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This Time Last Year // TIKI OASIS!

Every August our good friend’s Doe & Otto throw a big ol Tiki-Tastic Bash called Tiki Oasis. If you’re a long time reader, then you’ve seen the posts we’ve done on it over the past years (check some of them out here and here!). Basically it’s a super fun weekender in San Diego that celebrates 50s/60s tiki and exotica culture—the music, the art, the drinks and of course, the fashion! We take over the entire hotel and there is literally something for everyone: poolside lounging, super interesting historical symposiums, lots of vintage shopping, tiki carving, live music and big room parties at night for the more lively set.

 photo Tiki2_22.png

 photo tiki3.jpg

 photo tiki6-1.jpg

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 photo tiki_14copy.jpg

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Every year there is a new theme, like South of the Boarder, Tiki-a-Go-Go and last year’s awesome “Exotic Espionage”! In addition to the usual amazing Aloha Wear, there were some FAB spy ensembles in the evening—I went for a villainous Bond girl (ok fine, I wore a vintage dress with an eye patch….what can I say? It was HOT down there and I couldn’t do a trench coat!).
 photo tiki_4copy.jpg

{mini update: Wolfie has kindly reminded me that I was also wearing my cool SPY PHONE PURSE! It’s a purse from the early 70s that actually is a functioning phone, if you plug it into the wall. Crazy!}

 photo spybag_1.jpg

 photo tikispy.jpg

The kid’s love Tiki Oasis. Wolfie is an old pro—he’s been to four of them already! Our favorite thing is to swim while all the cool DJs spin cool old tunes poolside. It’s like your own retro movie soundtrack!

 photo tiki7-1.jpg

Little Miss Peach went to her first Tiki Oasis last year and loved it!

 photo tiki_5.jpg

Dottie even made her a super cool pineapple princess tiki hat!

There are always so many great vintage tiki ensembles and patterns and colors—it’s a treat for the senses!

 photo tikiboarder_38copy.jpg

 photo tiki4.jpg

 photo tiki_7.jpg

 photo TikiWolf.jpg

 photo tiki_10.jpg

I have it on good authority that Miss Peach is not very fond of wearing dresses these days….unless they are hawaiian!! Haha. I love it. That’s our girl!

 photo tiki_p.jpg

I loved this vinage Magnum P.I. shirt I found for Wolfie—although I have to confess  that initially he balked at wearing it and said, “What? WHO is THIS guy?? I’m not wearing this shirt!!!” I explained he was a private detective who loved Hawaii and that it kind of fit the theme. One bagel bribe later and he was sold….

 photo tiki_9.jpg

 photo tiki_duocopy2.jpg

Alas, I’ll be missing out on the Tiki Oasis fun this year, but Dottie will be heading down this week and I know she’ll do it up in style!! Be sure to follow along on her instagram @missdottie to check out all the tiki-riffic hi jinx! OH, and the theme this year? HULA-BILLY! (rock-a-billy goes tiki!)

Real Life :: Summer Flashback at Tiki Oasis

Hey good lookin’, whatcha got cookin’ this summer?? Wolfie is at summer camps while Greg and I are busy with work, but we always try and take a trip or two: a visit to the grandparents and then something a little more local. One of the things we’re looking forward to in August is Tiki Oasis. If you’ve never been, you must! It’s a sun and fun-filled weekender down in San Diego celebrating the magic of classic 50s/60s Tiki culture. Hosted by premier Tiki expert Otto von Stroheim and his ultra lovely wife Doe (who happens to be one of my bestest pals!) it’s truly a super cool experience. For one crazy weekend they take over the historic Hanalei hotel and fill it with amazing bands, DJs, dancers, loads of tiki mugs brimming with tasty cocktails and unique symposiums on the history of tiki.

Greg, Wolfie and I hit the Tiki extravaganza two years ago and it was the ultimate in hip family fun. By day you could lounge poolside to the soothing tunes of exotica bands and DJs spinning vintage vinyl—OR you could check out the bazaar of fun goodies for sale. Because it’s in San Diego you can even sneak away to things like the San Diego Zoo or Lego Land.

The main reason we went last time was because I was performing with The Devil-Ettes. All my girlies came down and we had a total blast. Here’s me and some of my perty pals:

Aww, just look how little Wolfie was!  He’s making this hilarious expression he does sometimes in photos where his eye brows go up and he looks a teensy bit crazy. You know, in a cute way. I guess I shouldn’t talk. I look kind of crazy too. Let’s focus on my outfit instead, mmmkay??

Last year I was unable to go, but my adorable friend Stephanie went and took tons of photos. She has started a children’s clothing line called Pineapple Princess and makes the most fabulous little rompers out of vintage barkcloth. We’ll be profiling her soon. I think Wolfie is going to get to model some of her boy’s clothes this year!

One of my favorite things about the weekend were the fine vintage tiki fashions that most everyone was sporting. So colorful and fun!

It really is fun for all ages—there were loads of kids, and Wolfie was able to dance and enjoy the music that started at dusk (including seeing mama and The Devil-Ettes dance). Once the sun went down,  the party kicked into high gear with bands and other live performances.

OK. I know it looks like it’s midnight and I’m boozin’ and carousin’ while my kiddo is still up. Pinkie swear this wasn’t the case!  I think it’s around 7:30 or 8:00 in this picture. Greg was kind enough to let me stay out with the ladies while he put Wolfie to bed. The show stopped around 10:00, but the party went on all night for those singletons who were up for it (not to mention the after hours “room crawl” featuring different tropical libations!) Mama Alix was deep asleep by this time, folks. I’m a total light weight.

By the way, this is the gorgeous Doe and her handsome hubs Otto, the master minds behind all this genius:

There are still a handful of tickets left if you don’t have plans this August! Check out the Tiki Oasis site or Flickr group for even more awesome photos and think about booking yerself a room. I guarantee it will be a weekend you won’t forget!

Images: My own, Stephanie’s, Tiki Oasis, Jim Fereirra