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Vintage Style :: Mommy & Me Dresses.

Image via: Kitchy-Kitchy Coo

Oh, I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day! I spent mine sniffing beautiful lilacs from my sweetie over some very tasty waffles. And of course kissing my sweet little girl.

There are so many things that I am very much looking forward to experiencing with my dear little Peach.  So many wonderful firsts, like going on bike rides together, making cookies, but first mother daughter matching outfit? Hee hee!  Er,  I hadn’t thought about that.  Although I  was very impressed by the super mama seamstress, Mena Trott’s Easter ensemble, she did bring up a point that sometimes mother/daughter matching dresses can be a bit well…Mommy Dearest. True.

[Insert wire hanger joke.]

But there is something rather fun and very heart-felt about the matching cuteness of a little and big version of a dress. Like these bits of sweetness concocted on Madison Avenue fifty plus years ago:

Images via: Couture Allure

Motherly love surely is what would drive someone into early carpel tunnel syndrome to crochet up this mother daughter matching skirt combo. Pattern available via Very Vintage Patterns.

OK, these matching swimsuits are killer.

Image via: Silent Screen Queen

Cadillac thought mother/daughter combos were the secret to selling cars apparently.

Images via: That Hartford Guy

That’s all very nice for advertising, but what about in real life? I mean, look at that well coiffed lady above–who really stands like that?  Well, it turns out this mother daughter matchy match looks pretty darn cute in reality too.  I found couple of great snaps of people rocking the mama/daughter fashion love.

Like this one from Tenacious Snail.  I’m particularly in love with the red shoes Mama is rocking here.

And check out this charming combo. Total South Beach chic.

From: TheInvisibleEdge.

I don’t know if I would have the gumption to go full dress and matching hairdo, but perhaps a little matchy match wouldn’t be so very bad. Particularly if it was as cute as this little vintage prep mother daughter skirt combo for sale on Etsy from Sassy Sister Vintage.

I can’t lie, but I do see a bit of matching cuteness in my future with the Peach.  Maybe I’ll start with matching knickers, if they were as button as these! Tee hee!

Image via: Plain Baby Jane.

Did any of you do a mother daughter combo? As the mother or daughter?

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14 Responses

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  1. Alix says

    YAY! These are coool, lady. I love the South Beach ladies (it’s so Destiny’s Child when one person has a dress in the fabric, the other a skirt…..cousin Beyonce in a halter…..hee). When I was little there were these lingerie parties (more nighties and cute robes, not sexy sexy stuff) and they had matching mommy/daughter nightie combos. I remember one of my mom’s friends hosted a party and I got to “model” with my mom. I thought it was soooo cool. i loved matching my mama!

  2. pilgrim says

    these are so funny! i don’t think my son would like matching mommy too much, but i’ll take a matching Cadillac anyday, thanks!

    i remember my mum being staunchly anti-matching, i’m guessing she had some traumatic matching experiences as a child in the early 60s. if only there was photographic evidence.

  3. BethR says

    i was called out last week by the grocery store clerk for dressing myself and my infant daughter in green-striped shirts without even noticing.

    my son and i both have the animal alphabet tshirts from threadless, but i don’t think we’ve ever worn them at the same time.

    maybe for xmas, i’ll find the whole family matching windsuits!

  4. lishyloo says

    by now it’s probably not a shocker that i loves me some matchy match! lol! the boys have several matching outfits already, it’s totally obnoxious. tru and i have a few matching jammies. my grandparents used to have SEVERAL matching track suits!!

    i love the bow dresses! and i am so glad you posted a mommy dearest pic because that is the first thing i thought of when i read the title.

  5. Charis says

    Amazing pics! The closest i’ve ever come to matching mother-daughterness is when I go to visit her (we live 3 hours apart) & realise we have the same haircut & colour… WEIRD!

  6. Dottie says

    I love it! Lish–two words–pictures please!!!! We gotta see Tru and you in matching jammies. SO CUTE!

  7. Mary says

    I have that 50’s era red, white and blue bow dress! How exciting, you rarely find vintage twice.

    My mother always condemned matching mother-daughter looks as “fruity.” I guess it kind of works more in a camp/Sears portrait studio type way.

  8. tenacious_snail says

    I think we had at least a half dozen matching dresses/outfits/bathrobes. I wish I had more pictures. Yay for a grandmother who sewed.

  9. kayce hughes says

    I have the green sail boat skirt. Love all of your pictures. My line has lots of prints that are in both women’s and children’s items but I don’t think that I would wear them matching. Then again I have 5 girls so that would draw alot of attention.

  10. Christine says

    I grew up in the ’50’s and my mom and I had some matching outfits she made. My friends thought I was sooo lucky. I thought it was cool too.

  11. Dilara Jones says

    I love Mommy and Me matching stuff but it has to be comfortable and stylish! I am just starting up an online business for Mommy and Me Matching Shoes:
    Website Grand Opening is 08/25/2011

  12. Jaci says

    I can’t even begin to tell you how many matching outfits I had with my mom. This past Mother’s Day, I posted some to remind her 🙂 My poor borhters would also get matching outfits if they were really lucky!

  13. Stitches says

    I like matching outfits for special occasions and with a little bit of a different style, the moms more adult and the mini a more kid friendly one. But they can really be fun.
    Me and my daughter (who we also call Peach, 🙂 ) wore our first matching outfits to a Halloween ball last year and we got so many complements!

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