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widdle wednesdays // letter lovin’

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Hello friends, it’s Ashley here. Today’s picks are inspired by the graphic cool of  Charly Harper & the crisp lines of letter forms. These would make a fantastic (and educational!) addition to any little kiddo’s room. Check it out!

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Thanks everyone… see you next week!

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widdle wednesdays // monochromatic

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Hello friends, it’s Ashley here. Today’s picks are inspired by this nursery featured on A Merry Mishap and the Man in Black himself. Black is the new black, have you heard?

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one + two + three + four + five + six + seven + eight + nine + ten

Thank you to both Alix & Dottie for inviting me into their corner here on the worldwide web. It truly is an honor. Love you ladies.

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Tiny Tuesdays :: Cool Cradles for Newborns.

All of a sudden, my friends are having kids. Like tons of kids and all of a sudden all those teeny tiny items and baby stuff is just looking too cute for words.  Perhaps because the Peach is just a month away from her second birthday. Sniff sniff!

So, I’m bringing a tinier perspective to the Modern Kiddo called… wait for it…

Awwww! For the widdle ones. Today, I’m focusing on cradles/bassinets or whatever you call those places you put babies before you put them in the crib.  These are smaller, more portable cribs that are wonderful for newborns. I actually put the Peach in a vintage pram from the fifties that rolled right up next to my bed—or right into the living room when needed!

But oh, if I’d known about these beauts below.  So, here are my top five:

1.) Nika Zupanc–the Alexander cradle

Remember that grand looking toy car for a couple weeks ago? Well, that designer also makes these utterly divine cradles.  I know. I die. Sorry–totally not related, but so darn cute, eh?

2.) Nest bassinet by Offi

I love this Nest bassinet.  Bent plywood. Big gorgeousness.

3.)  Culla bella co-sleeper by Manuela Busetti and Andrea Garuti

I remember seeing this Culla bella co-sleeper ages ago on Ohdeedoh, cursing that it wasn’t available yet and only in prototype right at the time I was pregnant.

It was made by Italian designers Manuela Busetti and Andrea Garuti, won first prize at Playing Design’s International Design Competition for children’s design.  It would be nice to see this design winner make it to the marketplace.

4.) “Hert” cradle by De Oude Speelkamer

Our darling Pilgrim sent us this goodie from Babyology and it’s from Holland.  My obsession with Sweden is strong, but my obsession with Holland is pretty intense too. And it will continue if that country is going to create such insanely adorable cradles as this one from  De Oude Speelkamer.  Did you see the deer? I know, right?  Bananas!

5.) Ninna Nanna bassinet

And then there is the Ninna Nanna bassinet that looks so cozy and grand for any baby–particularly a boy since it has such good choice. I love the oval and it just looks so soft and easy for baby to fall asleep in.

6.) BONUS: Fisher Price Newborn Rock & Play

Now this one might not be as smooth looking as the others, but friends, it kicks ass.  Why, you might ask? Well, it’s easily collapsible and therefore portable, so you can set it up next to your bed or next to your couch or in the kitchen or at your Mom’s house, allowing you to keep the baby on a nice slight incline, and all that as well as takes up not that much space.

I know–it’s not as super cute as some of the other ones I have here, but it was recommended by a friend of a friend who was the oldest of 10 kids and referred to as Junior Mom and when she saw this co-sleeper/basinnet thingy she gave it the Junior Mom seal of approval. Nuff said!

So, there are the five (well, six) terrific cradles that any baby would be happy to sleep in. What did you use?  What do you plan to use?

Cool Onesies for Twins: Snug Attack!

I know it’s not Widdle Wednesday yet, but I couldn’t resist.  Think of this as Tiny Tuesday. Tee hee!

Twins run in my family.  Two of my cousins are blessed with twins. Double the fun, they say.  And double the opportunity for awesome clothes.

Like the above cuteness from the husband wife team behind Snug Attack who have charmed me with their bold san serif onesies design that prove that you gotta have a sense of humor when you have twins.

But don’t worry–single babies can wear some goodies from Snug Attack too.

These really are rather brilliant, aren’t they? I love good old fashion clean design.

The line is admittedly very small right now, but hey–but I have a feeling more good stuff will be coming down the pike from Snug Attack.

Stay tuned, my friends…