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We went to the most amazing vintage holiday sale

So our fabulous friend Karen has an equally fabulous friend named Enid. And Enid puts every other vintage collector I know to shame. Her awesome 1950s home is quite literally packed to the rafters with treasures you can’t even imagine.

You know, things like a spectacular Marlin hanging on the living room wall. And crazy cool lamps. And mid-century, two-sided fireplace. And groovy paintings. And 50s dishware. And a library FILLED with vintage books and pulp novels. And her enid collins hand bag collection. And her lucite bag collection. And enamel daisy pins. And vintage bowling goodies. And vintage suitcases. And SOCK MONKEYS. I could go on forever. People this place is insanity. Amazing. Overwhelming. Gorgeous eye candy EVERYWHERE. Miss Enid has a wonderful eye.

Enid calls it The Ugh House and the story behind the name is really great. It was originally built in 1953 by Ed & Ella Baugh. Somehow the “B” and the “A” fell off the sign and thus it was rechristened!

As hard as it is to part with treasures, when you have TOO much stuff, the goodies don’t really have a chance to shine. So the lovely Ms. Enid decided she  needed to start purging just a little bit. She’s already had a big garage sale, but this weekend she had something extra special. It was an ALL VINTAGE HOLIDAY sale….and friends, it was SO awesome! Not only drinkies and snackies, but amazing decor AND the cool stash she was selling, made for a wonderful afternoon!


There were so many amazing things. There were elves and reindeer and santas. Wrapping accoutrements, holiday themed cups and glasses, wall hangings, angels, tree toppers and of course loads of ornaments—in boxes and displayed on a shiny silver tree. It was pretty damn magical.

I was obsessed with the packaging on everything. The Fashion Flower bow?? Wow.

Yes. Made by the dwarves of the black forest. Brilliant.

Dottie and I were two ships that passed in the night that day, but we both went and scooped up some awesome goodies. We passed on a lot of amazing things too. For example:

Here are some of the goodies I scooped up. I love all the little figural characters, but those jewel ornaments were my favorites of the day:

These New Year’s Party Hats were pretty fantastic too.

All in all, we had a blast! I have a “no xmas decorations til after Thanksgiving” rule, but then I go full blast into holiday mode. I love Thanksgiving but truly, I think I love it because it gets me THAT much closer to Christmas.

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  1. knitxcore says

    WOW!!!!! a treasure trove! please tell me you bought those toilet seat covers?

    • Alix says

      Alas, i didn’t….they’re so cute huh!

  2. 3 ring circus • heather says

    ok all i kept saying to myself as i kept scrolling down was “holy Sh*t” insane!!!

    • Alix says

      Heather, the sale was amazing but her house is phenomenal!! You would love it.

  3. elena says

    Alix, is this a boutique that’s open again or just a friends house that had a sale? Btw I love the pics what kind of camera do you use?

    • Alix says

      Nope it’s not a shop, it’s a friend of a friend’s house! she doesn’t do these sales that often but she is trying to purge a bit and has had a couple of “boutique” sales.

      my camera is a Panasonic Lumix. I love it! It’s super easy point and shoot.

      : )

  4. jeannie says

    I wish someone I knew would have a sale like that! Amazing! I love those jewel brite ornaments too and have been collecting them over the past couple years. They’re so kitschy and fun!

  5. Tiffanie says

    Amazing. Truly! And I saw at least a couple of Dream Pets in there. If she’s getting rid of Dream Pets, tell her to talk to me! I love them! 🙂

  6. Amber Liddle says

    This is amazing. (However, I have an issue with a toilet seat cover that says don’t open til xmas!)

  7. Dottie says

    Ha! Those toilet seat covers were hilarious! I bought three New Year’s hats and want MORE! They make New Year’s so festive!

  8. jungle dream pagoda says

    I DIE !!!!!!! OOOhhhhhh …not that I need to ( I should have an overflow sale myself!!!)..but dang I would love o have grabbed a treasure or two!!!!
    I have 2 x-mas toilet covers myself(I only use one at H-daze)..but I think I might buy another!!
    WEEEE!!! FUN!!!!!

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