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WORK IT GIRL // vintage exercise albums

 photo WorkOut_1.jpg

 photo WorkOut_2.jpg

 photo WorkOut_3.jpg

 photo WorkOut_4.jpg

 photo WorkOut_6.jpg

 photo WorkOut_10.jpg

 photo WorkOut_11.jpg

 photo WorkOut_7.jpg

 photo WorkOut_8.jpg

 photo WorkOut_9.jpg

 photo WorkOut_12a.jpg

 photo WorkOut_14.png

Hee. I love these. I think they need no explanation. Although I have to say it’s making me realize, I need to start exercising more. Who’s in??

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4 Responses

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  1. Dottie says

    Oh man, these are CLASSIC! I love the working out to gospel music one.

    And the chick on the stationary bike? Crying laughing!

  2. Jennye says

    Believercise! Slenderide! BALL HANDLING! These are hilarious.

  3. Cedar says

    How the waist was won! HA!

  4. jenny says

    I’m dying.

    you do know that I have a collection of vintage work-out records, yes?

    so of course I love this. no explanation needed. 😉

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