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Hot Lips! 5 Awesome (and Affordable) Pink Lippies

So lets talk lipstick. Do you wear it? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Or does it just leave you feeling confused? Personally I love it. I don’t really wear much makeup on a daily basis, but I always put a lil swipe of something on my lips. Since this is our Month of Color, I thought it would be fun to share some of my new favorites. My most recent obsession?

A bold lippy is a really simple and fun way to add a little punch to your wardrobe. Now don’t be scared! There are lots of different shades of Hot Pink you can play around with. While there are some really gorgeous fancy shades out there, I wanted to find some more affordable options. Hey, if this is the first time yer dipping yer toe into the HOT PINK waters, who wants to spend $30 on lipstick, right??

First up. Some tips! There aren’t really any “rules”, it’s whatever you comfortable with—and whatever makes you feel pretty. Here are some guidelines to think about:

    • Try to look for a matte or sheer  finish. Pearl and metallic pinks are going to look more 80s than modern.
    • Keep it simple. Go easy on the rest of your makeup. Think fresh and clean. Just a lil mascara is all you need. You can add some eye liner too, but steer clear of excessive blush or eyeshadow—you don’t want to compete with your lips or end up looking clownish.
    • If you are uncertain, treat it as a splash of color with a more neutral outfit. It looks great with black or navy or gray…or even jeans and a white tee.
    • Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone! If you want, just dab it on a little bit at first.
    • Surprisingly, hot pink looks good on pretty much everyone! If you feel a little uncertain go for blue undertones in your pink if you have a cooler skin tone, and a slightly more red-based pink if you have warmer undertones to your skin.
    • Try to test it out before you buy. Many lipsticks look deep/bright in the tube when in reality many are very sheer. That’s why I love Sephora. You can test to your hearts delight. OR go for a cheaper option (without testing) and play around at home!
    • When in doubt, go for a deeper richer pink and not a paler pepto pink—you want to avoid the dreaded “baboon butt” look!!!

OK on THAT classy note, let’s take a look at come fun colors! {you’re going to be seeing a lot of my lil mug here, so apologies in advance!}

1. L’Oreal Colour Riche: Audacious Amazon’s Pout

This is a special “Project Runway” edition lipstick and I really love it! It is a medium toned, warm fuchsia that is creamy in texture and very pigmented. I think it is very flattering on warmer skintones. It glides on smoothly and has pretty good staying power. Also, it was only $7.99. Not too shabby! (At most drugstores, or you can get it at Target) This is me wearing it with a more “neutral” outft, a navy shirt….and I think it makes for a pretty pop of color.

2. Revlon Colorburst Lipstick: Fuchsia

This is another bold and bright lipstick that is pretty as can be. It’s really close to the L’Oreal shade and goes on in a nice creamy smooth way. I don’t think you need a liner with it. (At most drugstores. You can also get it at Target for $6.49) Here I’m wearing a little bit more color and the hot pink still works!

3. Revlon Lip Butter: Lollipop

I really like theses Revlon Lip Butters. They have lots of moisturizing ingredients like shea butter so they keep your lips soft. Most of the colors are a little more sheer, but a handful have more of a brighter, pigmented look. This one is called Lollipop and is an electric hot raspberry. This is a slightly glossier formula and you could easily just dab it on so it wasn’t quite so bold. This is me wearing it with an equally bright/bold outfit. (Get it at most drugstores or at Target for $6.49) Some alt pink colors are Berry Smoothie (much lighter & sheerer) and Raspberry Pie (a little less electric and more berry pink).

4. Benefit Lipstick: Frenched

OK. This one isn’t really a hot pink. It’s more of a deep berry pink. It has much more of a silky finish (it’s not a proper lip gloss, but def has a glossier look). The upside? It’s really goregous. I get so many compliments on this shade! The downside? It doesn’t have super lasting power. I still love it! (This one is a tad pricer. Get it for $18 from Benefit)

5. Kate Spade Supercalifragilipstick: Fuchsia Fete

This one is the sheerest—even though it looks very bright pink in the tube. The above picture is with me really layering it and using a lipliner to get more color. Below is what it looks like on me with just a few swipes. If you are fair, the color might be a little darker but I promise you it is nothing like what you see on the Kate Spade website. I find it to be more like a very tinted lip balm—and a great way to dip your toe into the hot pinks if you are nervous. (A “smooth, moisturizing formula with a sheer finish”.) It also wins for best packaging. The golden case has a spring loaded lid that you push down on and it pops off.  Super pretty.


Wet & Wild 521A. Mega crazy bright but fun. And totally cheap! Then of course the infamous Nars Lipstick in Schiap. A gorgeous peony pink! I also have Tarte LipSurgence  Lip Stain in Lively, which is a matte hot pink. Has a little bit of peppermint or something in it and makes your lips tingly! It’s  a lip crayon.

OK, that’s it folks! So what do you think? Will you be trying the Hot Pink any time soon?? Or have you been rockin’ it already? If so, lemme know your favorite shades! I’m always up for trying something new!

Next up….reds??? Hmmmm. {and stay tuned for the Link Hootenanny this afternoon!}


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14 Responses

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  1. Eartha Kitsch says

    I think that what we’ve figured out is that you look good in all of them! I don’t wear bright lipstick because it makes me feel like people are staring at my mouth. Totally ridiculous worry of course…and who cares if they are? I’m a wallflower.

    Yay! Kitty shirt!

    • Alix says

      haha….aw lady you are too kind. it probably *does* make people stare at your mouth huh, I never thought of that. I have very crooked teeth but oddly i’ve never been self conscious about them, so I guess I must not mind people looking at my mouth (as long as i don’t have parsley stuck in ’em!!). I’m more worried about them staring at my big ol belly!!!! haha. (yay for Kitty shirts!)

  2. Dottie says

    I gotta agree with Eartha on this one! You look terrific in all of them!

    I was about to same the same thing about the kitty shirt too! Please tell me you just bought that yesterday at Target?

    I’ve always been a red/berry/mauve and frightened of the pink lipstick, but you kinda have me itching to try it out! We’ll see! I like the idea of trying it out with a cheap drugstore one–that was if I don’t like it, I won’t feel horrible about it. Hmm…

    • Alix says

      oh there WILL be pinkie lippies in your future!!! bwuah hahaha!!!

      (the L’oreal is a nice rosey pink….would be pretttttty!)

  3. Tiffanie says

    A helpful round up of colors, Alix, and you are darling in all of the photos. I love the pinks when they are a little purply like these, I use two great cheapos from Revlon, Paparazzi Pink, and Wild Orchid. I think I love your Frenched though! I’ll have go give it a test! 🙂

    • Alix says

      Thank you Tiffanie! Frenched is really pretty! These pinks all have a bit of a blue undertone to them….good for we dark haired girls!

  4. Mellissa says

    I agree they all look great on you, but my favorites are #2 and #5, they are just breathtaking on you! Work it lady 🙂

    • Alix says

      Thank you Mellissa!!! xo

  5. erinlucy says

    pink suits you! i love that revlon lollipop one. I might just have to try it out myself xo

  6. liz says

    i love it! hot pink is always my go to color. and it looks fantastic on you! there’s something about dark hair and hot pinks lips 😉 now i have some new shades to try. thanks!

  7. jenny says

    i said it before but not yet here, so i’mma sayin’ it again

    LADY! you are so pretty. i love all these shots and i love this whole post! for the first time in my whole life, i’ve actually been wearing a berry pink lipstick and i kinda lurve it! it’s maybelline, i forget the shade but i’ll check and let you + the other girls know 😉

    i’m super curious about reds! so tough to find that perfect shade of red — i always thought i needed a more blue red but i think i might need a more orangey red? i have no idea.

    love this post and love all your pretty outfits! your hair looks so damn good too, dangit lady! you knocked my socks off with this one.


  8. Stephanie May* says

    This is a gorgeous post! You look absolutely beautiful. Wow.

    Stephanie May*


  9. Debbie Mink says

    Sooo I think the last time I was into lipstick it was red and lots of red! It has been years since I wore anything more than a sheer or light lipgloss until this pink lip trend came in. I kinda love it. I have the Revlon Lollipop and the Fuscia Fusion (it’s super bright & a tad metallic). What I really love is the Nars- it’s a richer fuller creamier color and looks so good, but the ticket price- ouch. I just recently tried the Tarte lip crayon’s- I would like to add those to my wish list as well. Hot pink lips are so Playground Chic.
    Lots of bright lip kisses lady-you do look fab!

  10. Natalia says

    Just ran into your review quite accidentally and wanted to say thanks! I am the one unsure who wants ‘to dip the toe into the hot pinks’ – so KS seems a nice choice and I made up my mind 😉
    Best wishes from Germany,

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