Vintage Kiddo Retro Roundup!

Happy Monday everyone! Did you have a fab weekend? I sure did, dancing with the Peach at the Devil-Ette’s PipSqueak A Go-Go event Saturday which was also a benefit for JM. The Peach danced her little self into a tizzy–oh, it was so much fun! But even with all of that shaking and a shimmying, I still found time to track down some of the sassiest sweetest vintage finds for you all! You know I can’t say no to a good hour spent e-thrifting!

So, on with the show!

Why stop at two tone shoes when you can have three lovely shades of suede to dapper up any ensemble, like these sixties kiddo shoes?

I’ll step into those sassy shoes eBay seller, ByDenise!

This dress screams U.S. of Yay!  It has that Betsy-Ross-bi-centenial-Yankee-Doodle-Dandy je ne sais quoi to it doesn’t it?!

Does it come with fireworks, ebay seller, Fashion Chic 7000?

You know we love our Health Tex here at Modern Kiddo. And who could blame us when the pickings are as adorably cute as this striped polo style onesie from eBay seller, Auctionnut45?

I think this might be my favorite item of the week–a sweet western inspired bright orange raincoat from Ebay seller,  Great Lake  Outfitters.

I really like this eBay seller! She also has this lovely violet gingham dress in a big girl size 12. Perfect for summer, doncha think?

What with Tiki-Oasis just a few months away, how could you not indulge in buying this great fifties  vintage Hawaiian shirt for your little man. And for ten clams, how could you not?

You are killing me with your awesomeness, Fast Eddie’s Retro Rags!

Now Tiki’s influence on fashion went beyond the fifties into the seventies. And this is a prime specimen of Tiki with this great matching swim trunks and cover-up combo. It’s like it was pillaged from Bobby Brady’s luggage during the gang’s infamous trip to Hawaii.

Let’s hope this one doesn’t come with a cursed Tiki idol, Etsy Seller Natural Pond Vintage!

Who doesn’t love a carousel? And gingham carousel horsies? Well this is a triple threat because it is also a Nanette dress!

Color me sold Etsy seller the FancyTail!

Awesome things come in three–so I had to feature one more item of gingham in this retro round-up and I think it’s a surefire cutie! Check out this jonjon romper in gingham. But let’s kick it up a notch and add an industrious piglet who is holding an apple.  Makes sense to me!

Pure Genius, Etsy seller Stellabluz?

I adore this blue sweater with its dandy nautical accents on the button placket from Etsy Seller, Our Retro Toybox!  Sweetly understated!

OK, I said no more gingham, right. Well, I’m a liar. Here’s one more gingham. But I saved the best for last.  Gingham plus embroidery, plus that good heavy polyester from the seventies.  It all equals one of the cutest little jumpers around! It just had to be included. And bonus points for use of ric-rac and embroidery. If this one isn’t bought up, I might just sneak back in and get it myself!

Again from Our Retro Toybox.

What a fun round up! Alix will be along shortly with a retro daydream that will surely make you smile, so please come back this afternoon for more vintage fun!

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Happy Monday!

6 thoughts on “Vintage Kiddo Retro Roundup!

  1. That raincoat is the sh*t. For real! I’d wear it! And the shoes remind me of a store in Cudahy WI. IF you’re ever in the area, go to Dretzka’s department store, they have rows and rows of those kinds of shoes. Still. Amazing!

  2. Yay! I’m so glad you bought it ohSydney! That made my day!

    And Rocket Girl, I was so bummed I didn’t bring my camera to get a photo of little Miss Patty Simcox Jr. in her sassy dress!

    And Amber, I want to find this Dretzka’s Dept store.
    WISCONSIN RULES! My man’s from that styling state!

    Lish! We LOVE YOU!

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