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Sweet and Sour: Two Fun Styles in One Tasty Little Post.

Today I have a little mix-n-match for you. I love looking at handmade pretties for children but then there is a part of me that gets totally inspired by the slightly trendier, high-fashion boutique lines. Soooooo, why not look at both? Presenting, A Little Bit Country….A Little Bit Rock-n-Roll. First up:

Do you Kinchi? Ooooh but you should! The fabulous Mirjam is the genius behind this adorable line. Mirjam lives in the Netherlands and her style is both seriously cool and totally sustainable. Each charming little garment incorporates vintage fabric, tea towels and the like for a one-of-a-kind treat. We at Modern Kiddo are big fans of using old textiles to create sassy new garments!

I first “met” Mirjam as a Flickr friend where I was transfixed by her adorable photos of her little girl in handmade gorgeousness. One day she posted photos of her garden and I commented on some beautiful holly hock flowers. One thing led to another and next thing I knew, I received a little packet of hollyhock seeds in the mail—straight from her garden! Take a look at these beautiful photos and then head over to the
Kinchi Etsy shop to scoop up these goodies for yourself.

You like??? Oh I KNEW you would. The 1966 Dish Towel Dress is officially BANANARAMA. OK, now lets switch gears and take a little at something totally different but equally cool.

Finger in the Nose was started by Siv-Tone Kverneland, a talented Norwegian living in Paris. She calls her style, “a mouth watering and eclectic combination of French chic and Scandinavian cool” Sounds good to me! Inspired by her little daughter Selma, she wanted to create wonderful clothes that children would fall in love with and mothers would be jealous of. I think she’s off to a great start.

Finger in the Nose is the ultimate hipster clothing line…I’m usually more a fan of kid’s dressing like kids and not like little grown ups but this line is pretty damn cute. The collection is influenced by eighties L.A. (hot!) and was designed to be fashionable but durable. I especially love the boy’s clothes and think they would be great on a slightly older kiddos—with a penchant for struttin’ like a rock star….

These kids are so rockin’, I love ’em. The skinny plaid stove pipe pants above are totally cool….and I love the boy’s in their rad jackets. They just need a micro Vespa like the one I saw at the flea market a few years ago.

So what are you feeling? A Little Bit Country or A Little Bit Rock? I think a healthy mix of both is just what the fashion doctor ordered.

Vintage Kiddo Mondays: Retro Roundup

Happpppy Monday! It’s time for the Vintage Kiddo Retro Round Up, lovelies. I really *do* need to do a theme song, no? This week we are welcoming the arrival of SPRING! That means nary a sweater or scratchy knit in sight. I have a great selection of fun vintage goodies for our weekly e-thrifting session. As always, all these picks are available on Etsy and Ebay for your purchase!

First up? The Girls. Cute dresses, bright colors and fun little details—ladies, we’re ready for some sunshine!

Bad puns aside, I am totally nutso for the wee little squirrels on this red hot dressie. OK, so they kind of look like little baby polarbear squirrels, but who cares?? Not I!

Red Squirrel Knit Dress, Etsy seller ThreeRingCircus

This sassy lil polka dot scarecrow comes with a cute stripy bum cover! I love it—and check out the wee blue bird sitting on her hand!

Scarecrow Romper, Etsy seller ThreeRingCircus

I love a classic little puff sleeve and crisp white collar, but the drop waist and teensy bow are what make this one a keeper:

Baby Blue Plaid, Etsy seller Nanzfi

I was going to quote the lyrics to Build Me up Buttercup, because of the yummy buttery daffodil color on this amazing dressie, but you know what? They’re kind of a downer. I’ve always loved the song and thought of it as this upbeat fun song, but seriously it’s all about some girl who is totally breaking this guys heart, not showing up to meet him, breaking his heart….dang! Who knew? Well this dress is like a little ray of sunshine—my only sunshine. It makes me happy when skies are gray. You’ll never know dear how much I love it. Please just buy this dress right away. Hmmm, now if only I could think of another song to quote…

Buttercup Yellow Dress, eBay seller LostandFoundVintage

This is the only long-sleeved lovely in the mix, but it’s so colorful and fun I just HAD to include it. I’d love it with colorful tights and maryjanes or with a little pair of sandals and bare legs when it really warms up.

Mod Geomtric Dress, eBay seller: debbrame6x5m

And just for fun—ze pom pom hat!!! (I think technically it’s a pom pon, but who really spella it like that anyway, eh?)

Pom Pom Hat, eBay seller wyogems

OK, now lets look at some goodies for The Boys. Look at this lil set. Gingham? Check! Cute matching diaper cover? Check! Original price tag, never worn-ness??? DOUBLE CHECK!

Gingham Romper, Etsy seller loseyoureyesvintage

My birthday is August 22 which makes me a cuspy Leo…so I mean c’mon now. How could I resist this romper???? It’s so John John meets the Zodiac. He *does* have a little bit of a goofy stance….almost like he walks around on his hind legs with his arms hanging down. But hey, he IS king of jungle. Let the man walk however he wants to, right? Rrroar!

Lion Striped Jumpsuit, Etsy seller GiggleBoss

Ooooooh Luuuucy! You got some ‘splaining to do!! This little Ricky Ricardo cutie is amazing!

Ricky Ricardo, Etsy seller ThreeRingCircus

I love the kooky style of this 70s fabric (remember those stretchy belts that say “JEANS JEANS JEANS”??). And yee haw, this one is super cute!

Little Cowboy, Etsy seller thefancytail

As with the girls I have one long sleever in the mix for our little guys. It’s just so cool I couldn’t resist! And I promise, no Roscoe P. Coletrain jokes.

Dukes of Hazzard, Etsy seller differenthues

And finally….in honor of spring…. perhaps the most “unique” item for kiddos out there right now. What what what??? These toy bouncer shoes are BANANAS.

Crazy Spring Shoes from eBay seller moneygreen

Yep, people. SPRING has SPRUNG!!