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Dottie’s Kraft Korner :: Hart & Sew’s Doll Suitcase.

Well, you know we love Rachel Denbow from Smile & Wave. We’ve chatted with her in the past and she featured our girl Alix’s sassy vintage ensembles.

Well, she also hipped us to the perfectly lovely blog of one of my favorite Etsy shops for vintage clothing, Hart & Sew.  Turns out she is also a most marvelously crafty gal. How stupendously amazingly crafty is she?

Exhibit A: doll suitcase.

I know, right?

Doily as rug?  I’m weeping with craft joy here.

Oh wait, where is the doll? Why right here.

And what is a doll without a doll wardrobe. Amirite? Totally.

Errr. This doll is better dressed than me. Dolly, where did you get that sweet gold leather purse?

And your pad, Miss Dolly, is more stylish than my first three apartments!

Oh yeah, that was some deelightful craft porn to inspire me to dust off the old sewing machine and see if I can make magic happen this weekend!

Thanks again, Hart & Sew for raising the crafty bar!

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11 Responses

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  1. Mari, Small for Big says

    I am about to roll over and die. This is truly craft porn at it’s finest.
    SO JEALOUS. Can I make one in less than 10 minutes? Then I could actually put it on my very long to-do list.

  2. Alix says

    She is so amazing…’s so clever I can’t even stand it! Love this!

  3. Rachel @ A Cupcake For Moose says

    This is absolutely wonderful! I love Hart + Sew’s etsy shop…now I’m even more impressed! Thanks so much for sharing! xoxo

  4. Steph at Modern Parents Messy Kids says

    Holy Crap, I just (like just this second, “just”) got done writing this coming Monday’s post featuring this doll house. I thought I was being all super clever talking about how much I love this site and hart+sew and saying how you two need to meet…then I clicked over here to make sure you haven’t actually featured her and what do I see but this – from YESTERDAY no less! Well, I’m still gonna feature this – cause come on, how could I not, but I’ve kinda fallen off my clever high horse 🙁

    • Alix says

      Oh never, Miss Steph! It’s so great to share the love when you find awesome crafty goodies!! I can’t wait to see your post too!

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