I’m obsessed! This app is drawsome.

I’m the kinda girl who loves charades and pictionary. And I really love drawing! [As a semi-related side bar: When I was pregnant, my friends had a New Year’s Eve party where they asked everyone to perform a “talent”. I dressed up as “Preggo Picasso” and did goofy caricature drawings of everyone at the party like a boardwalk artist…see? I love to draw.] ANYWAY, that was a round about way to tell you that I’m officially obsessed with this new app I have on my iPhone called Draw Something! it only costs 99 cents but offers 99 thousand dollars worth of FUN!

It works like Pictionary…each round has three options for you to choose to draw (easy/medium/hard). You get 5 colors to start, but can add more colors with the coins you earn for successfully drawing/guessing.

You only play against people you invite, so there is no random people thang going on (unless you want to play random people…). A round takes about one minute, so its not tooooo big a time suck. Unless you invite everyone to challenge you via Twitter and have a million games running at one time. Ahem.

Lemme tell you, it’s harder than you think. The iPhone is so small and you feel like you have big fat Fred Flintstone fingers while you are drawing….but that’s half the fun!! Some of my favorites:

Here are some of my not-so-shining moments….oooooh angry Rihanna! And that sad sack pirate. Sigh.


I wish I had saved my “TUPAC” drawing. It was s0ooo bad….I was cracking up drawing it. It looked like a pirate hobo with a gun. My friend Heather was brilliant and guessed it anyway.

One of my friends is officially the spazziest drawer EVER and I look forward to what she comes up with all the time!!  I have covered up her name to protect the innocent (but girl….you know who you are!!!). I love her drawings. They crack me up. Like these two. Can you guess what they are??

Yep. That’s a “sheriff” on the left and the scrubbing bubble cutie is actually Darth “Vader” on the right. Hee.

So what are you waiting for? Download it here! It’s sooo fun. And then feel free to challenge me (galexina). But tell me who you are, ok?? Better yet, give us your user name in the comments so we can get some Modern Kiddo rounds going!! PS There is a free version of the game too you just have to deal with pop up ads, so i say splurge on the 99 cents. And for the record, it’s WAY easier on the iPad. But i’m an iPhone purist.

(this isn’t sponsored or anything…I just really have fun playing this crazy game…)

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  1. p.s. i was in ter’get yesterday and had a good chuckle in the cleaning products aisle “my vader DOES look like a scrubbing bubble! maybe i will actually GET scrubbing bubble and i will be all set!”

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