Vintage Shoppin’ in Michigan

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This summer we spent a really fun week in my home state of Michigan. Greg is always a patient companion and takes me thrifting and to the local vintage shops!

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We stumbled upon a little antique mall and there were soooo many cute things. I managed to restrain myself and not buy yet ANOTHER vintage purse. (of course i kind of regret not getting that one on the left!!!)

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Ahhhh that harlequin music box was SO cute. And as big as a small ice chest!!!

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At the thrift store I found a couple of really cool paint by numbers (much more unusual to find lately!). There were two of them with an asian theme—oddly one was painted much better than the other. I couldn’t tell if the artist just got tired by the time he/she got to the second painting OR if it was a duo and one just didn’t have the skillz. We shall never know!

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I loved this box. Cool graphics!

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One of my favorite Vintage Shops in Ann Arbor is The Get Up. It’s the cutest (and very reasonably priced!). I scored this awesome Pat Boone charm bracelet and that little black and white purse!

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Loooooove those silver shoes, but alas they were just a tad too small….isn’t that always the way with vintage shoes?? And then oddly, these deadstock sandals below were tooooo big.

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Those Ice Nude ice cube molds just cracked me up. “When good people get together, make ICE NUDES to chill their drinks!” You can be sure if you ever come over, I’ll be making you a beverage with some ice nudes, you GOOD PEOPLE, you!


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