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Valley of the Paper Dolls // 1960s style

Yup, today we’re talking’ vintage paper dolls! When I was a kiddo, I loved my paper dolls. I think they were one of the first things that got me interested in fashion! I thought my paper dolls were totally stylin’ but I have to say that they paled in comparison to these dollies. Plucked from the 60s (1967 and 1969 to be exact!) their fashions are bold, colorful and soooo cool. Let’s have a little look-see:

 photo paperdoll_5.jpg

 photo paperdolls_0.jpg

 photo minimod2.png

 photo minimod1.png

 photo minimod3.png

Did you notice the front of the box of those last two? “OUTFITS STICK BY MAGIC!” Hee. No pesky tabs here, our mods love the magic!

 photo moddolls.png

 photo paperdoll_4.jpg

 photo missy-mod_1.jpg

 photo paperdoll_1.jpg

 photo paperdoll_3.jpg

 photo paperdoll_2.jpg


 photo missy-mod_3.jpg


 photo missy-mod_4.jpg

Ahhhh! how cute is mod missy with her Mod Mag?? Also, is it wrong to covet a doll’s wardrobe? Seriously, I think I would wear any one of those outfits myself. Did you play with paper dolls when you were a kid?

Vintage Kiddo Retro Round Up–The Tax Man Issue

Well, I don’t know about you, April 15 is always a grim day. No one likes to write those checks, and feel a wee belt tightening, but it’s part of life, I suppose. So I’ve decided to that his Vintage Kiddo Retro Round up will feature vintage cuteness all under $10–take THAT Tax Man! I’m keeping mah monies for as long as I can! I gotta say, I’m kinda delighted with the deal I found here, so I hope you’ll take advantage of them!

Etsy seller, Snugglehouse has a great sale on three vintage Playskool puzzles for only $8.00.  Perfection!

Is A is for Apple or affordable?  Who knows but this wonderful little top from one of my favorite Etsy shops, BeInspired Vintage. So sweet!

I’m in love with this charming houndstooth boys shirt–with the Penny’s tag still on it!  From Etsy seller, Crayon Portraits.

OK—I know Easter is just a little hop skip away, but wouldn’t this sweet yellow dress be perfect for a little one for Easter? And at only $5.00 you can spend the rest going crazy on the Jelly Bellies.  From Etsy seller, Field of Dreams.

Man, I  loved these press and play stick boards and used to spend hours having fun with them. And your little one can too for the low price of $5.99. From Ricrac and Buttons.

I love that little guy on the horse or horse pool toy?

Send in the clowns, don’t worry, there are here with this hilarious vintage faux clown shirt.  From Ebay seller, TheWopper.

Who doesn’t love this little vest with belt? And it’s plaid corduroy, people.  Available for $2.00 from Ebay seller, SpiritandBride.

When I was looking for vintage Fisher Price on Ebay, almost all of the pieces were just Little People, which the exception of this wonderful little vintage Fisher Price lunch box with the opening bid of (gasp) NINETY NINE CENTS! From Ebay seller, gmin5810.


Miss Lish always has such a great selection of vintage goodies for kiddos, and at great prices to boot!  I’m particularly fond of this sweet yellow shirt for boys.

I’m a huge Raggedy Ann fan, so I was particularly chuffed to see this sweet vintage Raggedy that is just begging to be hugged and kissed! From Etsy seller, Jewelry Kaleidescope.


Etsy seller, FuzzyMama always features great stuff at great prices too, like this sweet vintage HealthTex cowboy long sleeved t-shirt, listed at $7.00.

Happy Monday, friends! And happy vacation to Alix, who I hope is enjoying every little bit of it!

Vintage Monday :: Kooky Kid’s Ads.

Is it me or is the weekend just too dang short?? We had two back-to-back bowling birthday parties….a little league game….mountains of laundry. It feels like there’s never enough time. I think Mondays are tough. But that’s ok, because I found something to distract me….I think you’ll agree with me here, peeps. These ads rule.

I appreciate that this version seems to be just as scientific as the dudes—but in a delicate shade of pink.

I looooooove this type face so much! But let’s be real. The true stars of this ad are THE WIGS. It’s like these girls are the long lost love children of John Waters and the Oompa Loompas.

This kid is so freakin’ hip:

Oh Barbie. You wanna bash her. And you wanna say, “NO WAY is my daughter going to ever have a Barbie.” And I believe you mean it. Truly. But *every* single mama I know with a little girl succumbs at some point. This is why:

She’s Stylish!

The picnic set and resort set are my faves.

She’s Going Places! The rad beach van? The dune buggy? C’mon now.

She’s Sporty! I totally remember that gymnastics bar where she would spin around and around:


She Moves Like a Model! And dresses like a fabulous stained glass window. HOT!


See? You will be powerless to resist….


OK. Moving on. Sea Monkeys. These ads ran in the back of magazines and comic books—and logically you KNEW that those damn sea monkeys wouldn’t look like the picture, but secretly we all hoped. A bowlfull of happiness!

What kiddo wouldn’t want these super bouncy sneakers??

Aw yeah, it’s time to HULK IT UP for Halloween! You can also CAMP IT UP in your muscle tee Captain America ensemble!

And speaking of camp…..whoooo mama! Check out this scary drag–o-licous dolly. Not sure what’s more terrifiying, the fact that  she has “rubber wonderskin” or a full-on Betty Page hair-do at 9 months. Heww!

I take it back. Happy Monday, indeed!

Holidazed: Warm Biscuit

Lord help me, I’m easily overwhelmed when it comes to holiday shopping.  Maybe it is all of the buzzing noises and flashing lights that are on so many toys out there.   Just walking into Toys “R” Us in December is enough to send either into a seizure of the closest bar.  Nothing wrong with those toys, but it makes me crave simpler toys that rely more on imagination and creativity than batteries.

Fortunately, there are online stores like Warm Biscuit that focus on just those things. Like the great stroll down memory lane above–the miraculous potholder loom.  I smile just thinking about all of the near burns I put my parents through with my loomed gifts of pot holders…

Here are a few other gems from their site:

Aren’t these the perfect additions to your little one’s play kitchen.  Get them addicted to using a KitchenAid before they turn 10. Mwahahaha!!!

I know sword fights are just part of childhood.  This one looks much safer and way cuter than the bent out wire hanger I used as my “foil” as a kid.   Hmm… looking back on that memory I think it is a modern day miracle that my brothers still have both their eyes…

If all banjos could look this cool!  I think giving music instruments to kids should be mandatory! And it is so much easier to get them started here instead of with that $1,000 flute…

You know there are crafty kiddos out there that would give away all the candy in their stockings for this gem. Your first sewing machine.  I would have given my eye teeth for this beauty…

Oh, but wait, there is more–Warm Biscuit has a terrific line of fabrics that will make you want to stay home from that White Elephant Christmas party and spend the evening sewing something up.

Tee hee! Aren’t those fabrics adorable?  I can only look at them for a minute or two before my head explodes with crafty ideas.  Oh lawdy!

So, check out Warm Biscuit when you have a chance for your holiday needs!