Call for Kiddos! Show Us Your Homemade Halloween Costumes!

image: picture perfect (most amazing vintage Rainbow Brite costume ever!)

Growing up, my parents were always big on the homemade costume. There was rarely sewing involved, but my folks were masters at embellishing stuff we had around the house in a spectacular way. Take a basic dress, add a spanish scarf, some boots, loads of mom’s costume jewellrey—VOILA! I was a gypsy! Take some overalls, cut up dad’s old plaid shirt and make a little satchel of treats on a stick? BAM! We got ourselves a hobo. My parents were really creative and I still love seeing what people whip together for their little ones. Sometimes the homemade costume turns out amazingly well and then sometimes….welllllll, not so much. But there is something undeniably charming about doin’ it your own way.

Which leads me to this: we want to see YOUR homemade kiddo costumes. And let’s be clear, we’ll take it all! Perhaps you made something so stinkin’ cute you got compliments everywhere you went. Or maybe things didn’t work out QUITE the way you expected (a la Dottie’s spectacular Craft Fail—which I thought was pretty adorable anyway). Either way, we want to see ’em all. Don’t be shy—the good, the bad, the ugly are all welcome. I’ll post them on Modern Kiddo in a Costume Parade photo gallery the week before Halloween to offer inspiration—and perhaps a little “what not to do”—to all of our beloved readers. What are you waiting for? Send me those photos!! Email one or two (or three) photos to: Alix [at]

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13 thoughts on “Call for Kiddos! Show Us Your Homemade Halloween Costumes!

  1. I love it! My mom was always big with the home costumes–my favorite ever was when we insisted my dad dress up… he cut a neck hole in a red plaid blanket, wore a black cowboy hat, and went as the Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. (It helped that he had a 70s-style handlebar at the time.)

    You have all inspired me here–so much so that my very first sewing machine is on its way, and I’m going to make a costume! Woohoo!

  2. home made costumes are the best! my mom made all of mine… so i make them for the rugrats!
    one of my moms fails was when i went as a bunch of grapes ~ i wore a brown leotard and tights, had purple balloons wrapped around me on fishing line. can i tell you how uncomfortable it was to trick o treat without putting my arms down!

  3. i was a hobo one year! that costume was literally thrown together in about 2 minutes. (my parents were not big on halloween, so it’s one of the few costumes i had growing up.) maybe that’s why i’m so committed to my kiddos having AWESOME costumes!

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