The Big Kate Spade Giveaway. CONTEST CLOSED!

This is it! The big ol’ giveaway we’ve been yackin’ about. When Dottie & I started Modern Kiddo, we did it as a way to celebrate our love of colorful vintage, cool design and childhood nostalgia. We’ve been so blown away by all the wonderful people we have met over these past few years—you guys are so fun and supportive, we wanted to do a little something to say THANK YOU. When we decided to do a Month of Color, we knew we wanted to do an awesome Giveaway. Something fun. Something fabulous. And of course something COLORFUL! The first thing that came to mind was Kate Spade. Walking into the Kate Spade store is my happy place! It’s the ultimate eye candy experience….and we just knew a Kate Spade handbag would be the perfect little indulgence. Something we all love, but might not necessarily splurge on for ourselves.

I have to tell you, Dottie and I had the most excellent time picking out something special for you! Of course, we were both immediately drawn to THIS sweet little bon bon! The Hot Pink Bond Street Florence handbag—part of the Florence Broadhurst Collaboration that has everyone swooning. The Kate Spade peeps call this bag, “The Star of our 2012 Spring Collection”. And I can see why. I’m mad for that golden turn lock closure….and dottie was dying over the gorgeous black & white floral print lining. And we both flipped for the “stunning pink” color. Yes. That’s the official name. Stunning Pink. Sigh.



It’s modern. It’s retro. It’s the Kate Spade Bond Street Bag. c/o us!

See that beauty below? That’s the actual bag you’ll be getting. Oh yes.



Easy peasy! There are five different ways to enter to win the Kate Spade handbag. You can do each of these things once.

1. COMMENT. Simply leave a comment below and tell us what your favorite color is! This is all you have to do to enter.

To get bonus entries you may also:

2. LIKE US.  “Like” Modern Kiddo on our Facebook Page. If you already “like” us, just let us know!

3. FOLLOW US. “Follow” Modern Kiddo on our Twitter Page. If you already follow us, let us know!

4. TWEET. Post a link to this contest page on Twitter, using this link: and the hashtag #ModernKiddoKateSpade (you can retweet as often as you like but it will only count as ONE entry!)

5.  REPOST. Post a link to this contest page on your own blog or Facebook page (using this link: )and let us know by leaving a comment with the link to your blog post below.


A winner will be chosen at random and announced on [edit: MONDAY, APRIL 30, 2012].

So there you have it! Please enter. We’d sure love to see you struttin’ around with your new hot pink friend. Oh, and dont’ forget to spread the word and tell everyone you know (it’s good kharma, baby!).

GOOD LUCK, gorgeous!!


826 thoughts on “The Big Kate Spade Giveaway. CONTEST CLOSED!

  1. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome Modern-Retro LOVE! I’ve had my eye on this bag for a while- it is gorgeous! I adore the Japanese Floral Print. Swoon.

  2. Pink is Awesome! I love Modern Kiddo every day. Wish you ladies were closer to Boston Ma. We would totally have to hang out. It is almost swan boat season. Oh, I love violet and silvery light blue…Is that a color? 🙂

  3. LOVE this! My fave color is aqua. Anything turquoise, mint green, aqua, sea foam, whatever you want to call it! I would decorate my whole house and only wear it if my hubby wouldn’t think I was mad!

  4. OH MY GOSH! Crossing my fingers (and toes!).

    My favorite color is PEACH! It’s always changing but right now that’s it.

    Thank you both for such a wonderful, thoughtful and generous giveaway.

    I hope I wiiiiiin!


  5. I actually featured this bag as one of my first-ever blog posts (entitled “Spring Handbags”). My favorite color is yellow- if only the bag came in that shade! I also followed you on Twitter for an extra entry.

  6. Ahhhh! What a beautiful give away! I’m following you guys on Facebook & Twitter (eljayyy) !!!
    My absolutely favourite colour is pink – it’s the colour of my aura says a magical Chinese lady around the corner from the Kate Spade store in SoHo, who took my portrait one afternoon after spotting my polka dot blouse and yellow socks and stopping to chat.

    I intend to use this beaut for my upcoming year in grad school! I have a lot of money out in student loans, so I can’t really afford to buy any clothes or nice things for awhile … Kate Spade is a huge dream, an idea of what a classic, quirky, and charming New Yorker would carry with her – I am moving to Boston, and have worked colorfully on murals throughout Harlem and Washington Heights with kids, such a bag would embody the bright, bold, thoughtful, and creative strides and carry-ons I’ve gained and learned here throughout my life in New York … thank you for reading my entry, it is a true honour!



  7. My most favourite colour is red but I also adore the pink Kate Spade Bag!
    Just discovered Modern Kiddo & I already know that I absolutely love it! 🙂

  8. My favorite color is pink! So obviously this giveaway spoke to me….not to mention I love Kate spade!

    I liked you on FB, already follow you on twitter, & RT’d your link. Yay!

  9. It is seriously hard to pick one favorite color because I have many but I will admit I always magnet over to a seafoam green! I also am a fan on facebook and a longtime follower on twitter and will tweet this!

    xo- Amber

  10. Oh course I like you on FB, dahlink! And my colour is totally Elsa Schiaparelli’s Shocking Pink! I do not, however, tweet, so I will remain bereft~

    Does having known Alix since we were both ballet brats count at all?

  11. Oh my goodness I’ve had my eye on this bag for almost 2 months but I just can’t justify spending that much money on myself!
    My favourite colour is robin’s egg blue but I also love bright pink! 😉

  12. What an amazing bag! I have the pink enamel Japanese flower print bracelet by Kate Spade, so having the bag would match wonderfully! 🙂 I follow you on Twitter, @liliaphoto, and on FB too. 🙂 Have a great day!

  13. My favorite color is hot pink. It’s a great spring and summer color. I would love to wear it with a chambray shirt/white skirt. I just love it.

    Bonus Entries: I like on facebook and I reposted.

    Thank you for giving aways such a lovely item. Even if I don’t get I definitelt appreciate it!!

  14. Um, yes please!!! Incidentally, like my son, “all the colors are my favorite”!. However, I have a particular fondness for the happy femininity of hot pink.
    – I like you on fb.
    – I love you on twitter
    – I tweeted your contest!!

  15. k I posted it it on my FB page and I never thought I would but now I have a twitter acct. ! I tweeted you even googled how to copy and paste on a mac……I learned a lotta new stuff today. What a girl will do for a cute hand bag…….

  16. what a fab giveaway- you gals rock!
    my favorite color would have to be purple and pink …all color really but purple is the most fabulous!
    of course already like/love you on FB and follow you via Twitter…off to retweet and send out some love! xx

  17. so beautiful!
    so generous, ladies!!

    PINK is my favorite color. love love love it, all shades. (miss alix, you might remember i painted my kitchen pink back in the LJ days…)

    good luck, everyone!

  18. Oh, hamsters! I would like to win this bag, especially after spending the weekend at the pink-tastic Madonna Inn! My favorite color is olive green (it makes my eyes look pretty, what can I say?). I follow Modern Kiddo on Twitter! XO.

  19. WOW! Love your blog and love the Kate Spade bag – I am so purse-challenged!
    I love any color – they’re all beautiful!
    Going to go to FB & Twitter to follow u now!

  20. It is so hard to choose a favorite color. Recently I have been loving mint greens, but the one color I always seem to revert back to is various shades of purple.

  21. Hmm… I love the black. Something that beautiful, I’d want it to go with everything I own so I could maximize the amount of time spent holding it.

  22. well, my have colour of the moment is- PINK! I have pink hair and pink horn rimmed glasses. It only seems right that the pink bag should be part of the rest pink that I carry with me every day 🙂
    I like (love) you on Facebook already, and liked the contest on your FB page. Thanks for the daily inspiration and mood lift!

  23. you don’t know how long i spend on kate spade’s website longing for it all… this would be SO incredibly perfect for mother’s day since i can’t buy my mom anything nice… please let me win internet gods!

  24. Well, it’s a tossup between Schiaparelli Shocking Pink (like this bag) and Tiffany Blue. 🙂 And you know that I don’t just like you — I love you. I would follow you to the ends for the earth (and on all the Social Networks). And I Tweeted and Posted… And this might be a nice motivator to do a blog post! xoxo

  25. This is pretty cool!!!!

    I love PURPLE as my fave colour but…a pink Kate Spade would be unreal as well!!!

    Gonna like you on FB and follow on twitter right now!!

  26. AAAhmazing bag! But aren’t bags in general the best accessory? At least I think so. I would adore this bag in kelly green, or a eggplant purple, but the hot pink is crazy and cool!

  27. Hello !

    I’m just discovering your blog now, came here from Google looking for Alexander Girard, and since I love color so much, there’s no doubt I’ll be back…

    My favorite color is Yellow, I also love Orange.

    At first I thought you meant “favorite color for these bags”, and the orange one looks really great, but as you – & Kate Spade – say, the Pink one is “stunning”.

    I would be very happy to have it !



  28. I love the black because it would make for such a great timeless piece but I can’t deny what my heart wants, orange! I’m a sucker for colors 😉

  29. My all time favorite color is cerulean blue, but i am loving pastel mint and lavender. I have liked you on facebook, followed you on twitter and tweeted a link/# to this post as “eemullake”.

  30. I’ve always loved green. When I was a kid in the 80s I’d pair it with purple and hot pink, as a teenager I decorated my room in green and yellow, and these days I’m a sucker for a bright, jewel-green vintage tea towel or top!

  31. Ever since I saw this beautiful purse I knew that one day it would be mine…i’m still waiting sadly since financial problems are what is stopping me. The pink one is my favorite one!! I’m also following you guys on FB. 🙂

  32. Hot pink! I didn’t used to like pink at all but I came around hard.

    This is such an awesome giveaway and your blog is delightful.

    Keep it up!

    P.S.- I liked you on facebook and am following you on twitter now. Can’t wait for the great updates!

  33. Hot Pink Kate Spade is a dream come true 🙂 My favourite element of a Kate Spade product is the poetic little inscription card that comes inside, it always seems to capture a moment so perfectly.

  34. Man, I would love, love, LOVE to win this!!! I just “liked” you guys on Facebook (why I hadn’t already done that is beyond me), followed you on Twitter, and retweeted this link. *fingers crossed*


  36. Ahhhh what a GREAT giveaway! I have been swooning over this Kate Spade bag ever since it came out! Unfortunately my favorite colors are gray and maroon but I would loooove to work this into my wardrobe!

  37. Although I love the pink bag, my favorite color is the light aqua color that you only seem to find on 50’s/60’s tile/appliances/and old sky-gondola rides.

  38. amazing, and what a generous give away! all color are amazing, after all they are Kate Spade…! If i had to chose a hue, the stunning pink…its stunning! Fingers crossed…

  39. Hi Alix & Dottie! 🙂 My favorite color is turquoise and I have been trying to squeeze that into my wardrobe as much as possible lately. I love turquoise paired with neon pink and this Kate Spade bag is the most amazing shade! Thanks gals for the giveaway. 🙂

  40. I love so many colors, aqua, lime, orange but they are all a close second to my favorite- white. Surrounding myself in white feels peaceful and makes me so happy. Don’t worry I throw plenty of color in the mix to keep it lively.

  41. Pink, purple & all shades of blue, but when there is something this gorgeous out there, pink pink pink all the way, love it & love you girls for such a brilliant giveaway, thanks

  42. oh my goodness, it’s just beautiful! my favorite color is gray. but since i’m pretty sure that doesn’t count, my second favorite color is red. 🙂 I also liked your FB page and your twitter page! YAY! And thank you for doing this giveaway!

  43. My favorite colour changes frequently… but I always love a pretty green or chartreuse.
    I also am a follower of your Twitter + Facebook page!