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Vintage Bookshelf :: Coolest CARS ever.

It’s not just the illustrations of old books, it’s the details…like how all the cars and clothing are of the era. Just check out this little gem!

This is CARS by Bob Ottum, illustrated by William Dugan (Little Golden Book, 1973)

I just love that station wagon paneling!

How about the grooviest house everrrr? (sorry some of these photos are not as crisp as they could be. Kind of a no-no….but I wanted to share and didn’t have time to retake!)


The Summit School Flame Yearbook 1964. Woot!

I was in a teensy thrift store a while back…you know the ones that are run by really sweet little old ladies? I usually find that I will walk away with absolutely nothing, or something really awesome. There’s not much middle ground. This time I didn’t find much, but as I was making my out of the shop I spied a stack of old year books. This one in particular caught my eye. It was for an all girls school in Minnesota (yes I found it in California). I think these are so fun to look at. C’mon, lets take a peek!

The senior class had some really cool looking young ladies.

haha. i love that she is a “record, boy and clothing collector”!

Yes. Her nickname is SHOTSY. Love that!

Each section had a special hand pressed (hand colored?) page tipped in—so fun! And how cute is this:

But what about the staff?? I have to say that Headmistress Ethel Pease looks like a good ol gal!

But that Gertrude Kelsey? Shelooks like a tough old bird, eh?

I have several other yearbooks that I’ll be sharing with you guys—the co-ed ones are especially fun because they have great photos of DANCES! (And lets not forget the autographs….)

Vintage Bookshelf // The Man Who Loved Birds 1962

The Man Who Loved Birds: A Fable for Children (Harvey House 1962). Written and illustrated by Ken Kenniston.

This book is so charming and quirky—and the hand lettered text on every page is just awesome. The main character is the “the Man”. The Man who Loved Birds. But he’s not, like, THE MAN. (as in, “Workin’ for The MAN.”) He’s this groovy, beatnik fella in a little black turtle neck and sandals. He loves birds and the birds love him!

Hee. Long talks about baseball and nest building!

Peace lovin’….tree huggin’….bird whisperer. The Man. Cute huh!

A few people have asked if I knew where to find another copy. Alas, this was a thrift store treasure. I found two copies on amazon but they are kind pricey. You can see them here. I’d keep checking eBay! I bet one will turn up.

Vintage Books :: The Magic of Everyday Things!

The Magic of Everyday Things

By Seymour Reit. Illustration by June Goldsborough. (1963)

In addition to the fantastic illustration styles of vintage books, I LOVE to check out the styling. What the kid’s are wearing, what the home’s look like. This sweet little book has GOBS of awesomeness. Let’s take a peek!

OK, we need to see that stripey number one more time….

Sigh. So much fun. Now if only we could hop inside the pages of these stories and move right in!

Vintage Book Shelf :: the Fun to Cook Book!

This is the cutest little kiddo cook book ever. Easy peasy recipes and the BEST little spot illustrations throughout. I mean, two words: harlequin pants. OH YEAH.

Aren’t they amazing?? Uh oh….here she is again!

So amazing!I love cook books, don’t you??

Compiled by Margie Blake. Carnation Company. 1955. Reprinted in 1964. And then 1978. And even the 80s. Who can blame ’em!

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