Back to School Giveaway Reminder

Hey, there are still a few days left in our Back to School giveaway!!  Goodies from Mabel’s Labels and Parasols Boutique.

Now, how to get this grand back to school duet of yay!

  1. Leave a comment (natch) and tell us about your favorite back to school memory–your own or your kiddo!
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If you do all five you’ll be entered five times. Woot!

Winner will be announced Tuesday, September 28th.

Good luck and hurrah for Parasols Boutique and Mabel’s Labels!!!

Back to School Giveaway: Mabel’s Labels and Parasols Boutique!

9 thoughts on “Back to School Giveaway Reminder

  1. One year my mother, God love her, took me school clothes shopping and somehow managed to keep her mouth shut while I bought XL men’s t-shirts (and other baggy, gangster-inspired duds). How did she hand over the credit card without screaming? I have no idea. But it was a good year for me!

  2. I always loved dressing in new fall clothes on the first day back to school–although it was NEVER cool enough for it here in Columbia, SC–I always wound up really hot by the end of the day. (I also am following modernkiddo on twitter and “liked” this post on Facebook).

    Awesome giveaway!

  3. my favorite memory is my first day of Kindergarten. I wore a beautiful lilac jumper and was waiting for the bus in the early morning fog… but I attended the afternoon class! My parents couldn’t find me, I was out the door ready to go!

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