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Vintage Kiddo Retro Round Up!

What the?!? Hey wasn’t it just Friday? Boy that weekend just flew by! As did January.

Did you all have a wonderful weekend? We did–at the Oakland Museum White Elephant Sale. Spectacular! But we’ll share our goodies from that later. Mwa ha ha ha!!! Anyhoo, just because I was vintage shopping in the wilds doesn’t mean that I didn’t spend a bit of time perusing the online aisles of Ebay and Etsy for all sorts of vintage goodness for you all! Since we’ve gotten many requests for vintage toys, I’m going to start adding a few to the weekly vintage kiddo round up. Yeeha!

So, on with the show!

What is there not to love about this vintage mod knit coat with navy edging from eBay seller, Rewscountry.

For fun that is out of this world, get a book for out of this world fun! Like this sweet vintage one! Space helmet not included! From Ebay seller, Urlybird_1.

Straight out of the closet of Sally Draper comes this oh so charming little sundress in red white and navy from Etsy seller, flozeevintage.

You gotta love this vintage Mattel dining room and chair set? I wouldn’t mind hanging out in that dollhouse. They would look perfect in one of these mid century beauties.  From Etsy seller, The ToyBox.

Oh gracious me, this little fellow is just the living end of adorableness–a vintage knit onesie with I believe a penguin and fish on it. I. Die.  From eBay seller, Retro*cool.

This dress is just too adorable for world–a wonderful is this sassy green vintage dress and jacket combo. And that top print is like something out of Orla Kiely.  Once again, Rewscountry.

Toot Toot! Check out this vintage Fisher Price toy train from 1964. And under $10.00–that is better than what you’d spend on a new one!  From Etsy seller, Anna Filomena.

Oh, would you check out these button cute little stand up girlie party favors? Little Red Riding Hood in blue and yellow as well as red.  From Etsy seller, HeyYoYo.

Now, you know my love of all things vintage cowboy, so you know I had to feature this great but rather subtle vintage cowboy shirt. Now cowboy, but the hat and horse gets it across. From OhSydney.

Oh these darling vintage baby blue shoes–too sweet almost for words. Perfect gift for a new mama.  From Etsy seller, Plaid Pony.

Well, I hope you liked today’s vintage kiddo round up of cuteness, but hang onto your hats and remember to come back this afternoon for some serious sassiness from Alix!

Happy Monday, friends!

Whoo Hoo! Vintage Kiddo Retro Round Up!

Wow, I’m still amazed that it is September. We are still plugging along here at the ole MK.  Although I do miss my Alix something fierce,  I know she’s rocking it out in Prague. Go, Donna Draper go!  But wonderful weekends still happen. Between tending my sniffling little Peach and sick sweetie, I did manage to scoot out and fulfill a goal of mine. People, I hit the holy grail of garage sale finds and swooped up a vintage dress form from the fifties for a song. Yeehah!

But let’s find you all some vintage thrifting goodies. We’ve got a bang-up mix of stuff today, so let’s check it out!

Oh, the vest that launched a thousand crochet hooks! Who didn’t evny the little girl who came sashaying into class wearing the handiwork of her handy mom/aunt/grandma/misc. person who was tired of macrame? From Etsy seller, Teenah Time.

Miss Lish has done it again with this gem of a boy’s shirt. A great butterfly collar and a very wearable pattern that would dandy up a pair of jeans or cords quite easily!

Saddle shoes were at one time considered a standard in any child’s wardrobe.  I say let’s bring ’em back!  And thanks for 3 Ring Circus, we can with this great pair for toddlers.  I’d love to use some sassy polka dot ribbon in a fun color for laces. wouldn’t that be fun?

I love this little houndstooth jacket with matching coat.  It reminds me of the one Patrick Dennis wore when he first met Auntie Mame, yes?

Mame Dennis: Well, now, uh, read me all the words you don’t understand.
Patrick Dennis: Libido, inferiority complex, stinko, blotto, free love, bathtub gin, monkey glands, Karl Marx… is he one of the Marx Brothers?

From Etsy seller, RedEye Vintage. Oh and check out the “this coat grows” thread. Ummm… That fashion trend needs to return!

I’m simply crazy for this little pink twill 70s pink jacket with the sweet embroidery–check out those shingles on the rood. And then they added ric-rac edging?  Cuteness level at eleven.  From eBay seller Floozeesvintage.

Who doesn’t love a good pair of overalls?  And corduroy? And little singing doggies wearing sunglasses playing guitars.  Well, I have found the trifecta of this sublime trio in these overalls offered by eBay seller Kindness Mama.  And she must be the kindest mama to part with these gems.

What little girl wouldn’t love a sunny yellow jacket WITH matching headscarf? Now, if I could only find its adult doppelganger… From eBay seller, Zeke989.

Oh, but then I found this friends.  My sweetie was walking by my computer and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw these beauts.  Pure bicentennial 1976 U. S. of Yay awesomeness. Deadstock too.  I bow down to you eBay seller, DecoToDisco Vintage.

And I must bow down to you again, DecoToDisco Vintage for this HealthTex pint-size version of the leisure suit.  I need to shop where you shop DecoToDisco Vintage…

Oh, this sweet cotton dress from the fifties is so dear.  What with its little bunny foo foo hopping through the forest pockets.  From new favorite eBay seller Great Lakes Outfitters.

And hey, Frecklewonder is having a bang-up sale of vintage wooden puzzles.  Talk about bringing me BACK.  I had this one! I even remember that smell of the wood. These are such timeless and good looking toys!

Happy Monday, folks!

Vintage Kiddo Retro Round Up.

Whew! That weekend just blew past. I thought I was going to spend it playing “Mommy jungle gym” which is basically me passed out on the living room floor as the Peach climbs all over me.  But instead it was chock-full of giggling, biking to breakfast, tag sale shoppinghanging with friends, seeing new babies, making this insanely good and insanely easy carnitas and finally seeing HOT TUB TIME MACHINE. But I did manage to take a little stroll down the eBay and Etsy aisle for some good ole fashion e-thrifting and wanted to share the best with you, my fellow vintage kiddo clothing junkies.   Awww YEAH! So, sit back, grab a cup of ice tea and let’s get to it, shall we?

Let’s start out with a true goodie.  Who doesn’t love a sassy plaid pony? And be- still my heart–with a googly eye! Why we do, of course? This is a snappy little vintage number with tags from “Cute Togs of New Orleans”. And it was originally priced at $108 according to its mid century price tag, so the $25 starting bid is pretty darn decent if you ask me!

With the summer still full of potential visits to the beach, I had to share this darling little orange anchor-covered swimsuit with the snazzy ties up front. Fancy!  I am certainly going to keep eBay seller Retro-fitgoods on my list for future buys.

And I can’t leave the boys out when it comes to swim-suits. Get a load of this cup of cuteness in the form of sun-spackled swim trunks. And a little button cute metal life saver for this belt buckle. I think my head just exploded from the kootness overload. From Etsy seller MissUFO.

I know my gal Alix always digs a good sailor-inspired outfit, so this one is dedicated to her…Straight off the good ship lollipop, this jaunty lil sailor number is full of 1940s retro pep. But at the same time I could see kicking it with a cardi and cool keds too.  And once again, big girl size of 8/10 and in beautiful condition to boot. From one of my new favorite vintage Etsy friends MidState Vintage.

I’m in love with these little shorts with a most charming jazz band refugee on the leg–tooting away on his clarinet to the delight of the wearer and everyone else around him. From Etsy seller, almalou.

Oh. My. Word. This is stupendous. And it’s in an elusive bigger girl size. It is a vinyl. vintage. go-go skirt. Roughly size 6-7. Although it looks nicely broken in, you know the little girl that was lucky enough to wear this was in Brady Bunch heaven and had matching white vinyl go-go boots to match. Yes, it is that awesome.  And it is $9.99. From eBay seller, Bibliowhizz.

I guess it is never too early to introduce your kids to those wonderful lifetime sports like tennis. You can get them started with this tennis whites-inspired onesie that will certainly separate your little gent from the hoi polloi. Tee hee!  From Etsy seller Prairie Path Vintage.

Sometimes you just need to call a spade a spade. Or in this case a rodeo a rodeo as it is called out on this terrific dark denim rodeo vest from our gal pal Miss Lish from Lishyloo. An easy addition to any boy’s (or for that matter girl’s) outfit.  Vests are so underrated, don’t you think? Unless your a certain young trick or treater named Wolfie…

The Peach has a head full of cowlicks which means that seconds after running a brush through her floaty blonde locks,  she looks like she walked through a wind tunnel. So barettes are certainly going to feature into her style in the near future as soon as she gets out of her fun “chockable” stage. But these vintage barrettes from the 1950s from Ebay seller antiquables are so cute that you just want to buy them anyway and put them again for future use.  I mean look at that swan one alone!

But before a bid you all adieu on this fine Monday, I leave you with this. But first some back story.

When I was a little girl, I was completely obsessed with my cousin Cheryl’s white rabbit fur hand muff–it was the stuff of dreams, I loved it so much. But I don’t know how I feel about the doll head fur muff from eBay seller fantasticfinds828.  It looks to be more the stuff of nightmares.  There is something so Freudianly wrong with it, but I can’t put my finger on it.  Gentle readers–any thoughts?

Tee hee! Happy Monday!