix has something very special for the ladies coming up this afternoon…

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14 Responses

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  1. riotyarn says

    Such a cute collection!

  2. lishyloo says

    those mary janes are killing me!!

  3. jenny says

    yay, such a good round up!!!!! i just sold a handsome green coat *exactly* like that red wool toggle one, went to a boy in england!!!
    thanks for sharing my sweet mondrian sailboat dress!!!! xoxo

    • Alix says

      This is weird, if I leave a comment with my other email, my photo icon shows up. If I’m logged in as the moderator of Modern Kiddo I get this wonky illustration. Jenny are you on WordPress? How do you get yer icon thingy to be your photo??

      • jenny says

        hmm i am. but the weird thing is, this was my typepad icon. i have no idea — it varies if i comment on a wordpress blog or a blogger blog or a typepad etc. ???

        i like the snazzy illustrations though! better than a gray silhouette! (which, incidentally, i had to type 4 times and then google because i could.not.spell silhouette to save mah life!!!!!!!!!!!)

        thanks for the freckle love again, ladies! the mondrian dress sold, as well as a couple others this am 😀

  4. RocketGirl says

    Regret to inform the sailboat Mondrian dress is no longer available for purchase. SCORE!

    • Alix says

      HAH! I think we would have been disappointed if that had played out any other way, my dear.
      Whoo hoo!! When Eliza hits Weekly Kiddo age she is going to be sooo STYLIN’!!!!!!

      • Dottie says


        I knew that sailboat dress was going to fly and the colors were so perfectly Eliza that how could I not!

    • jenny says

      hahaha, you are awesome. i’m sure you got the email notification, but it’s already wrapped and ready for pick up today! you should see it (fingers crossed!) this weds!!! thanks again, lady.

  5. 3 ring circus • heather says

    i am dying over those maryjanes!!!!! so cute!

  6. Alix says

    The Mondrian Sailboat dress is SO CUTE!!! and I looooove those Minnie Mouse Shoes!!!
    Argh. I’d wear them in a heart beat. Fabuloso round up!

  7. Dottie says

    Thanks for the props on round up friends! I must admit that there were some gems out there today. Squee!! Particularly those white mary janes. J’adore!

  8. Dottie says

    Thanks for the props on round up friends! I must admit that there were some gems out there today. Squee!! Particularly those white mary janes. J’adore!

  9. CaliKatrina says

    I just picked up the sweater pants set from 3 Ring yesterday! Can’t wait to put the newbie in it in a few months! 🙂

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