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The Big Kate Spade Giveaway. CONTEST CLOSED!

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This is it! The big ol’ giveaway we’ve been yackin’ about. When Dottie & I started Modern Kiddo, we did it as a way to celebrate our love of colorful vintage, cool design and childhood nostalgia. We’ve been so blown away by all the wonderful people we have met over these past few years—you guys are so fun and supportive, we wanted to do a little something to say THANK YOU. When we decided to do a Month of Color, we knew we wanted to do an awesome Giveaway. Something fun. Something fabulous. And of course something COLORFUL! The first thing that came to mind was Kate Spade. Walking into the Kate Spade store is my happy place! It’s the ultimate eye candy experience….and we just knew a Kate Spade handbag would be the perfect little indulgence. Something we all love, but might not necessarily splurge on for ourselves.

I have to tell you, Dottie and I had the most excellent time picking out something special for you! Of course, we were both immediately drawn to THIS sweet little bon bon! The Hot Pink Bond Street Florence handbag—part of the Florence Broadhurst Collaboration that has everyone swooning. The Kate Spade peeps call this bag, “The Star of our 2012 Spring Collection”. And I can see why. I’m mad for that golden turn lock closure….and dottie was dying over the gorgeous black & white floral print lining. And we both flipped for the “stunning pink” color. Yes. That’s the official name. Stunning Pink. Sigh.



It’s modern. It’s retro. It’s the Kate Spade Bond Street Bag. c/o us!

See that beauty below? That’s the actual bag you’ll be getting. Oh yes.



Easy peasy! There are five different ways to enter to win the Kate Spade handbag. You can do each of these things once.

1. COMMENT. Simply leave a comment below and tell us what your favorite color is! This is all you have to do to enter.

To get bonus entries you may also:

2. LIKE US.  “Like” Modern Kiddo on our Facebook Page. If you already “like” us, just let us know!

3. FOLLOW US. “Follow” Modern Kiddo on our Twitter Page. If you already follow us, let us know!

4. TWEET. Post a link to this contest page on Twitter, using this link: and the hashtag #ModernKiddoKateSpade (you can retweet as often as you like but it will only count as ONE entry!)

5.  REPOST. Post a link to this contest page on your own blog or Facebook page (using this link: )and let us know by leaving a comment with the link to your blog post below.


A winner will be chosen at random and announced on [edit: MONDAY, APRIL 30, 2012].

So there you have it! Please enter. We’d sure love to see you struttin’ around with your new hot pink friend. Oh, and dont’ forget to spread the word and tell everyone you know (it’s good kharma, baby!).

GOOD LUCK, gorgeous!!


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826 Responses

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  1. samantha says

    My favorite color is green.

  2. Childofenroth says

    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome Modern-Retro LOVE! I’ve had my eye on this bag for a while- it is gorgeous! I adore the Japanese Floral Print. Swoon.

  3. Childofenroth says

    Any color- pink, green, neon, black…!

  4. Suzy B. says

    Beauty! I love me some Kate Spade. Anywho, my favorite color is shades of purple, but I’d be mighty pleased to carry a pink Spade bag.

  5. Suzy B. says

    Oohh… also I like you guys! (Well of course I do!)

  6. Kirsten Spear says

    Ooh, I love the pink one! It would match my hot pink hair!

  7. anne says

    gorgeous colour to match my mostly blue attire…stunning pink it is.

  8. Jody says

    Holy sweetness! She’s a pretty, pretty purse. My favorite color is red, red, red!

  9. Jody says

    (And you know I already like and follow you!) Here’s the blog!

  10. Mary Kate says

    Oh, this bag is so pretty. My favorite color is pink, of course. 🙂

  11. Kit Heaslip says

    Pink is Awesome! I love Modern Kiddo every day. Wish you ladies were closer to Boston Ma. We would totally have to hang out. It is almost swan boat season. Oh, I love violet and silvery light blue…Is that a color? 🙂

  12. Mary Kate says

    (and I liked you on FB and followed you on twitter!)

  13. Anna Lee says

    Amazing Giveaway! My favorite color is kelly green–Swoon!

  14. Lori says

    Although my fave color is red, pink is a close second!

  15. Lori says

    I also just “liked” you on Facebook. Although in my heart I’ve always “liked” you 😉

  16. keira says

    This is so exciting!
    Can’t go wrong with hot pink or turquoise!

  17. Marlena says

    that is an awesome giveaway. Love the pink the best. Thanks.

  18. Ellie says

    Great bag. I love it!

  19. Christine says

    Awesome summer bag!

  20. Michele says

    LOVE this! My fave color is aqua. Anything turquoise, mint green, aqua, sea foam, whatever you want to call it! I would decorate my whole house and only wear it if my hubby wouldn’t think I was mad!

  21. Michele says

    Already follow you on twitter 🙂

  22. Michele says

    Love you on facebook

  23. Michele says

    Tweeted 🐤

  24. Amanda H says

    those bags are awesome! I love it in any color. except black, this bag *needs* color.

  25. Amanda H says

    oh, and I follow you guys on FB. you need to pick a cover photo for your page. 🙂

  26. Kylie says

    Wahoo! What a fabulous bag! I now follow on Twitter, too. 🙂

  27. Ellyn says

    My favorite colors: peach & pink!

  28. Adi T says

    me, me, me!!!! Love the orange color, it rocks, so my color for this summer…

  29. Ellyn says

    I heart you already on Facebook!

  30. Ellyn says

    I follow you on Twitter! xo

  31. Rhianne says

    my favourite colour is mustard yellow. what a bag that is!!

  32. Rhianne says

    Now following you on twitter (I’m @forthedistracted)

  33. Robin says

    Wow! My favorite is pink!! What a fabulous giveaway!

  34. Shannon says

    So great. I love the chain strap and how it pops with the pink, which is my favorite.

  35. Shannon says

    love you lots on Facebook.

  36. Giselle says

    Hello pretty! I love kelly green!

  37. matilde says

    wow, i like it! my favorite is orange 🙂

  38. Danielle Owen says

    I love everything that is colored coral-especially this bag!

  39. Vail says

    Favorite color is cool turquoise blue. The color of my mom’s eyes, actually.

  40. Vail says

    Already liked you on FB!

  41. Vail says

    I’m following you on Twitter

  42. NicoleD says

    That bag is gorgeous! I’m really loving neon color accents against neutrals and both neon pink and yellow are my current faves.

  43. NicoleD says

    Follow you on Twitter, too!

  44. crystal says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink! I would love to carry this bag around every day!

    AND i like you on facebook!

  45. NicoleD says

    Retweeted the Giveaway for others to see 🙂

  46. Angela / Hey Emitt! says

    My favorite color is green! Although I have an affinity for orange right now, too… Thanks for the chance!

  47. Angela / Hey Emitt! says

    I’ve liked you on FB!

  48. Angela / Hey Emitt! says

    And I follow you on Twitter. 🙂

  49. lishyloo says

    fave color = pink!!!

    i love her

  50. Cara (jadeblade) says

    favourite colour(s): orange & brown (I’m a child of the seventies, what can I say…) I’m off to like you on facebook now too!!

  51. Jessica says

    Beutiful, the perfect pop of color combined with elegance.

  52. Jen says

    My favorite color is black. Then purple. Then pink. But I like the other colors a whole lot, too!

  53. Eeny says

    This is the perfect spring and summer color. I’d love to carry this pretty around town.

  54. Seir C says

    My favorite color is green! I love it any and tone or shade. From the 70’s avocado green to the current popular neon green.

  55. Amanda A says

    I love the lavender color! 🙂

  56. Amanda A says

    Liked on FB! 🙂

  57. Amanda A says

    Follow on Twitter! 🙂 (@strawberrympls)

  58. Regina says


  59. marget says

    this summer it is teal….but hot pink is always welcome 🙂 and i like you on facebook!

  60. Danielle Hampton says

    OH MY GOSH! Crossing my fingers (and toes!).

    My favorite color is PEACH! It’s always changing but right now that’s it.

    Thank you both for such a wonderful, thoughtful and generous giveaway.

    I hope I wiiiiiin!


    • Jenny says

      My favorite color is…green and yellow!!

  61. Danielle Hampton says

    I follow you guys on Twitter!


  62. marget says

    and twitter…!

  63. Kelli says

    OH THE PINK! eeeee!

  64. Kelli says

    OH and i’m liking you guys on facebook!


  65. Renée says

    WHAAAATTT! This giveaway is awesome. If a girl can dream… I would dream of winning this bag!

  66. Renée says

    I like you on FB.

  67. Renée says

    And I follow you via twitter too!

  68. roxi says

    orange 🙂

  69. Natalie says

    Fav color…. I’m a sucker for royal blue!

  70. Renée says

    And last but not least, I tweeted about this contest.

    My favorite color is pink, I’m really into pink this spring so it would be perfect.

  71. Rachel says

    I actually featured this bag as one of my first-ever blog posts (entitled “Spring Handbags”). My favorite color is yellow- if only the bag came in that shade! I also followed you on Twitter for an extra entry.

  72. Seaneen Garland says

    Fuschia darling! The best colour…feisty, daring and glamorous!

  73. Chloe says

    Turquoise is my favorite colour – I feel happy when I wear it!

    I’ve “liked” your FB page and am following you on Twitter 🙂

  74. Alex says

    My fave colour is turquoise. It makes everyone’s eyes POP, no matter the colour. 🙂

  75. Megan Heaton says

    I love all of the colors. Black would go with anything but my favorite color is green. The pink would pop! They’re all great.

  76. allison says

    Cute! My fave color has always been yellow, but I find myself gravitating toward pink more and more these days.

  77. Hannah Spencer says

    My favourite colour is navy blue!

  78. Abigail says

    Favorite color is teal, with pink running a close second!

  79. Julia says

    Pink, of course. Oh my god that bag is gorgeous.

  80. littlemelinda says

    I adore it in Clotted Cream! Just saying that makes me want scones & coffee! Thanks for the super fun giveaway, Alix & Dottie!

  81. Briana says

    My all time favorite color is green. But with 2 daughters who are ape about Pink, I think this bag will fit in great in our family!

  82. Briana says

    I also “like” you on facebook already!

  83. jocelyn says

    LAVENDER….so pretty! <3

  84. Lauren Jobson says

    Ahhhh! What a beautiful give away! I’m following you guys on Facebook & Twitter (eljayyy) !!!
    My absolutely favourite colour is pink – it’s the colour of my aura says a magical Chinese lady around the corner from the Kate Spade store in SoHo, who took my portrait one afternoon after spotting my polka dot blouse and yellow socks and stopping to chat.

    I intend to use this beaut for my upcoming year in grad school! I have a lot of money out in student loans, so I can’t really afford to buy any clothes or nice things for awhile … Kate Spade is a huge dream, an idea of what a classic, quirky, and charming New Yorker would carry with her – I am moving to Boston, and have worked colorfully on murals throughout Harlem and Washington Heights with kids, such a bag would embody the bright, bold, thoughtful, and creative strides and carry-ons I’ve gained and learned here throughout my life in New York … thank you for reading my entry, it is a true honour!



  85. Annalise says

    I have been absolutely OBSESSED with the stunning pink for a few months and oh my gosh, I am drooling just thinking about it.

  86. Amanda says

    My favorite color is green, but hot pink is a very close second!!

    P.S.- I’ve liked you on FB 🙂

  87. Courtney D says

    My favourite colour is orange! I recently bought a bag that’s orange and I realized I need all the bright colour purses in my life. 🙂

  88. thecaitd says

    Black, definitely!

  89. Dorien says

    My most favourite colour is red but I also adore the pink Kate Spade Bag!
    Just discovered Modern Kiddo & I already know that I absolutely love it! 🙂

  90. Kat McCooey says

    My favourite is the pink – I have never seen a versatile bag in such an amazing colour! I like you on facebook too 🙂

  91. Rocquelle says

    I LOVE them all, but I’m completely smitten with the lavender!! Purple and pink are my two favorite colors, so I’m smitten with the pink too 🙂

  92. ss says

    Yay! Pink or Black!

  93. Michelle says

    My favorite color is pink pink pink! <3 Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  94. Katie Picklesimer says

    I love pink. The exact color of this bag! Thanks so much for the chance!

  95. Katie Picklesimer says

    I like you on facebook! 🙂

  96. Jenny says

    I liked Modern Kiddo on FB!!!

  97. Katie Picklesimer says

    following you on twitter-@tinkerkatie

  98. Courtney says

    My favorite color right now is Mint, but I’m obsessed with hot pink for a statement bag!! SO excited for this giveaway!!

  99. Caity @ Moi Contre La Vie says

    I love the sherbert orange. I wear a lot of black and it’ll be the perfect “splash of color” accessory for Spring. I can even carry it with my LWD. 🙂

  100. Jenny says

    My favorite color…right now it’s yellow!!

  101. Courtney says

    I likes you on Facebook! FB name is Courtney Elizabeth 🙂 crossing my fingers to win!!

  102. Katie Picklesimer says


  103. Courtney says

    Following you on twitter from @ceperk! This bag is SO gorgeous!! 🙂

  104. Sam says


  105. Courtney says

    Tweeted about the giveaway from @ceperk!! Love this bag so much!

  106. Summer says

    Pink all the way!

  107. Marissa says

    I love love love pink, especially the color of this bag! Lavender is a close second though…

  108. Alice says

    My name is Alice. I love teal, have followed you on FB and Twitter!

  109. clair hummel says

    That bag is too fab…my fav. color is green!!

  110. clair hummel says

    P.S. I just did 1-4 on the entry list!!!

  111. Marissa says

    Also, tweeted, followed, and liked!

  112. Ayea El-Ghazali says

    My favorite color is turquoise 🙂

  113. Anna says

    My favorite color is bright teal 🙂 gotta be eye-catching!

  114. Bonnie says

    Blue has always been my favourite colour, but lately I’m loving pink!

  115. Ayea El-Ghazali says

    I also liked your facebook page, followed on twitter and tweeted!

  116. Janelle Rene says

    I’m swooning over that “stunning pink” … I “liked” you on Facebook too … but I already “loved” you 🙂

  117. Andy says

    My favorite color is pink! So obviously this giveaway spoke to me….not to mention I love Kate spade!

    I liked you on FB, already follow you on twitter, & RT’d your link. Yay!

  118. Matricha says

    I always come back to red.

  119. Emily says

    My favorite color is pink. Any shade really! It’s the most perfect girly color.

  120. jeannie says

    Favorite color = blue but as my 3 year old says, “I like all the colors” too.

  121. Heather Fish says

    Hot pink of course. Girlish glam at its best!

  122. Eartha Kitsch says

    Holy shizzle at all of the comments before me! : ) You girls are the best – that bag is fabulous! My favorite color is aqua.

  123. Eartha Kitsch says

    Oh, and I already follow you on Facebook! Whoot! Whoot!

  124. Sarah Culbertson says

    Ok Kate you can do no wrong.
    Love the pink- perfect with black…pops with navy…cheeky with red.

  125. Aileen says

    Love this bag, an absolutely gorgeous piece from Kate Spade! Thanks so much for the giveaway! The bag is beautiful in lavender and pink!

  126. Aileen says

    Liked you on Facebook! 🙂

  127. Aileen says

    Followed you on Twitter! 🙂

  128. Angela says

    I love hot pink and a hot pink bag is even better!

  129. darla says


    And i’ve liked you on facebook and am following on twitter


  130. Heather says

    i love the pink!!! you cant go wrong with kate spade. yeah so excited for this giveaway. already like on facebook, twitter.

  131. Rachel says

    The ‘stunning pink’ is, well, stunning!

  132. Patricia Crowley says

    I love the Pink!!!

  133. Patricia Crowley says

    I follow you on twitter as @tcrowley122

  134. Ingrid says

    ORANGE ORANGE ORANGE!! But I love hot pink too 🙂

  135. Katie says

    The black one is still the prettiest to me!

  136. Jess S says

    My favorite color is glitter. Of course.

  137. Jess S says

    And I follow you on twitter!

  138. Jess S says

    And also I “like” you on facebook (and in general)

  139. Patricia Crowley says


  140. Megan says

    My favorite right now is chocolate brown

  141. Sam says

    I already like on Facebook. 🙂

  142. Emily V. says

    My favorite color is mint green. Thanks so much for this amazing giveaway! I am in love with that bag!

  143. Emily V. says

    I liked you on facebook!

  144. Emily V. says

    I followed you on twitter!

  145. noodle and lou says

    ooooh so amazing!
    thank you for the chance at such a special treat! new follower on fb and twitter and I just did a tweet about you! great site you guys…hooray for vintage goodness!! xox…jenn

  146. Carley says


  147. Charlotte Runco says

    Pink pink pink! Always <3 Have followed and liked!

  148. FionaM says

    Pink is my favorite color because, as a redhead, I was never allowed to wear it growing up.

  149. Sierra says

    PINK is my favorite color! So happy! 🙂

  150. Celia says

    liking your facebook page and following on twitter asap!

  151. Amber says

    The Stunning Pink Pink Pink!! Love it!

  152. Amber Nielsen says

    It is seriously hard to pick one favorite color because I have many but I will admit I always magnet over to a seafoam green! I also am a fan on facebook and a longtime follower on twitter and will tweet this!

    xo- Amber

  153. Meredith Carlile says

    My favorite color is not a color per se, but a shade. I like grey best.

  154. Meredith Carlile says

    And I tweeted that! This giveaway is too good not to share!

  155. Twinkle Schy says


  156. cosmic says

    Mint mint mint!

  157. Lily Chalmers says

    I need this bag, I love pink and have recently celebrated my 40th birthday by getting this Japanese Floral motif as a tattoo on my arm!

  158. Shannon says

    Wow!! My favorite color is pink!!!

  159. Shannon says

    I follow you on twitter @shannonhearts1

  160. Lauren says

    mint is my favorite color!! 🙂

  161. Dana says

    Shared, liked and My favorite color is BLUE (any shade of blue). I love many colors though. <3

  162. Marsha (Goldfarb) McLean says

    Oh course I like you on FB, dahlink! And my colour is totally Elsa Schiaparelli’s Shocking Pink! I do not, however, tweet, so I will remain bereft~

    Does having known Alix since we were both ballet brats count at all?

  163. Erinlucy says

    Oh my goodness I’ve had my eye on this bag for almost 2 months but I just can’t justify spending that much money on myself!
    My favourite colour is robin’s egg blue but I also love bright pink! 😉

  164. Erinlucy says

    Ok unashamedly getting all my entries in: I follow you on twitter!

  165. Erinlucy says

    And of course I already like you on Facebook!

  166. Lilia Ahner says

    What an amazing bag! I have the pink enamel Japanese flower print bracelet by Kate Spade, so having the bag would match wonderfully! 🙂 I follow you on Twitter, @liliaphoto, and on FB too. 🙂 Have a great day!

  167. Meredith Cook says

    Every shade of gray!

  168. Naomi says

    My favorite color is somewhere between green and yellow… chartreuse, I would say!

  169. Molly says

    I love it in black! Amazing.

  170. Naomi says

    I am already a FB fan!

  171. Naomi says

    @superdumb follows @modernkiddo

  172. Audra says

    Love the stunning hot pink!

  173. Audra says

    Love the stunning hot pink!

  174. Naomi says

    I shared the giveaway on FB:

  175. Tara Czepiel says

    my fave color is pink

  176. kalisa says

    I never was a fan of orange before, but it’s so hot this season! Orange!

  177. Audra says

    Pink pink pink pink piiiiiink

  178. Naomi says


    okay. phew. Now I’m crossing my fingers. And toes!

  179. Kristin says

    Black. But that lovely pink bag could turn me!

  180. Jill says

    Already like on Facebook.
    Don’t use Twitter.

  181. Ashley says

    Favorite color is the coral/orange! Perfect and bright for Spring!

  182. Cath says

    My favourite colour is teal!

  183. Colleen Daniel says

    I LOVE orange!!!

  184. Colleen Daniel says

    and i’m about to follow you on facebook!

  185. drea says

    pink pink pink!!

  186. Christina says

    Such a darling bag. Loving orange and pink for Spring. I live on IG – love your photos 🙂

  187. Sara says

    My favorite color is TURQUOISE!

  188. Anna says

    My favourite colour is red! Love it!

  189. Kelly Perl says

    My favorite color is hot pink. It’s a great spring and summer color. I would love to wear it with a chambray shirt/white skirt. I just love it.

    Bonus Entries: I like on facebook and I reposted.

    Thank you for giving aways such a lovely item. Even if I don’t get I definitelt appreciate it!!

  190. dana says

    I am a huge fan of pink – it is all i wear + i liked you on facebook ♡

  191. Sara Stoff says

    My favorite color is pink! or red… depending on how “adult” I’m feeling that day. love it love it love it.

  192. Sara Stoff says

    oh, and of COURSE I follow you ladies on twitter. 😉

  193. Kimberly R. says

    I love teal.

  194. Kimberly R. says

    I liked Modern Kiddo on fb.

  195. Stephenny Stiles says

    My first reaction is black to play it safe, but deep deep down Stunning Pink is by far my favorite!

  196. Kimberly R. says

    i tweeted –!/trinicutiegal/status/192789571656876032

  197. april fresh says


  198. Carrie says

    I love this blog and I love that bag!! I liked MK on FB, followed on Twitter, and posted on Twitter as well!

  199. priscilla francine makeup says

    What an awesome giveaway!! How sweet of you girls!!! I love the stunning pink color the best!!!

  200. maddie says

    My favorite color is blue, but MY! This is a stunning pink bag!!!

  201. Debbie Mink says

    Pink- duh! I’ve been folloiwng you on twitter I know like you on facebook & will retweet the contest. Mamma needs a brand new bag!

  202. Sarah says

    Pink! Annnd yellow:)

  203. Lisa says

    Oh Kate Spade. How about a hoorah for Hot Pink?! Love modern Kiddo. Follow you ladies like Cindy followed Marsha (Brady of course) xoxo

  204. Lara says, puuhhhleeeeaassssse?

  205. Kate f. says

    Um, yes please!!! Incidentally, like my son, “all the colors are my favorite”!. However, I have a particular fondness for the happy femininity of hot pink.
    – I like you on fb.
    – I love you on twitter
    – I tweeted your contest!!

  206. Kate f. says

    I just posted on my fb page too. I really need this bag!!!!

  207. Alicia says

    This season I can’t get enough of navy and coral!

  208. Wesley says

    Duh, my fav is hot pink (much like the bag represents). It makes me so happy

  209. Ashley says

    My favorite color is for sure pink

  210. elena says

    psst…I want that! My favorite colors are pink and green, my name is Kate and I love chinese noodles!

  211. B.E. Wunder says

    Strawberry Milkshake Pink right next to Minty Aqua Marine!


  212. elena says

    k I posted it it on my FB page and I never thought I would but now I have a twitter acct. ! I tweeted you even googled how to copy and paste on a mac……I learned a lotta new stuff today. What a girl will do for a cute hand bag…….

  213. stefanie renee says

    what a fab giveaway- you gals rock!
    my favorite color would have to be purple and pink …all color really but purple is the most fabulous!
    of course already like/love you on FB and follow you via Twitter…off to retweet and send out some love! xx

  214. Jena says

    My favorite color is fluorescent Pink! : )))

  215. brianne says

    Holy bananas thats an amazing bag!!!! Off to complete my other entries, thanks ladies!

  216. brianne says

    Liked you on FB 🙂

  217. brianne says

    Following you on twitter, too!

  218. Rebecca says

    I’m not a big purse fan but this bag is perfect for a simple gal like me. I would enjoy a black bag- thanks for considering =]

  219. Megan says

    My fave colour is pink, perfect!

  220. lisa says

    BLACK! so perfect.

  221. Laura says

    I have two favorite colors: pink and gray!

  222. Laura says

    Liked your facebook page!

  223. Cynthia Weatherford says

    Love the orange and hot pink!

  224. Jewels says

    What a beautiful bag! My favorite color is red, bold, powerful and looks great on lips 🙂

  225. Lizz says

    OH! I so, so, so, so want the PINK one!!!

  226. Mrs. DeTiki says

    Love it! My favorite color is red for sure, I treat it like a neutral.

  227. Lizz says

    I “liked” Modern Kiddo on Facebook via Lizz Judd.

  228. Lizz says

    I’m following @ModernKiddo on Twitter via @lizzerb.

  229. Torrie Boggs says

    I love red! So classic!

  230. Mer says

    HOT PINK!!!

  231. Mer says

    twitter follower @MeredithRae

  232. Amanda Z. says

    That is a gorgeous purse. I have a slight weakness for purses and jackets! I would say my favorite color (right now) is yellow.

  233. Heidi E. says

    This new bag will go with the hot pink lipstick you mentioned in an earlier post! My fave colors are the coral and pink. (I also follow you on Twitter and like you on Facebook!)

  234. Erica G. says

    The pink one is lovely!

  235. Vanessa says

    Oh how exciting! My favorite color is grey!

  236. Maria B says

    Like my son, my favourite colour is “rainbow”.

  237. Emily says

    Liked on Facebook!

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    Followed on Twitter!

  239. rebecca says

    so beautiful!
    so generous, ladies!!

    PINK is my favorite color. love love love it, all shades. (miss alix, you might remember i painted my kitchen pink back in the LJ days…)

    good luck, everyone!

  240. mrs.monica@RTP_inHeels says

    My favorite color, and first word, is purple!!!

  241. barb says

    this bag is so pretty!
    my favorite color is purple 🙂

  242. Meredith says

    Orange. Orange. Orange.

  243. Meredith says

    Followed on Twitter!

  244. Jo Williamson says


  245. Amy says

    I die. I love the lining almost as much as the shocking pink exterior!

  246. Amy says

    Oh, and my favorite color is purple. Second choice is lime green.

  247. pollyanna says

    Oh, hamsters! I would like to win this bag, especially after spending the weekend at the pink-tastic Madonna Inn! My favorite color is olive green (it makes my eyes look pretty, what can I say?). I follow Modern Kiddo on Twitter! XO.

  248. Jasmineivy says

    My favourite colour is apple green, but it may have just become ‘STUNNING PINK’
    Please come to me beautiful x

  249. wishful nals says

    what a great, colorful giveaway! love it.

  250. wishful nals says

    i follow modernkiddo on twitter!

  251. Christin says

    My favorite color is purple!

  252. Christina says

    I liked you on Facebook!

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  254. CapreeK says

    Eeeee! This bag is amazing. I love all colors, but am especially digging purple at the moment. 🙂

  255. CapreeK says

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    Also, been following you on Twitter for a long time!

  257. Aimee says

    What a fantastic giveaway! My favorite color is orange!

  258. CapreeK says

    Shared on FB! Can you tell how much I want to win??! 😀

  259. Jessica says

    My fave colour has got to be green!

  260. Benedicte says

    Wow! I think I would either like green or orange. I can’t decide!

  261. Kate Sloan says

    My favorite color is electric blue! Sexiest ever. I think about half my wardrobe is royal blue at this point…

  262. Kate Sloan says

    I like you guys on FB already!

  263. Kate Sloan says

    Oh, and I follow you on Twitter too! (@SparkleSloan)

  264. Nubya says

    OMG! I totally in love with lavender, but PINK is my favorite one!

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    I already liked FB page!

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    Following through TWITTER!!! mine is @nubyahaze!!

  267. Nubya says

    Left the link post on my facebook page, this is my fb

  268. tiffany moore | magic maker says

    OMG, that bag is divine. You guys have the best taste ever!!

  269. tiffany moore | magic maker says

    And I did my tweet!

  270. tracy says

    oooooooooooooooooooooh yeah baby!!!


  271. Paula Williams says

    My favorite color is green!

  272. Cynthia says

    Favorite color: Kelly Green

  273. Cynthia says

    Also following you on twitter.

  274. Shangching says

    Favorite color: lavender

  275. Shangching says

    followed on Twitter

  276. Stevie says

    Pink! Honestly. Unless leopard print counts as a color? Or is that more of a neutral to wear with pink. Hmm.

  277. Meghan says

    My favourite colour is yellow! or orange, their pretty close.

  278. Meghan says

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    Following on twitter by @MEGWAGGY

  280. Meghan says

    I posted it about it on my Friday Favorites, since this is so awesome!

  281. Jessica says

    My favorite color is Gray!

  282. Jenn M says

    Favorite color is Pink! All the way!

  283. Marilyn says

    My favorite color is bright sunshine yellow!

  284. Marilyn says

    I am following you on twitter @narniafan0732

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  286. Emma Lou says

    Yay Pink!

  287. Bee says

    Verrrrry nice

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    following you on twitter! @bente17

  289. Nicole B. says

    What great giveaway, YAY!

  290. Anne says

    Gorrgeous bag! My favorite color is green for clothes, yellow for home decor, and glitzy purple for eyeshadow.

  291. Sarah r says

    The hot pink is my favorite!

  292. Valerie says

    I do declare I love the Pink Saphire color. It’s such a sheak design. I’ve always wanted a Kate Spade purse!

  293. Sheri B says

    WOW! Love your blog and love the Kate Spade bag – I am so purse-challenged!
    I love any color – they’re all beautiful!
    Going to go to FB & Twitter to follow u now!

  294. Sheri B says

    Just “followed” you on Twitter, “Liked” you on FB, tweeted your link – thanks for the chances to win!

  295. Emma C. says


  296. Caitlin says

    So pretty!

  297. Elizabeth says

    My favorite color is red!
    (also, following you on Twitter, liking you on FB and tweeted about this!)

  298. Emily says

    My favorite color is bright blue, but I love pink as well. Thanks!

  299. Theresa Sea says

    Wow. My favorite color lately has been purple/violet…but I might be changing it! This pink rocks!

  300. Theresa Sea says

    Wow. My favorite color lately has been purple/violet…but I might be changing it! This pink rocks!

  301. Theresa Sea says

    I just added you on twitter!( @TheresaSea)

  302. jean says

    Green is my favorite but I’m really like that pink!

  303. Kiera E. says

    It is so hard to choose a favorite color. Recently I have been loving mint greens, but the one color I always seem to revert back to is various shades of purple.

  304. Jane M says

    Oh my what lovely bags indeedy!

  305. Kelly says

    Beautiful bag! Brings out the girlie in me!!

  306. Kelly says

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  308. Kelly says

    And I tweeted! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  309. Elise says

    Blue…but sometimes secretly purple.

  310. AnneHD says

    Lovely bag – especially the vibrant pink one!

  311. AnneHD says

    (BTW: I also “like” Modernd Kiddo on Facebook :))

  312. Lindsey says

    Blue is hands down my favorite color. Thanks!

  313. Christina says

    It has to be green, I’ve just bought some amazing green sofas and I’m utterly obsessed!

  314. Leeah says

    Oooh, green!

  315. Lindsey says

    Awesome!! I love pink everything (as evidenced by my closet).

    I also follow you on Twitter and tweeted about it!

  316. Micah says

    The bag is beautiful (as is the blog). My favorite color is deep, eggplant purple.

  317. Nico says

    I’m a red kinda girl! …but that pink sure is nice too 🙂

  318. Margaret says

    Good one Alix!! I love the black bag — classic!– and I like you on FB and follow you on Twitter.

  319. Cassie says

    Love the pink!

  320. Amanda says

    Gorgeous! I would love this bag in black!

  321. Amanda says

    I liked you on facebook.

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    Followed you on facebook!

  323. erin says

    orange orange

  324. Molly says

    My favorite color is Green….BUT that pink surely does sway me a little!! Beautiful!

  325. Ellen says

    Whoa, this is awesome. Favorite all time color is green – all variations. I love anything bright though and that pink is delicious.

  326. Kris says


  327. ANV says

    Pink, pink, always pink!

  328. Blair says

    Hmm… I love the black. Something that beautiful, I’d want it to go with everything I own so I could maximize the amount of time spent holding it.

  329. Beth says

    I love pink!! That bag is amazing!

  330. Jennifer P says

    Orange!! and I am soooo happy it is back!

  331. Beth says

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    And “liked” so much on facebook!

  333. Morgan says

    I’ve been big on orange for eons ow.

  334. Kimberly says

    How great is that pink!

  335. Julie says

    I love the lavender!!!

  336. Bengi says

    My favorite color is purple these days.

  337. qingping says

    green! The bag is gorgeous!

  338. Bengi says

    I follow Modern Kiddo on twitter

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    I posted the link and hashtag on Twitter

  340. Renee says

    I love the hot pink! 🙂

  341. Jennifer says

    great bag! My favorite color is orange. LOVE it!

  342. Renee says

    I’m now following Modern Kiddo on Facebook…

  343. Tina C. says

    My favorite color right now is either gray or teal depending on the day! 🙂

  344. Renee says

    I’m now following you on Twitter

  345. Carolyn says

    Gorgeous bag! My favorite is purple. And I follow Modern Kiddo on twitter!

  346. Andrea says

    You ladies are so awesome!!! Love you two!!! My fave colors (because I cannot choose between the two) are yellow and pink.

  347. Lisa says

    I am so into bright colors right now! Anything in the pink to orange spectrum owns my heart!

  348. Becky J. says

    Ooh! I LOVE the pink! Makes me think of salt water taffy in the Summer. 🙂

  349. Hilary says

    My fave is purple! Never had a purple bag (why not, I ask?).

  350. Hilary says

    I like you on FB.

  351. Becky J. says

    Bonus entry: liked you on FB!

  352. Katie says

    The pink is fab!

  353. Christine says

    Pink is my absolute favorite color!

  354. Erin Hess says

    I love the orange!

  355. Olivia says

    oh emmm geeee

    My favorite color is purple!

  356. Claire says

    people always look at me funny when I say this, but my favorite color is slate grey.

  357. Liz says

    Red-orange is my favorite – so vibrant. Thanks!

  358. Kayla says

    I’m so into that bag. I love the pink and orange!

  359. Melissa says

    That pink is AMAZING for Spring! Loooove.

  360. Ali says

    I love orange right now! But I really love anything that is bright and colorful! Thanks for sharing this awesome giveaway!

  361. Ali says

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    My favorite color is pink!

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    I follow Modern Kiddo on Twitter.

  367. holly says

    why mess with the best? i love the stunning pink!

  368. Becks says

    I love it! My favorite color is turquoise!

  369. Adrienne says

    The bag is so, so cute!!! My favorite color is lavender. Love it!

  370. Renee CW says

    Purple has always been my favorite color!

  371. Renee R says

    My favourite colour is turquoise (reminds of the beach).

    P.S, that hot pink bag is fab!

  372. Helen says

    Beautiful bag! My fave color is purple!

  373. Kristen says

    I love the pink one!

  374. Kalen says

    i also liked you!

  375. Melanie says

    My favorite color right now is seafoam blue!

  376. Aaron says


  377. Melanie says

    Oh yes, and I’m following you both on Twitter and Facebook 🙂 Tweeted the link out too.

  378. Regina says

    My favorite color is….red. I love most colors but Red is gorgeous to me. A symbol of power, fire and love.

  379. Yolanda Robinson says

    well, my have colour of the moment is- PINK! I have pink hair and pink horn rimmed glasses. It only seems right that the pink bag should be part of the rest pink that I carry with me every day 🙂
    I like (love) you on Facebook already, and liked the contest on your FB page. Thanks for the daily inspiration and mood lift!

  380. Andrea says


  381. Emily Neuburger says

    My favorite color is turquoise. Thanks!!

  382. Emily Neuburger says

    I followed you on Twitter!

  383. Hillary says

    My favorite color is green! Any shade – love it!

  384. Amy Martin says


  385. Jennifer says

    I don’t think I have a favorite color so much as a favorite color combination. I love purple and gold together. It’s a match made in heaven.

  386. Michelle says

    Favorite color??! Pink! And this Kate Spade bag would be an awesome addition to my wardrobe 🙂

  387. Jenn Videira says

    My favorite color is green!

  388. Shainah A. says


  389. Jennifer Sweet says

    LOVE THE PINK! Thanks for having such a great site! One of my favorites, but not good for my pocketbook! 🙂

  390. danielle says

    ooooohhhhhh! i like! what a great belated birthday gift 😉

  391. jen says

    Favourite colour is definitely pink!!! omg, my fingers are totally crossed.

  392. Mandee says

    I’ve been wanting a new bag of good quality. this would be great! I love pink. Any shade, any undertone–Love it!

  393. Mandee says

    I liked you on facebook 🙂

  394. Mandee says

    I am now a follower on twitter!

  395. Jen says


  396. Mandee says

    I even tweeted the link for the giveaway (even though I don’t want extra competition).

  397. Kristen says

    My favorite color is grey. Like, rich charcoal grey. Guess I could use some bright pink in my life!

  398. Kira says

    This bag is gorgeous!!! But my favorite color is purple!

  399. Britt says

    I always thought blue was my color, but as time has gone on I’ve been more adn more drawn to pink – all shades!

  400. Lori @ RecipeGirl says

    Fun! I’m loving the pink one!

  401. chai petero says

    pink in all its hues from the brightest to the lightest….

  402. Erica says

    My favorite color of the moment (as it changes frequently) is blush pink!

  403. Stacey says

    orange… not just for Halloweenie folk anymore!

  404. Casey says

    My favorite color is robin’s egg blue, though that stunning pink is a close second right now! I just followed you on Twitter, too. 🙂

  405. Rachel says

    Awesome! My favorite color is cantaloupe

  406. Kathy says

    I love Kelly Green but I secretly love pink. I’m such a girl!

  407. Elizabeth says

    This bag is so cute and edgy 🙂 My favorite color is olive!!!

  408. Lynn Landry says

    I like and follow and I love ORANGE!

  409. Szappanbubi says

    Honestly my fave color is this stunning pink 🙂 but if I had to choose another one I’d choose the bright orange 🙂

  410. Szappanbubi says

    I Like Modern Kiddo on our Facebook as szabina luzics

  411. Szappanbubi says

    Following Modern Kiddo on Twitter @szappanbubbi

  412. Chelsea says

    I die for that bag! Love pink and yellow! I also followed on FB and Twitter 🙂

  413. Elizabeth @ Coppertop Kitchen says

    What a great giveaway!!! I could totally rock this bag 🙂

  414. Elizabeth Lord says

    Wow! The black one, for sure!

  415. Amber says

    Pink…like in every shade.:)

  416. Fuzzymama says

    GREEN, of course!!! Thanks for the offer gals!!

  417. Stephanie says

    Fave color is yellow…but it could change to pink after this bag!!

  418. Christina says

    My favorite color is green! That pink *is* seriously stunning, so it might move into 2nd place.

  419. eileen says


  420. eileen says

    liked on fb for awhile now!

  421. eileen says

    following you all on twitter! that makes 26 people i’m following! fancy!

  422. jung says

    such a beauty of a bag! would love to win for my daughter because i could never afford her one. she’d absolutely die for this bag!

  423. jung says

    Yes i liked on Facebook with my friend’s account hehe 🙂

  424. matilda says

    you don’t know how long i spend on kate spade’s website longing for it all… this would be SO incredibly perfect for mother’s day since i can’t buy my mom anything nice… please let me win internet gods!

  425. matilda says

    liked on fb!!!

  426. matilda says

    following you on twitter!

  427. sera says

    is this real? is this rigged? is this the best giveaway ever!? the most expensive bag i own was probably $40 and a gift… would LOVE THIS BAG!!

  428. sera says

    Following you lovelies on facebook

  429. sera says

    and twitter! got to get all my bases covered!!

  430. sera says

    my twitter account is private but rest assured, all forty of my friends are aware of this!

  431. Maude says

    ‘Would love to win’ is an understatement… this bag is so amazing!

  432. Amanda Sakovitz says

    gorgeous! My favorite color is turquoise!

  433. Amanda Sakovitz says

    I like you on fb as amanda sakovitz

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    following you on twitter @aes529

  435. Maude says

    LOVED on facebook!!

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    and a following on twitter.

    will i ever get to win a giveaway!?

  437. j says

    i love kate spade and this giveaway is a dream!!

  438. j says

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    following on twitter as welll!

  440. jordan says

    uhhhh how about any colour!!! all the above seriously all are so amazing!!

  441. jordan says

    liked on fb! seriously kate spade has the most beautiful bags!!!

  442. jordan says

    and following on twitter as well.

  443. Amy says

    Love them all. but the ORANGE is terrific!!!

  444. Lindsey says

    My favorite color is red, but I love all colors!

  445. Karen says

    Well, it’s a tossup between Schiaparelli Shocking Pink (like this bag) and Tiffany Blue. 🙂 And you know that I don’t just like you — I love you. I would follow you to the ends for the earth (and on all the Social Networks). And I Tweeted and Posted… And this might be a nice motivator to do a blog post! xoxo

  446. Sarah says

    This is pretty cool!!!!

    I love PURPLE as my fave colour but…a pink Kate Spade would be unreal as well!!!

    Gonna like you on FB and follow on twitter right now!!

  447. Ria says

    It’s a tie between cobalt blue and pink! Wonderful giveaway!

  448. Diana says

    love green or orange!

  449. amy says

    Absolutely, 100% PURPLE is my favorite. Also, I’ve been drooling over this bag!

  450. Kelly says

    Im a pink girl at heart…but I love the orange!

  451. Jessica says

    Red is my all time favorite color, but I love a good shot of pink, especially just in time for spring and summer!

  452. Darci says

    I love a good chartruese as well as a sunny yellow

  453. Darci says

    I love a good chartruese as well as a sunny yellow

  454. Jessica R. says

    AAAhmazing bag! But aren’t bags in general the best accessory? At least I think so. I would adore this bag in kelly green, or a eggplant purple, but the hot pink is crazy and cool!

  455. Baking Serendipity says

    Pink! I try sometimes to not be a total girly girl…but it happens. I think it’s why I love this purse. (And especially the secret inside pattern. A lot.)

  456. karen says

    my fave would have to be green…kelly green specifically!

  457. liz says

    gorgeous bag and generous giveaway ladies! i’m kinda torn…i like the pink and orange 😉

  458. liz says

    i like you on FB

  459. liz says

    i follow you on twitter 😉

  460. Colleen says

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  461. Angeline King says

    I love Love LOVE Pink! IT goes with my pink toes and pink heart.

  462. Nancy says

    Pink, of course? I already like you on fb

  463. Rachiny says

    I generally gravitate towards cool colors, but my favorite color probably is blue!

  464. Danielle Hampton says

    I liked your FB page! 🙂

  465. Danielle Hampton says

    I posted about this giveaway in my Link Love post today!

  466. Rachiny says

    I’ve left a comment, liked the Facebook page, followed you on twitter, tweeted about the contest, AND I blogged about it here:! I really want that purse! 🙂

  467. Katie Cannon says

    Hot pink is my favorite color…but I also tend to gravitate towards blues/purples. 🙂

  468. Katie Cannon says

    Liked you on Facebook!

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    Following you on Twitter!

  470. molly says


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    ok liked on fb!!

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    following you on twitter!!

  473. Cary says

    My favorite color is blue.


  474. Nathalie Flores says

    I love this bag!!! any color would be beautiful!! I’m gonna like on fb too!

  475. Christine Medina says

    I love the lavender bag. Gorgeous!

  476. Christine Medina says

    Following you on Twitter! (@christinenspain)

  477. Christine Medina says

    Tweeted about the giveaway!

  478. Christine Medina says

    “liked” you on FB 🙂

  479. Cassandra says

    yay, thanks for the giveaway! I love this bag! All of the colors are so beautiful but the pink one is my most favorite.

  480. Alaina says

    Absolutely amazing giveaway! The hot pink is to die for!

  481. Alaina says

    i liked modern kiddo on facebook 🙂

  482. Mchap says

    Purple 😉 Lovely bag!

  483. mac says

    Seriously in love with the lavendar… but it can honestly be all of them!!

  484. mac says

    liked on fb!!

  485. mac says

    also following on twitter… so many social connections!

  486. mac says

    tweeted too! gotta cover all my bases for this perfect bag!

  487. Anne Tonnerre says

    Hello !

    I’m just discovering your blog now, came here from Google looking for Alexander Girard, and since I love color so much, there’s no doubt I’ll be back…

    My favorite color is Yellow, I also love Orange.

    At first I thought you meant “favorite color for these bags”, and the orange one looks really great, but as you – & Kate Spade – say, the Pink one is “stunning”.

    I would be very happy to have it !



  488. Anne Tonnerre says

    Liked on FB.

  489. Anne Tonnerre says

    Following on Twitter from my @blythefashion account…

  490. Anne Tonnerre says


    And need I say that my avatar looks about right for this bag ?

  491. Megan says

    I”m obsessed with that pink. SO bright! I need it!

  492. Catherine Selco says

    Orange, Orange orange! It will go from hot summer days into labor day and be ready for memorial day again!

  493. Sierra says

    Right now I’d have to say coral coupled with neon pink and white. But it changes frequently.

  494. Danielle says

    Definitely the pink one!

  495. mary ellen says

    i love the pick one!

  496. mary ellen says

    Pink* and i folllowed you on twitter!! 🙂

  497. mary ellen says

    so glad i found yall! i am now following you on facebook too!

  498. Joanne Stefanacci says

    Orangink! {That’s “orange”+”pink”-yeah I cheat}. I can never pick one color-I love them all {thus my “A World Full of Color” blog!} but am currently obsessed with all shades of pink to orange!

  499. Ivanna says

    I LOVE this bag!! My favorite color is navy blue 🙂

  500. TDG says

    Love it! Favorite color is pink!

  501. Iman E says

    Im never bold but I think i love the pink!

    definitely a statement piece.

  502. Px says

    They’re all so great! Beautiful giveaway.

  503. Genevieve says

    Wowee – come here beautiful! Thanks so much, lovely ladies.

  504. Genevieve says

    FB’ed, too!

  505. Josephine says

    pink is my fav color!

  506. Josephine says

    Liked Modern Kiddo on FB!

  507. Amanda says

    I LOVE the pink.

  508. Josephine says

    Following Moddern Kiddo on Twitter!

  509. Dana Brown says

    Tie between green and navy. LIked on Facebook!

  510. Meghan says

    My favorite color is red! or blue! They’re like a combo, they have to go together!

    xo, Meghan

  511. Meghan says

    Ps, I do like Modern Kiddo on facebook!

  512. Cali says

    I love giveaways!

  513. Tammy says

    I loveee the hot pink bag! =)

  514. Kenna says

    This shade of bright, barbie doll pink IS my favorite color, so I’m very excited! Love it!

  515. Emily S says

    I’m partial to purple…but would die for the pink bag!!

  516. Emily S says

    I’m partial to purple…but I would die for that pink bag!!!

  517. Mirna says

    I am in love with the lavender color! I was walking through Bloomingdale’s last week and my heart skipped a beat when I saw these bags!

  518. Leah R says

    i LOVE teals and turquoises…and purple. any jewel tone, really!

  519. Emily S says

    Liked them on FB 😉

  520. Coral says

    My favorite color is Orange!

  521. julia says

    This bag is incredible. I love the hot pink!

  522. Ellen says

    Mint green! And/or goldenrod!

  523. Ashley Belle says

    Love this blog! Love this giveaway! Any color really, but that pink is very fun.
    * fingers crossed*

  524. Bonnie says

    I love your blog and so glad I found it!! My favorite is purple, but this pink bag is so close!!

  525. Debbie says

    I love the black because it would make for such a great timeless piece but I can’t deny what my heart wants, orange! I’m a sucker for colors 😉

  526. Lacey Horst-Thomas says

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