Vintage Love :: Baby Carriages.

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“First comes love then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage…”

When I was pregnant a very dear friend gave us this vintage stroller lovingly modeled by Raggedy Anne. It was the first bit of baby gear I had and I LOVED it.

And it later served as our bassinette. Although I must admit this beauty didn’t get out much–it was almost too beautiful to go outside.  However, its handling is not as smooth on corners as I’d like compared to today’s jaunty strollers, but man, what a sweet looking ride. It was like a crib on wheels.

And you have to love a good baby carriage.  Industrial designers sure did in the 1930s. According to Daddy Types, these gorgeous vintage goodies are going for more than $2800.

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And this last one kills me with it’s beautiful lines.

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Normal Bel Geddes and Raymond Loewy would have had a fist fight over this beauty created by artist John Knotts which made the rounds in the blogosphere a couple of years ago, but it is worth checking it out again right now. Oooh yeah baby!

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Although this is more of a stroller or push toy than a baby carriage, I just adore this little vintage cutie–couldn’t you just see the little kiddo rolling around in this baby jalopy?

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Oh boy, this wonderful glorious pink one is just what the doctor ordered!

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These wicker ones are usually from the turn of the century, so to find one in as good shape as this is quite rare!  Looks like the little kiddo is really enjoying the ride!

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Alix found this pretty in pink cutie.  It’s like a baby barcalounger on wheels. LOVE IT!

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This one is my favorite because of the little flowers added to the top.

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Here is a classic baby carriage with such pretty lines.  Soo gorgeous.

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Red for a baby carriage? Sounds good to me when it is as stunning as this one.

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I must admit, it’s nice that baby’s first set of wheels can be a beautiful as these. Hint hint baby designers of today…

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  1. Aw I LOVE these!!! I especially love those space age bullet strollies. How the hell do you think they managed to lug those around back in the day??

    My parents had an Old School Silver Cross Pram they inherited when they were grad students at UCSD that they would let my little brother sleep in on our patio. It was totally Rosemary’s Baby….

    1. I have five children and bought a new carriage for each. There was something so precious about them each one day pushing their own children in their old buggies. I got carried away and bought 13. When I could no longer get our cars in our garage, I decided I was crazy and down sized. My favorite was the big, beautiful Silver Cross. That’s the one I call “Sara’s buggy”. And it was my favorite. Now I only have two, indoors, and just bought 3 more last week from vintage/antique stores. I bought an antique Japanese wicker in perfect condition!! I’m sending my 28 year old son to pick it up long distance tomorrow. It is so different from any I have ever seen. I’m sure all you ladies have great memories of walking behind the handle bars of your little ones first cars too. Lol.

  2. I do miss seeing the Peach being rolled from room to room in that pram. And the spring suspension on it was perfect for bouncing her to sleep.

  3. We are on the same wavelength ladies!! I just posted on my blog yesterday about our vintage Silver Cross and how we use it as bassinet – they are BEASTS aren’t they? So heavy and gigantic – but there is no lovelier place to lay down a sleeping child. I’m in love with the ones you’ve featured here!

  4. Love the pictures,,I HAD A BEAUTIFUL plaid apolstered in warm tones buggy ,for my older child born in 71 and73..used it,endlessly, miles and miles,as babys were small to facing you and protected from wind,,…Spring wheels with a glide that never felt the vibration from hitting rocks or large tree rooted cracks in sidewalks..just lifting front a little. To free the front wheels to corner,,never gave it second thought,,s I did those swival whells that turn and stop you if the hit a crack or rock …and again rocking and swaying with uneven ground,,,11 years later for my third child,ussed it aggain for long mile walks,yes converted to large stroller, facing forward ,room for 2 side by side ..same smooth rock hitting bumps to deal with,,with these almost $500.00 and more joggers,,still no comfort or bounce spring on ride..still vebrate a sleeping child awake…..where are the buggy makers that think of the child..with padded seating,not just canvas sport slings….with high price…???I am talking comfort,,,bicycle tires with air yes. But spring joggers need the front wheel locked for ruff terrain ,,,have to lift a little to take corners also…smooth sidewalks or malls you unlock the fron wheel to smooth turn,,,but still narrow sling un padded seats…My ex got rid of the buggy I could have handed to my grand kids for that amazing ride…room,cmfort and the more bumps the funner the ride.jogger hundreds of dollars???still vibrates….OK,, nce ride,, but add small can jog and know your child is comfortable….thanks ,,wish I could find a real buggy.

  5. My two-year-old got one for Christmas. She immediately raced around the room with it. I love seeing what she picks to take rides – tiny plastic pigs are my fav.

  6. I got a fancy pram when Scarlett was born! It is huge and ridiculous but it just ‘felt right’ somehow. I still have it…it’s a beautiful navy blue Italian number. What a great post. 🙂

  7. I’m an Event Planner and I’m in the midst of planning a baby shower for a client and I was looking for a vintage stroller to use in my decor for the shower. Do you have any ideas as to where I can rent one of these from?? Please help!!

    1. i own the buggy second from the bottom. white leather buggy. i purchased it
      neu ulm, germany in 1958. it is very good condition. photo ghia43
      i will sell if you are interested.

    2. i own a white leather b.buggy just like the one in the second photo to the last.
      i live in michigan now but i gave birth to my first daughter in Augsburg,germany
      in 1958 we bought the buggy for her and it came back to the USA with us. it is still
      in good condition. it is for sale to the right person.

  8. I am looking for one of these vintage carriages for my wedding. Our son will be 11mths old, and I would love to borrow/own one of these for my older children (12 & 8) to push him down the aisle. Does anyone know where I can purchase one of these at a reasonable price? or rent/borrow one? I am in North Carolina.

  9. Love these vintage prams. You have some of the prams backwards. The bassinett faces the handle so Mom can see baby. The hood goes to the front, not the handle side. Your first pram and the one with flowers on the hood should be turned so Mom can see into the bassinett and not so that the hood is by the handle.

  10. Hi i just bought a old house and in the attic i found a old i think 1930’s baby carriage needs some restoration but its in good shape i am looking to sell if anyone interested i can send pics .

  11. Hey, Im having a baby boy and I am looking for a vintage carriage that turns into a stroller. I had found one on ebay, but someone outbid me. If anybody knows where I can find one please contact me. Thanks:)

  12. Hi Dottie , I have dolly carriage they tell me its from 1940-1950`s. I would like to sell it .. it has slight wear on the hood and the straps a little rust on the wheels other then that its in good shape ! can you point me in the right direction …pottsville pa 17901nis my location !! thank you !!


  14. I just bought a vintage baby buggy but it doesn’t have the “hood” (I really don’t know what it is called). Would you happen to know where I can purchase a replacement?

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