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Alix’s Closet :: Transitioning to Fall

Hi guys. You may have noticed I was a little quiet over here  this week. That’s because I spent the last week in Boston working on a freelance assignment at Arnold Worldwide (a big ol’ ad agency).  I have to say I had a total blast. I worked my tushie off (10-12 hour days and yes we were there both Saturday and Sunday prepping for a big meeting) but I was working with some really fine folks, including one of my old partners. It was great to see him and everyone was so welcoming. I had forgotten how pretty Boston was, all the old brick and ivy. I’d love to go back again, maybe bring the fellas with me. Speaking of, as much as traveling around can be fun I was def looking forward to coming home and seeing my guys—Greg, Wolfie and Sammy!  (Our new dog…more on him next week!)

We are in the throes of San Francisco Summer right now….we always have a much cooler summer than most folks, but come September, we get weather in the high 80s low 90s. I always like to say  that our San Francisco Summer has a flair for the dramatic and she simply likes to arrive fashionably late.

The thing about the Bay Area, though, is that one day it’ll be blazing hot….and literally the next day will be cool. You have to be flexible so I’m always wearing layers. And of course, lots of color! Here’s what I wore two Saturdays ago on one of those in-betweener days.

What I Wore:

+ Polka Dot Dress, thrifted.

+ Orangey red beaded cardigan, Target

+ Rhinestone bird necklace

+ Purple Suede vintage platform sandals, b-day present from my San Diego Tiki Oasis trip

+ Sequin vintage glitter kitty bag, bought years ago at the SF Vintage Fashion Expo

The Target sweater is one of my top favorites. It’s from their “Merona Collection” (which is a slightly trendier/cooler spin off of the Merona line). When you’re shopping at a bigger main stream store, my big tip is to look for unique colors or special little details that make it look like it’s something spendier. People always ask me if this cardigan is vintage and a few people have even asked if it’s Kate Spade!

This is how I wore my outfit on the weekend for a little brunchie outting. I looooove these shoes. My friend Denise spied them at a vintage shop and was going to get them, and then seeing how I was practically drooling over them, handed them over to me. Low platforms are a great way to sport a heel without bustin’ yer ankle. During the week if I was running errands or taking Wolfie to school I’d swap the shoes out with my black Converse or some cute flat sandals. Never underestimate the awesomeness of a good Chuck Taylor sneak!

What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods? I have to say i’m ready for tights, boots and snuggly scarves, but it’s still to warm here. Boston was pretty humid and hot as well! Have the temperatures dropped in your area yet?

Mama Style // Bringing Back an Old Favorite.

As a style and vintage junkie, I love dressing up. For years I was a vintage seller and member of the Wardrobe Remix group on Flickr. Then when I started my old blog, Strawberry Lemonade, “What I Wore” was a regular feature that everyone seemed to like (and I had a lot of fun doing!). I’ve done several outfit posts here on Modern Kiddo, and people have said they’d like to see more, sooooo I’m thinking of making it a regular feature again! We talk so much about kiddo style here, it only seems fair to give mama fashion a little nod too!

I’m by no means a svelte, leggy fashion blogger…I’m just a girlie who loves clothes and vintage. My style has always been a mix of “high” and “low”. I adore vintage, love pretty modern looks and can’t resist a good bargain. Before I married Greg and before I had Wolfie, I was a sassy singleton who spent FAR too much money on shoes (marc jacobs and miu miu where a particular weakness). These days I rarely splurge, and I swear over half my wardrobe comes from Target, but old habits die hard so sometimes you’ll see some high rollin’ brands in the mix.

I think the one thing I have mastered since becoming a mama is not sacrificing comfort for style. Trust me, I have modified my wardrobe quite a bit—and I def have days where I just throw on jeans and sneaks—but I always like to feel just a little sassy. Sometimes it works….sometimes not so much. It’s all about experimenting and having fun! Also keep in mind, I don’t have a baby any more, which gives me more flexibility. When Wolfie was still a baby I couldn’t wear dresses (unless I wanted to pull the whole dang thang over my head while nursing) and I rarely wore necklaces or pins—I didn’t want him to hurt himself on a pokey pin or break a necklace. At the same time I have also totally gained weight since having a child and have a lil buddha belly to content with… so finding creative ways to hide it are also always a concern!

I think this will be fun!  I’ll be sure to let you know where I bought things. And don’t worry, I won’t be writin’ on all the photos all the time. That was just for this post.

It shoulda been mine.

Truth be told I need more baubles and bangles like a hole in the head, but this vintage 60s necklace on eBay was so fun and playful and mod ….sigh. It’s a good thing I lost it, really. But still. It woulda been nice. Have you ever had something you were eyeing on eBay or Etsy that slipped through your fingers??

Vintage Flashback :: Sassy Mamas

Nothing makes me smile like vintage photos. The colors and composition are always so other worldly. I also love trying to figure out the backstory, you know….like, what was happening when the image was taken. Occasionally you luck out and someone knows the people in the photo. Check out these fab photos that people have posted of their mamas!

How gorgeous is this lady?? I love her hair. I love her dress. But more importantly I love the fact that she is on her way to the 1967 GRAMMY AWARDS!!!!!! Aw yeah. I believe her husband was a composer. She’s is incredible.

But she wasn’t the only stylish one in the family. Look at her with her sisters on easter. These ladies are the bomb:

Images from bigbrownhouse

Now check out this lovely lady:

Images from Tommy and Georgie

Mmmm, german chocolate cake. As an aside, German Chocolate cake isn’t German at all. German was a brand of chocolate (like Hershey’s) and they invented the cake!

I also love this lady’s look. She is so quirky and cool. Rockin’ in 1970. Dig that frenzy of patterns!

Ahhh, the ol “nap and smoke,” as her son called it.  Heh.

Images from bryanscott
And then just for kicks— LOVE these boozin’ airplane grannies!!!  HAPPY FRIDAY YA’ALL!!! I will have more links and goodies around noon!

Mama Style :: Vintage Inspiration Makes the New, Old!

You have to understand,  summer in San Francisco is like fall every where else. Sometimes we get cold rain…sometimes we get heat…honestly, we never know what to expect! A cardigan really is a girl’s best friend. I’m always on a mission for cute outfits that make me feel happy but still let me keep up with my kiddo on the playground. This is the kind of thang I’ve been wearing around town!  Color (of course) but layers to anticipate a change in the sunshine factor!

As you guys know I’m a huge vintage addict, but honestly I think you can find cute stuff just about anywhere—if you  keep yer eyes open. I had seen a beaded cardigan in the Kate Spade window.  It was vintage inspired, but the color was a bold and punchie yellow. Most beaded vintage cardigans are black or dreamy pastels like baby blue and petal pink. I loved this modern twist Lady Kate was doing. It was SO lovely….but it was also $300. Ack. Plan B went into effect. Check this out:

+ Beaded cardigan, Target
+ Baby blue tee, Old Navy
+ Yellow eyelet skirt, Old Navy (also came in bright kelly green)
+ Golden rings necklace, vintage
+ Sunglass hat, Kate Spade
+ Plaid flower shoes, vintage miu miu

These are my favorite shoes ever….plaid with patent orange heels and trim and little flowers on the toes. They were a birthday prezzie from Greg several years ago (he wisely scooped them up on sale!). Yes, my guy is a most excellent gift giver!! I went a little spendy on my shoes and hat, but I think this outfit would look just as sweet with some stylie shoes or sandals from a more affordable brand.

So there you have it. A summery, mama-friendly ensemble!