Back to School Giveaway: Mabel’s Labels and Parasols Boutique!

School bells are ringing and there is that crispness in the air!  Yup–it’s back to school time and we here at Modern Kiddo have a grand double giveaway to celebrate this special time of year.

First up: a $25 gift certificate along with a day bag from Parasols Clothing.  What a perfect way to spruce up your kiddo’s fall wardrobe. Perfect for picture day clothes that will make everyone smile.

Parasols clothing is one of the particularly yummy online shop for kids clothing and other goodies that you end up wanting to buy the store.  They offer a lovely lovely selection of timeless clothes that look as comfy and practical to wear as they are cute.  But what makes me particularly adore Parasols is that the company is dedicated to education and all sales benefit Room to Read, which helps children in the developing world gain the lifelong gift of education.

Along with the gift certificate, Parasols is also offering up a very useful and very cozy corduroy day bag, which is perfect for popping snacks, books and all sorts of thing that kiddos always seem to need at a moments notice.

Second, but equally awesome:  Mabel’s Label’s  Ultimate Back to School Combo label pack.

Now the second part of the giveaway is one of my favorite sites around which I was hipped to by my very smart sister-in-law who has sent her four children to camp as well as back to school with the help of this store: Mabel’s Labels.  I had the honor of meeting one of the founders, Caitlin Madden at the Evo Conference this past June. I’m so impressed with this company that was started by a group of moms who have nurtured this great company to its current success! My favorite product is a toss up between the shoe labels (genius) and the kid safety products, which are so amazing since I know dozens of kids with allergies.

This back to school label combo is a terrific way to start the new school year and guaranteed to save you money in items that would normally be misplaces.  Sticky Labels are dishwasher and microwave safe, Tag Mates™ are washer and dryer safe, and the shoe labels and Teeny Tags™ are waterproof and UV resistant, which is perfect for puddle loving and pool bound kids.

Now, how to get this grand back to school duet of yay!

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If you do all five you’ll be entered five times. Woot!

Good luck and the winner will be announced on the site on September 18th, 2010.

27 thoughts on “Back to School Giveaway: Mabel’s Labels and Parasols Boutique!

  1. Sweet giveaway! My favorite Fisher-Price toy was the sweet cash register! How I loved putting those huge chunky coins into the red, yellow and blue slots… then ching… it was kinda like playing slots when you watched the pictures change. Do you think that’s why I love gambling now?!?

  2. One of my back to school memories is going clothes shopping with mom the weekend before. We would always make a day of it with ice cream and sometimes if we finished early, she’d take me to the movies!

  3. My favorite back to school memory was the first day of fifth grade. I had been waiting for five years to reach the top, and there we were — the kings and queens of elementary school.

  4. This year I sent my oldest to first and my (middle child) son to kindergarten. They had already met their teachers. My son’s was not quite at the classroom yet so we took him with us to take my oldest to her class. As we walked around the corner his teacher came by with half the class and said come on to him and he just took off without a good bye. Then my daughter tried to sneak away without a word. It was rougher on me than I thought it would be but I have another year to save those tears for because my baby goes next year.

  5. today i sent my first born to preschool for the first time! before we dropped him off i wrote to my good friend michelle on facebook telling her that i remembered when i met her on MY first day of preschool. tru had a great day and it michelle and i will see each other this month! have not seen her in years.

  6. i realy injoyed this year back to school of my daghter
    she started first grade and i was very happy for her and thank god things are going well and she loves it to!!!
    so im a happy moma!

  7. My favorite back to school memory was my sons 1st day of grade 1 (a few weeks ago). I was taking pictures of him, all happy and smiley, then when we got into his classroom, he wen’t all upset that he had to stay at school. The photos are priceless!

  8. As a teacher, my favorite back to school memory is reading “NO, David” by David Shannon to my class every year on the first day of school. The kids couldn’t help giggling at the story and thus easing the first day of school jitters, 🙂

  9. My favorite back to school memory is walking to school a day earlier than when it started in 4th grade. I showed up and it was all locked up and no one was around. I was in my nice dress up clothes and everything. I walked back home and yelled at my mom!

  10. I was 6 years old, it was the high fashion 80s 😉 and I fell in love with this hot pink shirt, with long tails in the back and little black buttons and super cool 50s cars on the front. That’s a fun memory–picking out that shirt!

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