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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a…super kiddo!

What is it about super heroes? Is it the magic powers? The ability to fly? The xray vision? Maybe. My theory, however, is that it allll comes down to the outfits. When I was a little girl I loved Wonder Woman—she was brave, strong, smart and had an invisible plane. But let’s be honest, it was the OUTFIT that was the best. Red go-go boots! A magic tiara! Those cool bullet-deflecting bracelets and golden magic lasso! I loved it all. But I think we all can agree that the quintessential piece of superhero gear is THE CAPE. There are tons of fun capes out there, but here is a selection of some we especially like.

This first lot is from Baby Pop—I really love their masks too! Super charming….

And how about this ROCK-N-ROLL superstar??

Images: Baby Pop

I’m really digging the understated “Clark Kent-ness” of the Superhero monogram shirt:

Images: Charlie and Sarah

Ya know, superheroes don’t have to be all about bad-assery. I found some really fab “indie capes” that have a softer look. Just look at this adorable little birdy cape!

And you can even get a little wee cape for your favorite lil dolly or cuddle bear—kind of awesome, no?

Image: Mousey Me

While we’re looking at unconventional capes, how amazing is this lil mod wonder?? It’s soooo the little sidekick of Orla Kiely (“By the power of the almighty elusive Target Pear Cannister!”). LOVE it!

Image: NikertyNoo

A word of caution, though. You don’t want to veer too far from the classic look or your budding superhero will end up looking like a reject from the David Copperfield Magic Academy! There are some classic visual cues that say “superhero” and sometimes I think it’s totally a-ok to reach for the lightning bolts and stars!

Images: Super Kid Capes

This last set comes to us from Little Hero Capes. The capes are all made of a thick satiny material (lined with a contrast color!) and look tres chic. My favorite thing about them, however, is their incredible Donate a Cape Project. When you purchase a “Courage Cape” they will send it to the Discovery Arts Program which will give it to a child who is undergoing treatment for cancer and other serious blood disorders. Now that’s my idea of a true superhero.

Images: Little Hero Capes

Every little kiddo has a superhero inside them, and they don’t necessarily need a cape to shine…..but you have to admit it’s so much more fun with a cape whippin’ behind you as you race around with your friends!

And don’t forget, when push comes to shove….you can always use a towel. (Hippie Beads and shades not required….)

Image: john.d.mcdonald

Mod About You, Baby! 60s Inspired Kiddos.

We at Modern Kiddo love vintage inspired goodies…and if you’re a regular reader then you know that the sixties are one of my favorite decades to play around with. Let’s get inspired by the graphic coolness of that mod mod world!

Presenting a future shoe-gazer, indie superstar or little scooter boy….from fun lovin’ Etsy peeps Charlie and Sarah!

And speaking of  scooters—check out this adorable ride-along learner bike from kiddi moto. You’re kid will be the heppest cat on the block rockin’ this Vespa! Beatle boots not recommended while riding (didn’t have time to source some Carnaby style band-aids, doncha know….).

You know how I’m head over heels in love with this dressie from FaithWorks4U and I just had to bring it back for another go-go. Heh. Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

This mod little treeclimber is sportin’ a shirt from Etsy sellers babybolt. I just love the little playful touch of gingham. There’s one for boys….

…and one for girls!

San Francisco cutie tartlette makes sweet dressies for little girls, but this Mondrian-inspired mini is simply TOP of the POPS! Your little Twiggy will be the hit of the playground.

I love the bold graphics on these Karen Hilton Designs pillows. God Save the Queen! (and my bank account….)

This adorable Q-Star bib will only run ya 15 clams and is made of Japanese cotton linen. Fancy!

I love this print from Sugar and Cream—how cute would this be in a little nursery? The kitty helmet is killing me, but the message is just also a sweet little reminder.

This little dressie from Etsy sellter AlltheNumbers is not only cute as all get out, it’s extremely clever too! Would you believe it had a former life as a man’s button-up shirt? Mmm hmm. So now it gets to skip a day at the office and can go rollerskating instead. Sweet!

Polka dots and Vespas? This little romper is like Dottie and my secret love child! JoeyandAlthea are responsible for this little snippet of cute.

Listen, you’re never too young to appreciate a little 60s fun! This rosey-cheeked cutie easily proves my point! Grab yours from babybolt. Um, the onesie, not the baby.

So what are you waiting for? Ready…..steady….GO!

Boy’s Ties for Easter

Source: Belle & the Beau

With Easter hip hopping its way towards us, we are seeing new spring party clothes in stores that are begging to be worn. Of course, girls are just swimming in wonderful choices with all of those simply delicious sherbet-colored dresses.  So many choices for a little girl to find just the right dress for their personality.

But what about the boys? I know it’s going to be all about khakis and the blue or white button down shirt–which is a classic staple for boys around the world. But there is a chance for a bit of whimsy in boys in ties. These ties are a a bit sassier than the average rep tie, and what little boy doesn’t have a bit of sass!

Of course, our dear Wolfie has sass aplenty and is sporting a gingham tie from our BFF, Target. What I love about this is that he is sporting a tie and wee sports coat with jeans and sneakers. You see, ties can be pulled out for Easter and beyond–just for fun!

Here are some fun ties that would stop the Easter bunny and everyone else in their tracks from our friends at Etsy:

Me and Matilda has created some of the most adorable springy ties ever!

Etsy Seller, ButteredToast has created this insanely charming little bow tie that would easily make the Easter Bunny leave him a little extra chocolate.

I personally can’t get over how adorable this gold tie looks on a simple denim shirt! What a great idea! And Etsy seller, Emilee Irwin created a matching bow for a little girl’s hair.  What a good big brother!

And speaking of matching, the Belle and the Beau has taken it to the next step and offering father and son matching ties.  I think this might be so adorable that I  have to look away for a moment.  But only a moment, because is crazytown cute!

I’ll look back at the other adorable Belle and the Beau ties, like this one and this one.

Hint–don’t be shy about choosing the bow tie! They are a snap to tie. Really!

And there are some great bow ties for boys. Like these from the Cordial Churchman bow tie designer Ellie LaVeer Stager, who summarizes boys on bow ties best:

“It was a little tricky trying to keep him still long enough to get it tied, but it also clips in the back so I don’t have to re-tie it every time.  Doesn’t he look so cute?  Like he’s just come home from a dinner party.”

Oh, and one last note:  for you lucky people in L.A.–leave the PAAS  at Walgreens honey,  and take this tie-dying Easter eggs class with the dreamy Robert Mahar!

Retro Modern Style: Kiddo-a-Go-Go!

My favorite decade by far is the sixties. If you’ve ever clicked on our About Me page you might have noticed that Dottie and I are members of a super fun and kooky lil’ dance group here in San Francisco called The Devil-Ettes. The Devil-Ettes are a campy, cool celebration of synchronized 60s gogo—which means we heart things like go-go boots, mini dresses and any song with a farfisa organ!

With that as a little bit of a background story, I think you’ll understand why I just about fell outta my go-go lovin’ chair when I stumbled upon these gorgeous photos. Etsy seller FaithWorks4U has created the most amazing collection of girl’s clothing. Retro-inspired, playful and FUN!

That girl with the Far Side lady glasses? Love her! And how about these cuties:

This little girl is like pure sunshine in her lemonade stand frock:

And how about this young Jackie O in her chic red sundress?? All she needs is a wee pill box hat!

But Top Honors have to go to this sassy little minx.

KAMPOW! Um yeah. BANANAS. The dress! The boots! The stance! This little girl is my hero.

But the bigger hero in this story is, of course, Etsy seller FaithWorks4U. Well played, lady. You make me want to have another baby just so she can wear your clothes!!!

Be sure to pop by the FaithWorks4U Etsy shop. She has even MORE goodies than what I’ve show you!

Have an excellent weekend my friends.

Pssst! You can grab those snazzy little gogo boots over here.

Heart on My Sleeve

Oh, heart. Your day is almost upon us.

No shape has as much of a burden to live up to as the heart. Be it bubbly, romantic or even broken,  the heart always makes an impact. Sorry circle and square–you are noble and charming, but it is the heart that makes us smile before we even know why.

Even heart haters can’t deny the heart’s charm when paired with a child. Particularly around Valentine’s Day where the heart takes center stage.

I like clever unexpected hearts like these on this sweet hat sung out instead of notes from a bird.  Thank you Etsy seller, Rompshop.

Send your little Valentine to bed in these heart happy pajamas from that land of all things awesome and Swedish,  Hanna Andersen.

Vintage loving parents (and I know you are out there…) will fall head over heels for this little sweet little jacket made from a vintage heart-laden tablecloth from Sugar Darling.

Give your little chef a chance to cook his or her heart out with this sweet little heart apron from Etsy seller, Monsbird.

And remember, boys can rock the hearts too. At least any boy wearing these skivvies from Etsy Seller, Small Threads.  Tee hee! You gotta start ’em early with the self esteem, amirite?

So wear your heart on your sleeve or on a little person’s sleeve and smile!