Say CHEESE! Vintage School Photos Have Style.

Greetings friends! I’m back from a wee, sunny vacation and can I just tell ya that I feel soooo refreshed. Greg, Wolfie and I hit the Tiki Oasis weekender down in San Digeo and it was a totally needed little spoonful of awesome sauce. My friend sweet friend Doe and her hubs Otto throw one heckuva party, you’ll die when you see how fab it was! I took a zillion photos and can’t wait to share them all with you (I went crazy on the photos—I think I took over 400!!!!) so it will take me a day or two to sort through ’em all. The weekend was all about sun, fun, retro fashions, mai tais, great music and lots of family-friendly action down at the pool. Wolfie was even in a little fashion show for my friend Stephanie, of The Pineapple Princess Shop. Hilariously adorable.

In the mean time, can we West Coasters just brag for a moment? HOUSTON, WE HAVE SUMMER!!!!!!!!! Of course San Francisco had to be fashionably late, but we are *finally* experiencing what you all have been yackin’ about all summer long. HEAT. People, we are actually in the midst of a heat wave, propa. It was 98 degrees in downtown SF, which is UNHEARD OF.

So beside marveling at the hot hot weather, I’ve totally got school on my brain. School starts August 30 out here, and I can’t believe my little guy is going to be a first grader. I know some of you are already in the throes of a new school and others are gearing up for everything. I thought it would be fun to take a look at some classic Classroom Photos. I am obsessed with these, I think they are so cool. You just want to know the stories behind all these sassy little kiddos! Make sure you check out all the great fashions goin’ on…..

This first one is Mrs. Cliett’s Third Grade class, Shiver Elementary, 1963-64, Cairo, Georgia. Mrs. Cliett looks about a million years old, but I love her prim grey suit! You know she was the kid of crankster who rapped her ruler on yer knuckles.

image: janet sumner
Best Fashions: bottom row, red polka dot dress and cat eye glasses. yeah! also, a handsome row of lads on the top there..

This next one is also adorable. Grade 1 and 2 at Gray’s Lake Elementary, 1955. A whole lotta plaid going on.

image: takomabibelot.

On to the 70s….and COLOR, COLOR, COLOR. Mrs. Fujita’s Grade 1 & 2 class at Haskell Elementary in 1977.

image: C-Monster
Best Fashions: where to start? bottom row, love the two pinafore girls but hellllo jumpsuit on the end! Please note how teensy Mrs. Haskell is on the end there behind THE JUMPSUIT. Also, middle row, middle girl with huge bow is awesome, but the the two guys on the top row ends (far left, denim vest and far right…little bad ass stance) rule.

Next, Eisenhower School Kindergarten class 1973, Fergus Falls Minnesota. Dig that crazy teacher’s suit. WHOO, WHOOO is wearing an owl pendant? Why yes I do believe it’s Mrs. Teacher Lady.

image: Precious Kitty Kat
Best Fashions: the two kids with the spex are amazing, but BOTTOM ROW WINS! red, white blue dressie and tights, FOUR cute pants set, a boy with tie…..and a crochet vest on the end. The owner of this photo is the adorable girl on top in red and white!

Miss Michelle Frenette’s First Grade Class at Eisenhower Elementary School, 1974, Fergus Falls Minnesota.

image: Precious Kitty Kat.
Best Fashions: Love the middle row boys on the end (baby Joey Lawrence Bowl Cut on the left and cutie cowby on the right) but again the bottom row takes it. This time with the Plaid-O-Rama pants suit, plaid maxi skirt, the baby blue maxi dress, boy with tie AND yellow pants suit with photo of a water fall on it. Huzzah! Feeling badly for girl in sweatshirt. I bet her mom forgot it was picture day. Also, i think that’s the same kid in the tie as above…. love Miss Frenette’s jaunty neck scarf too.

Mrs. Amundson’s Second Grade Class at Eisenhower Elementary School, 1975, Fergus Falls Minnesota.

image: Precious Kitty Kat.

I love this photo from a primary school in Scotland. But uh oh, someone wore their jumper/ski sweater instead of regulation ties. Minus ten points Gryffindor!

image: joevl, Catrine Primary School, 1970s.

This is perhaps my favorite. Such a bunch of cuties. The boy’s all look like *such* rascals.

image: joevl, Catrine Primary School, Scotland, 1970s.

Miss Davis’ first grade class at Northside Grammar School, 1961. Hmm. “Miss” Davis is looking a little long in the tooth…

Check out the groovy Miss Groob’s Third Grade Class at Sheridan Elementary School, 1973-74 in Ohio.

image: brian glass

Mrs. Alford’s  kindergarten class at Spring Shadows Elementary, 1971-72.

Oh 70s, how we love ya. This whole class wins Best Dressed.  Front row snazzers, Cindy Brady on the end, two pairs of gogo boots, little boy in purple on top left….and especially Mrs. Alford’s crazy zig zag poly dress!

Mrs. Thren’s fourth grade class at Landisville Elementary in Hempfield, Pennsylvania. 1974-75.

image: brechtbug
Best Fashions: All the kids are swell, but helllllo gams! Check out those minis on the teachers!

Let’s take a little jaunt across the pond and check out some the “Preschool” (aka Kindergarten) class at the Princes Marijke School in Nieuw-Vennep, The Netherlands. 1974. LOVE all the colorful clothing.

image: christiaanV
Best Fashions: how could I pick?? But the little guy RECLINING is kind of brilliant.

Here’s the same school the next year in 1975, First Grade Class:

image: christiaanV

And finally, we head back to the states to Houston, Texas. This is Mrs. Dahlem’s First Grade Class Spring Shadows Elementary, 1972-73

image: Rowland Kodachrome
Best Fashions: These guys win BEST SHOES all around. Gogo boots, mod little saddle shoes, and even t-straps on Mrs. Dahlem. Little girl on the top right is kind of fabulous, with her jaunty scarf!

Let’s see how Miss Lamoreaux’s class at Spring Shadows Elementary holds up. This is from 1974-75.

image: Rowland Kodachrome

And finally, Mrs. Harper’s Second Grade Class, Spring Shadows Elementary, 1973-74.

image: Rowland Kodachrome

How fun are those? I wish they still did group photos. Wolfie’s school does a Classroom picture but it’s made up of all the little photos from the kids. Somehow it’s not the same as everyone sittin’ all proper on their little benches.

Lawdy, I wish you could see me right now. It’s late at night and as I peruse all these cool old vintage photos I’m realizing I’m totally clammy from the heat of our house that was baking in the sun all day. This is taking Sweatin’ to the Oldies to a whole new level. Hewwww.

17 thoughts on “Say CHEESE! Vintage School Photos Have Style.

  1. Minus ten points Gryffindor had me chuckling!!!

    Such a cute picture of you and Wolfie. I’m sure he was the bestie best model!

    Also, I must admit I am on a quest for patent leather sunny yellow shoes. And that teacher’s shoes had me GREEN with envy.

  2. ok Alix first off you and wolfie are too cute!!!! every single one of the outfits in those 70’s class photos i NEED!! oh if i only had all those outfits for my shop!!!!
    we must share the same fashion brain because every outfit you commented on is where my eyes went straight to. i wanted that pinafore in the middle bottom row for miss P!

    and next year i am meeting you at tiki oasis

  3. I wish we knew how valuable and coveted these groovy and kitschy clothing would be! I’m a child of the 80s and even some of those “vintage” styles I wish I had today to put on my kids lol Maybe I’ll start a little “time capsule” for clothes for my kids. Save the coolest/uniquest of things they have and bring them back 30 years from now for their kids to be cool-old skool.

  4. gah! these are all so great. today’s school pictures are kind of sad. all the crazy crap they put in the background- and the props! omg. nothing beats a good old fashioned group of kids piled up on some bleaker seats!

    1. I’m so glad you guys like these too! how cute are all these kiddo’s just standing there grinning all cute.

      heather, we are soooo meeting up next year!!!!
      jenny, lady I know. I love those old bleacher photos!!!
      dottie, hee. glad you liked, and those Netherland school pics were just for you!!
      JP, seriously. my mom saved a bunch of my clothes but of course i have a boy!

  5. Love this! I could look at these pictures for HOURS! It’s so fun to see all the nifty outfits.

    BUT….OMG. Haskell School 1977….kid in the red shirt second row. I just about fell over. It looks like my Gia!!!! Ack!

  6. Soooooooooooooo Funny! loved them all. While consolidating family photos a few months ago, I found my own Third Grade Class photo with that dreaded Mrs Jones (she was gawd-awful!) but got such a kick out of the fashions 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    1. I’ve been meaning to write to you Jenny Sugarcube….we TOTALLY went to The Station (LOVED it!) and then were desperate for Hash House a Go GO but the line was crazy long so we went to R Place (i think that’s the name?) which was also super tasty (across the street from Hash House). YAY!!

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