Kiddo Birthdays: The Enchanted Fairy Forest

OK. I know it’s Widdle Wednesday, where we usually talk about those sassy lil pip squeaks a year and under—but when my pal Alisha sent me this 3 year-old’s birthday party, I thought it was so fantastic I just had to share.

Kelle Hampton is a fantastic photographer with a really lovely blog, Enjoying the Small Things. She is also mama to two beautiful little girls (Lainey and Nella) and boy does this lady know how to throw a party! When sweet Lainey turned three years old, Kelle created a completely special little Fairy party that will just make ya grin from ear to ear. Let’s take a look!

Kelle tells us:

“We ate in the woods. There was a glitter path (fairy dust, of course) leading the littles to a clearing among trees and pink tissue flowers, hanging fairies and pine cones and there, in the midst, sat a flowery table of pink just waiting for their smiles. Oh, I loved watching them arrive…finding their lunches, making their seat selections. And we mamas stood by aching from smiles taking it in…our sweet fairy littles.”

How amazing is that? But it gets better. The girls then discovered they each had their very own fairy tutu pinned to a charming clothesline. The little boys weren’t left out, they each received a little Peter Pan style hat.

Each child could paint their own Fairy House or fill a glass bottle with magical, glittery fairy dust.

Of course there were lots of sweet fairy treats for everyone to eat and cool Pink Pixie Potion to drink. Mmmm.

Look how gorgeous mama Kelle is?? This mommy and daughter photo is my favorite—so sweet.

Hurray for birthday girl Lainey! This party had so many lovely details but I think my favorite is that special element of surprise Kelle added with the glitter trail leading to the hidden forest table. What a great detail! I can only imagine the looks of awe and wonder on the faces of these little girls as they discovered the magical table. Thank you so much Kelle for giving us this fantastic peek into your beautiful little girl’s amazing day! To see even *more* photos, please visit Enjoying the Small Things.

7 thoughts on “Kiddo Birthdays: The Enchanted Fairy Forest

  1. Thank you Alex! Looks like you have just given me Stella’s 3rd birthday idea! Although, she will turn 3 in December… maybe an ice fairy? Can I get kids to sit in an igloo? LOVE this- beautiful pictures!

  2. i just love this party so much! both priscilla and i want to start the kelle hampton fan club 🙂 it truly looks like a little enchanted world!

    keepingupwithstella: i like the idea of winter fairies with faux fur hoods and muffs 🙂 you could do your version of hostess snowball cakes with coconut! glitter snow. i think that paper mache igloo is a must 🙂 can i come?

    i am having issues because no KIDS can come to tru and harry’s party coming up (summer trips) and i had this kick butt dr. suess thing planned. therapy blog post in my future 😉

  3. Um Marla…..ICE FAIRIES?!?!?!?!? That could be crazy cool!!! (and totally unexpected….lots of glittery snowflakes and snowflake cookies oooooh, the wheels are turning!!)

    Lishy, I’m still suffering guilt from the No 6th Birthday Party thing for Wolfie. ANd I have two bags full of red white and blue crap (it was/will be an Olympics theme….). Is is lame to do a party 6 months late?!?!?! Wait, don’t answer that…

  4. oh this was almost the kind of party we were going to have for pip until last minute she wanted a rainbow party! i love everything about it! especially the glitter trail!

    and yes Marla….i have a friend that did a winter wonderland fairy party! she had lots of white glitter and crystals and yes a coconut cake!

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