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Celebrity Dork Out :: When {Clean House} Came to the Bay

I love home makeover TV shows. I have this fantasy that one of them will come over to my house and help me weed out allllllll the clutter and turn it into a pristine palace of serenity. Ahhhh. Wouldn’t that be nice?? So when I found out that Clean House was coming to the Bay Area I got all kinds of excited. I loved Niecy Nash (the hostess) and was bummed to hear she had left….but guess who the new hostess is?? Tempestt Bledsoe! Yep, Vanessa Huxtable.

The house that was being “Cleaned” belonged to some friends of friends. These people are major collectors and have lots of good loot, so I was pretty excited to snap up some fun vintage stuff. I grabbed Wolfie and we hit the road! Here is my little indie boy….he decided to bring this little satchel with some toys and his DS, just in case he got bored. I {heart} Wolfie!

As we looked for parking THIS crazy thing was cruising down the street in front of us. Wolfie was impressed.

When we finally got to the sale, there was a line to get in—but it moved quickly. There was tons of great stuff, but I have to say all the cameras made you feel a tad self conscious. And the prices were all really high because they wanted you to haggle on camera. My fab friends Doe and Otto (of the equally fabulous Tiki Oasis) came with their two little boys. They were dressed in a fantastic matching Tiki outfits (I’m pleased to report that Doe’s green 70s blazer was from my Vintage Boutique sale!). While they were checking out a bamboo book shelf, Mark, the show’s designer, zipped on over with the camera crew. It was awesome!

Wolfie, Vander and Dashiell were awesome. They were SOOOOOO unimpressed by the whole thing. They had fun hanging out together and Wolfie was actually in a great mood despite the “i’m so over this” look.

Here is “Matt,” the Go-To Guy who builds stuff….he had on a grass skirt and a coconut bra and was really lively. The whole “vibe” was def kitschy cool.

FINALLY! We spied Tempestt. She was in this Mae West style ensemble and looked very perty. Doe kept nudging me to go over and chat with her but I felt a little shy—plus she always had people around her and I didn’t want to be a big ol looky loo!

I found some vintage kid’s books (of course) and a kooky 70s kitty bank. There was tons more stuff cool stuff but really I needed these people to come to MY house to clean up, not be shoppin’ at their sale! I went over to the fella who was actually part of the couple who was going to be on the show and he was super sweet and gave me an awesome deal on all my stuff! Clutching my sales slip I wandered off to figure out where to pay.

All of a sudden there was a HUGE crash—someone broke something and the camera crew went flying over to get it on film. And well well well….look who I found myself standing next to??

It was perfect. No camera crew just me-n-Tempestt! Our exchange went something like this:

TEMPESTT: Ooooh, you finding some good bargains today?

ME: Yes! I got some fun books and this cute kitty bank for $3.

TEMPESTT: Hold on a second $3? For the kitty kat bank? Oh no, nononono!

ME: No? (i was confused)

TEMPESTT (snatching the pay slip from my hand): NO.

ME: Soooooo, you’re gonna give me a better deal??

TEMPESTT: Better deal? I’m gonna give you a WORSE deal! That’s too cheap! We’re here to make money girl!

ME (laughing but thinking “OH lord is she really gonna charge me more for this stupid cat thing??”): Oh no!

TEMPESTT: Listen, I gotta be kept in boas!

ME (trying to be charming): Oooooh wait…..did I say $3? I mean THIRTY Dollars! That’s what he charged me!!

And we laughed and laughed and traded makeup tips. OK not really. But she did laugh and sent me on my way…..and YES THE CAMERAS CAUGHT THE WHOLE THING. My friend Karen was watching and she said “Oooh, you just had a ‘bit’ with Tempestt!”

Me, Doe and Karen……cleanin’ house!

The weather was soooo glorious! Wolfie and I went to the cafe with Doe and Dash. We got some ice coffees for the mamas and milk and cookies for the little fellers. It was a super fun day! And who knows…we just might might it on CLEAN HOUSE. Now if I could only convince them to come and actually CLEAN our house.

So that’s my most recent celeb dork out!

Real Life: Tiki Oasis Part 2, Kiddo Adventures

Gather round kiddos, it’s time for Part 2 of our glorious Tiki Tour! Yesterday I showed off some fun photos from our jaunt down to Tiki Oasis in San Diego a few weeks ago. The event isn’t a family event per se, but it is extremely family friendly! Lots of people brought their kiddos who all had a fantastic time!

Friday afternoon things kicked off with an Opening Ceremony Parade—the marching band was an excellent touch!

There was lots of swimming and then the evening show began!

One of the highlights was a Vintage Tiki Fashion show held by  Melissa of the amazing shop Retro Diva. My friend Stephanie, of Pineapple Princess, had a featured in the fashion show for her kid’s stuff and she asked me if Wolfie would “model” for her, which was a super thrill. She made matching outfits for him and Sierra, a really awesome little girl. I have to say, they looked adorable:

Wolfie surprised us all and was cuttin’ a rug to the Plastic Bertrand song they played while he was on stage. So awesome! The cutie on the left is Doe’s youngest kiddo, Dashiel (Doe and her hubs Otto von Stroheim are the masterminds behind this whole awesome extravaganza!).

The next day we drove around San Diego (and thanks to our adorable Modern Kiddo friend Vintage Sugar Cube, we got some amazing restaurant tips!) but really it was all about the hotel and lounging out. So after lunch we came back for some more fun:

Yep. Wolfie brought his DS. Hey, he’s a pretty spectacular for a 6 year old, but even ze Wolf Cub needs a little QT with his good pal Mario. It’s a great reminder that little ones can certainly enjoy grown up outtings, but don’t forget that kids are kids and need their own down time too!

Here is Wolfie with one of his best buddies, Miles and Audrey—they belong to Modern Kiddo reader Miz Landry. LOVE Audrey’s sassy silver gladiator sandals:

I was loving all the hip little kiddo fashions I spotted…check out these cuties:

In addition to swimming and exploring the property, Tiki Oasis had a special kid’s room with arts and crafts and other fun activities. Every child got their own teensy Tiki Mug too! (i suspect they were shot glasses, but hell…what the kiddo’s don’t know won’t hurt ’em!)

The highlight by far was th Saturday morning Tiki Tot Tour with King Kukulele. I’ve performed with the King before (with The Devil-Ettes) and he is amazing, hilarious and a totally talented ukulele player (check out this super short vid of him here….you’ll get why the kids LOVED him!).

All the kids met up by the pool and King led them around the facility, where they walked up to all the tiki’s and asked them questions. Honestly I’m not sure how they did this, but someone apparently followed the tour with a wireless mike/speaker and when the kids would ask a question it was as if the Tiki REALLY responded. They all had different voices….it was hysterical and the little ones totally ate it up!

The vendors were all super sweet as they watched the kids parade around the property looking for Tikis. These kind folks brought out a tray of Sno Cones/shave ice for everyone!

Wolfie thought that King Kukulele was THEE coolest. Afterwards he took Greg and I around to all the spots from the tour and pointed out all the things they learned from the Magic Tikis. It was really adorable, he would say things like, “Do you know that the tikis were bathed in the Magic Waters and that’s how they learned to speak?” and then would look bemused and say  “Why aren’t they speaking to us any more??” We also discovered the “invisible Tiki” that King Kukulele showed them:

All in all I would say it was our best mini vacation yet! I think Wolfie would agree…..

Vintage Kiddo Retro Round Up!

Did you all have a wonderful weekend?  There is something so lush about August.  Time to make that last trip to the beach or possibly the lake house.  How yummy is that?  Unfortunately, my entire family came down with a bad case of the sniffles which slowed us down this weekend. So what a good excuse to stay inside cuddling my computer to do some e-thrifting. Also these summer colds remind me to spend a bit of time looking for some good deals on vintage hankies too!

But anyhoo—on with the vintage kiddo goodies!

I can’t help but go freaky over tiki, what with Tiki Oasis next weekend.  I can’t wait to read Alix’s post from it. Whoohoo!!!!  And this little terry cloth lined boys Hawaiian shirt would be a great addition to any little person.

A is for apron as well as the sweet apple that adorns this vintage apron from the fifties.  With red tipped vintage lace no less!

Speaking of aprons, I think smocks are like the aprons of the 60/70s. And here is a sweet one that kept someone’s super sassy outfit looking clean. This art smock looks like it didn’t see to much time with Cray-Pas if you ask me, but that just means it is in better shape for your little budding artist!

TOOT!  The shirt says it all. TOOT indeed!

Do you guys remember Nina from Zoom. She could do that cool thing with her arms and totally rocked the hubba bubba talk. Well, she so would have worn THIS dress. It is Zoom cool.

Well, it looks like we weren’t the first generation to dig the owl. Afterall remember all those macrame owls from the seventies? Well I have a feeling the mom who bought this rad jumper made a couple in her time.

Stop. The. Presses. You MUST check out this little plaid jacket because it is perfect. Where is the app that turns kids size clothing into adult size, hmmm? I’m so going to the genius bar with that quandry…

This sweet little pink plaid jacket is a wonderful wonderful wonderful–

Clearly I am mad for plaid right now. But how can I resist with adding this dear little friend.  As if the plaid wasn’t enough… They added ricrac.  It’s like you KNOW my weaknesses!  If this isn’t bought by the end of the day, you leave me NO CHOICE but to buy it myself.

Who wouldn’t rumble for the bumble!  Bumble bee, that is!  I’m such a fan of the honey bees and it is so nice to see one on a boys clothing and this vintage baby boy blue top is too dear not to pass up.

This is more relevant to my parents’ generation than mine–but these skates are just wonderful regardless of any decade.  You just can see the Hardy Boys yellow bookbind peeking out of the overall back pocket of the little goy skimming along in this sweet skates–with key to boot.

Anyway, have an amazing week and if you are into vintage or even if you aren’t—check out our amazing vintage Irmi lamp giveaway from Little Miss Heirlooms, Priscilla Barros!

Happy Monday!

Real Life :: Summer Flashback at Tiki Oasis

Hey good lookin’, whatcha got cookin’ this summer?? Wolfie is at summer camps while Greg and I are busy with work, but we always try and take a trip or two: a visit to the grandparents and then something a little more local. One of the things we’re looking forward to in August is Tiki Oasis. If you’ve never been, you must! It’s a sun and fun-filled weekender down in San Diego celebrating the magic of classic 50s/60s Tiki culture. Hosted by premier Tiki expert Otto von Stroheim and his ultra lovely wife Doe (who happens to be one of my bestest pals!) it’s truly a super cool experience. For one crazy weekend they take over the historic Hanalei hotel and fill it with amazing bands, DJs, dancers, loads of tiki mugs brimming with tasty cocktails and unique symposiums on the history of tiki.

Greg, Wolfie and I hit the Tiki extravaganza two years ago and it was the ultimate in hip family fun. By day you could lounge poolside to the soothing tunes of exotica bands and DJs spinning vintage vinyl—OR you could check out the bazaar of fun goodies for sale. Because it’s in San Diego you can even sneak away to things like the San Diego Zoo or Lego Land.

The main reason we went last time was because I was performing with The Devil-Ettes. All my girlies came down and we had a total blast. Here’s me and some of my perty pals:

Aww, just look how little Wolfie was!  He’s making this hilarious expression he does sometimes in photos where his eye brows go up and he looks a teensy bit crazy. You know, in a cute way. I guess I shouldn’t talk. I look kind of crazy too. Let’s focus on my outfit instead, mmmkay??

Last year I was unable to go, but my adorable friend Stephanie went and took tons of photos. She has started a children’s clothing line called Pineapple Princess and makes the most fabulous little rompers out of vintage barkcloth. We’ll be profiling her soon. I think Wolfie is going to get to model some of her boy’s clothes this year!

One of my favorite things about the weekend were the fine vintage tiki fashions that most everyone was sporting. So colorful and fun!

It really is fun for all ages—there were loads of kids, and Wolfie was able to dance and enjoy the music that started at dusk (including seeing mama and The Devil-Ettes dance). Once the sun went down,  the party kicked into high gear with bands and other live performances.

OK. I know it looks like it’s midnight and I’m boozin’ and carousin’ while my kiddo is still up. Pinkie swear this wasn’t the case!  I think it’s around 7:30 or 8:00 in this picture. Greg was kind enough to let me stay out with the ladies while he put Wolfie to bed. The show stopped around 10:00, but the party went on all night for those singletons who were up for it (not to mention the after hours “room crawl” featuring different tropical libations!) Mama Alix was deep asleep by this time, folks. I’m a total light weight.

By the way, this is the gorgeous Doe and her handsome hubs Otto, the master minds behind all this genius:

There are still a handful of tickets left if you don’t have plans this August! Check out the Tiki Oasis site or Flickr group for even more awesome photos and think about booking yerself a room. I guarantee it will be a weekend you won’t forget!

Images: My own, Stephanie’s, Tiki Oasis, Jim Fereirra