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Vintage Blowmold Holiday Decorations

vintage blow mold snowman

According to Dotson family history, when I was a little girl, I begged my parents to buy a set of blow mold holiday candles that were taller than me.  After hours of begging, they finally gave in and I worshiped those blow mold beauties for years until I became too cool for them as a teenager.

FIE! Because I would kill to have those old blow mold candles back now for the Peach. Sigh!

Blow mold holiday decorations—those large plastic figurines that light up— have been around since the 1930s. They became super popular in the 1950s through 1970s until they were overtaken by other more popular, lighter options like the blow up decor that has become very popular over the past decade or so.

Personally, it is the old vintage blow molds that make me stop and smile when I see one as part of a holiday decorations around a house.

blow mold vintage santa
Image via: Vintage Roadside

Image via: Sosorosey

They actually came in all different sizes including some as small as six inches or so, which is perfect for the mantle.

Clearly, I’m not alone because they are now highly collectible and can garner hundreds of dollars per item.  And the best part is they still look awesome (albeit a bit sun faded at times) but will still make any kiddo around smile ear from ear!

Also, I want to go to there…

Oh, and would you look at this?

Even in the snow, I think blow mold decorations still look wonderful. And thank heavens for the invincibility of plastic that could handle the cold weather.


Personally, I’ve always wanted one of these Christmas lanterns.  I could totally see it hanging from my lamp post! So charming!

What kiddo wouldn’t love to have this outside his or her door?

Image via: Niftic Vintage

I did buy some candy canes for our front yard from Target and hope to have them around for the next thirty Decembers. She gets so excited when we put them up! I hope she is still excited years from now.

Did you grow up with any blow mold holiday decor?  Do you use it today?

Retro Round Up // What I Wanted for Christmas!

Hoo boy.  Still reeling from Newtown CT. I think I hugged the Peach every 10 minutes this weekend.  I grew up in Connecticut an hour away from Newtown and my brother and his family still live in that fine state.  I remember my days at Kings Highway Elementary School as being perfect, cozy with Harvest festivals and afternoon ice skating on Mill Pond.  My heart goes out to my old home state and the Newtown community who is in mourning from the worst tragedy thinkable.

So, this Round Up was rather cathartic for me–remembering my favorite toys from my days in elementary school in Connecticut. I hope this round up makes you smile and remember the fun of childhood. So, here we go!

Sorry Barbie,  you are wonderful and all, but you are not CHER! ‘Nuf said. From Etsy seller, Miss Kitschy’s Cache.

I loved Gilda Radner. She opened up her comedy special with tap dancing. I know. Amazing. So, of course I wanted the paper doll. It is pure eighties. From Etsy seller, Sophie’s Wonderland.


Kerplunk!  Man, I loved playing this game with my cousins!

kerplunk toy seventies

I thought Sea Monkeys would make an excellent first pet. They were so stylish—just what anyone would want in a pet.  Unfortunately, my parents did not. Sigh.

sea monkeys

Who wouldn’t want to find this beauty under the Christmas tree? Purple? And did you see that banana seat. Floral purple banana seat.

vintage banana bike

Ramona Cleary wrote a lot of great books, but The Luckiest Girl was one of my favorites! I remember checking it out of the library several times re-reading it.  From Etsy seller, Camp Wilder.

ramona clearly luckiest girl

My brother had one of these rock tumblers and of course he wouldn’t let me touch it.  But man, my entrepreneurial dreams of starting my own jewelry line to pay for my college was set wit this. But I lost interest once I saw the barely buffed gray rock my brother gave me for my birthday. Sigh.

rock tumbler seventies

Do you know how badly I wanted these Super Girl Underoos?  I know everyone wanted the Wonder Woman ones, but I totally wanted these–hello—the top is like a BRA!  Aw yeah!

super girl underoos vintage seventies

When I was a kid, my grandparents always gave me a subscription to World Magazine, the kiddo version of National Geographic Magazine. I wish they had that available today–I would totally get a subscription for the Peach!

world magazine national geographic kids magazine seventies

BONUS! You have to wonder about the toy inventor who came up with the Punch Me toy.  I guess kids need to get their aggressions out somehow… Alas, I couldn’t find one of the original vintage ones for sale, but the images from it alone are pretty genius!

Happy Monday!




Vintage Kiddo Retro Round Up of AWESOMENESS!!!

I hope you had a nice weekend!  Mine was full of kiddo birthday parties, ballet lessons, sewing a certain someone’s not easy Halloween costume and a great gab fest with a friend!  But of course I had to share with you some sweet vintage goodies. And this week, I got quite a few goodies!

I don’t know who these guys are on the hem of this dress, but boy are they cute! From Etsy seller, Vintage Under the Sun.

You have to admit, this amazing striped turtleneck doesn’t even look vintage, it is so cool! From Etsy seller, Sweet Pickin.

I’m completely in love with this sweet little Swedish vintage top for a newborn! Sigh! From Etsy seller, Scandivintage.

This little vintage brush set would be a great present for a new mama baby shower, yes? From Etsy seller, Oliver’s Forest.

This would make a sweet widdle cowboy costume for some nice little guy this Halloween! From Etsy seller, Fuzzymama.

Hoo boy, I adore this little horn playing jumper! If it only fit the Peach… From Etsy seller, Storybook Retro.

Pink plaid is so hard to find as is this big girl size 10 jacket too! From Etsy seller, Olive Vintage.

This plastic pony still has some kick left in her for future rides! From Etsy seller, Noodle & Lou.

It’s almost snow season, and this snow suit would be great for any little kiddo! Doesn’t look like something Luke wore when he was on that really cold planet in Star Wars 2 before he met Yoda? From Etsy seller, Bondplace Vintage.

I would buy this sweet yellow vintage cardi in a heart beat if I could squeeze the Peach into it.  From Etsy seller, Baby Shapes.

Happy Monday!




Loving these Midcentury Preschool Puzzles!

I was at the thrift store when I spied this little friend. The cover was a bit unassuming, but when I opened the box I was SO excited to see a collection of amazing illustrations staring back at me. The style is so terrific….playful and fun. I wish I could figure out who the illustrator was! Hmmm. The theme for this set is SHAPES. Let’s take a lil look!

THIN THINGS! I love the carrots and that clever lamp post! OK that worm is pretty cute too.

FAT THINGS! Heh. OK, so it’s *totally* not PC, but that walrus?? Adorable! And the piggie!

SHORT THINGS! Cute cute cute! The chip monk is a little bit Charley Harper no? And I just love that snail! And the mushroom.

TALL THINGS! Oh tall things….this one might be my favorite. The lollipop tree with tire swing! That super hip dad with his white tie! A clown on stilts! Even the skyscraper is cute. Alas, the flagpole is missing. But I love these!

I know these are for really little kiddos, but I was always a big puzzle fan. I’m trying to encourage Wolfie to do them with me too! Do you like puzzles?

The Cutest Lil Ugly Critter // Meet the Nauga!

Do you know this goofy fella? Many years ago Greg and I were thrifting and he walked up to me holding this lil guy. He had a quizzical look on his face, “Why do I know this? WHAT is it?”  I got wide eyed. “What is it??” I shrieked. “It’s a NAUGA!!!” Oh yes, friends. The ever lovin’ Nauga.

Back in 1936, the UniRoyal company produced a sturdy synthetic leather they called  Naugahyde. It was used on chairs and couches and touted as more affordable and longer lasting option than leather. Fast forward to the 1960s and, in an effort to stand out  amongst the competition, UniRoyal partnered wtih legendary ad man, George Lois to launch a genius marketing campaign worthy of Don Draper.

Lois and designer Kurt Weihs came up with the brilliant idea of inventing an imaginary creature they would call the Nauga. The idea was that Naugas were a rare and exotic creature who lived in Sumatra and shed their hide each year—resulting in Naugahyde. (Rest assured, it was all tongue-in-cheek and no Naugas are harmed for Naugahyde! But there many people actually believed the elaborate backstory about the Nauga being an actual animal—to this day questions are still raised!) The Nauga became so popular, he even made an appearance on Johnny Carson in 1966!

They took things to the next level when they offered a free Nauga doll with every Naugahyde reupholtering. These little Nauga dolls are totally collectible now, so if you see one…scoop it up! There are actually a few on eBay right now.

So remember that thrifting day when Greg came up to me clutching the Nauga? Well, I jokingly said to him, “Were there any more??” And he grinned and ran off….and came back with it’s identical twin. We thought it was hysterical (and hey, at 99 cents a piece how could we say no??).

I’m a big fan of the quirky spokesperson/ animals, so this guy makes me laugh! He’s a little bit ugly, a little bit kooky, a little bit spooky and a whole lotta playful! What do you think? Do you love this fella or does he freak you out?? haha. I guess the one thing he isn’t is cuddly!