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Kiddo Fieldtrip // Father’s Day Rock Show

This past weekend was Father’s Day, but we had sooooo much going on, we decided to postpone it to this Saturday! Well why not, right? We started out with a Wedding and a Pool Party. Greg and I were at the wedding (Greg’s friend and ex-bandmate Carmela was gettin’ hitched). Wolfie got the pool party. And as it was a sweltering 100 degrees (HIGHLY unusual for we wimpy Northen Californians!) I have to say Wolfie got the better deal!!! OK, not entirely. The wedding was really beautiful. And the company was excellent. I felt badly for the fellas, all sweatin’ like mad in their suits! The groom even had a wool kilt on. ZOINKS! Despite the heat the bride looked gorgeous all day long. It was like wedding voo doo! I, on the other hand, was a hot mess. Literally. Hawaii is a favorite destination for the couple, so they had a special ukulele jam of “I’m a Believer,” that was super sweet.

I admit, I totally jumped into the pool when I picked up Wolfie from his party. It was the most refreshing swim I have ever had!! By the time we made it home, we finally cooled off a little bit.

The next day was a special reception/rock show—every band Carmela had been in performed 3-4 songs (with her on bass, of course!). It was at Thee Parkside, which is a great venue (and officially has THEE best tater tots around!). Because it was a day time show (and Thee Parkside is all-ages) Wolfie got to come along and watch daddy play.

The first band was super punk and mega loud (we told Wolfie he had to wear earplugs!), the next band was an all girl band which was awesome, and then Greg’s band played. Wolfie was so into it….but got really shy. All these old friends of Greg’s kept coming up to him to high five him and say hi and rufflin’ the curls. I think he was a little overwhelmed! He gets so proud watching Greg play, though. It’s really cool. His favorite part was helping Greg break down his equipment. So cute. We grabbed some tasty Mexican food on the way home and still had time to relax and hang out with Sammy. All in all, not a bad weekend!

Kiddo Fieldtrip // Quickie Camping For the Win!

Last weekend we went camping. For one day. Yup, ONE DAY. And you know what? You should too! Camping is so much fun, but if you’re like me you might be thinking, “Oh, I totally want to go….but we’re really, really busy! We just don’t have time. It’s kind of a big production.” So when Greg proposed we go camping for one night….wellll, I kinda thought he was crazy. And maybe he was, but I gotta tell ya we had a BLAST. It was such a good idea. We went to a site that was actually really close (barely 25 minutes away) so it was low stress but deep in the mountains and so gorgeous, we felt like we were a million miles away!

Although we were close to home, I promise this wasn’t glamping….there wasn’t a store nearby, we cooked all our food over the fire, and we slept in sleeping bags in our little tent. I think Sammy had the most to get used to. He was very nervous, not sure what was happening (“what? everyone is sleeping outside??”). Aaaand he had to be on a long chain/leash while at the campsite. Which he wasn’t sure he liked much. I thought he looked like Ghost, from Game of Thrones.

Greg and I used to camp all the time, but this was the first family trip we’ve taken. I’ve never backbacked into a camping site—I’m too much of a City Mouse for that. But car camping is still really fun/doable and still rugged. We packed well, but not quite as efficiently as we used to—I was a little bit rusty! We had a mini cooler with some perishables and lots of easy dry snacks and fruit. The guys brought a ball and we also brought some games to play together. It was really fun to look at all our old equipment and see what was still in pretty great shape and what we wanted to upgrade. Our lanterns were still awesome and we played a little Jenga under the starry sky. Wolfie taught us how to play, I’d never actually played it before! I found this set at the thrift store earlier in the week and scooped it up especially for our trip.

We definitely want a new tent. I can’t lie….the tent was reeeeeeeally squishy!! It’s an old one and meant for two people, not two grownups….one 8-year old wiggle worm and one giant 104 pound fur ball!! I have to say, ol’ Sammy was totally into the tent. He would poke his little snout out the zipper to make sure everything was ok. He took his guarding duties verrrry seriously. It got extremely cold at night and the wind was really whipping the tent back and forth dramatically. I don’t think Sammy slept at all. Wolfie slept like a log.

We were going to make pancakes but I also brought bagels and cream cheese……guess what Wolfie voted for?? The guys went on a little hike with Sammy while I tidied up the camp site (the wind had blown everything around!). And yes….we played a little more Jenga! The best part was seeing how much fun Wolfie had. He’s definitely a 21st Century Boy and loves his 3DS and anything computery. We didn’t bring any electronics (other than phones…and we only used them for photos!) and Wolfie never once mentioned that he missed anything. In fact, he wanted to stay longer.

Before we left, we all piled in the tent one more time for a few rounds of CLUE.

Final conclusion: One day was totally worth it, but I think I would have done 2 days for even more fun. Oh, and for the record,  it was Mrs. White….with the wrench….in the library.

How about you? Are you campers? Have you ever done a one day quickie camping trip??

UPDATE: A few people have asked me about the CLUE game. Wolfie got it as a gift from our awesome neighbors and we love it. It’s a reproduction of one of the original 1960s versions (officially called the Vintage Collection Clue Game). But what makes this edition so awesome is it comes in a great wooden box, that makes it PERFECT for camping. No little game pieces spilling out all over the back of the car! And if you’re interested, you can read about the original Clue game versions on this fun post I did on board games!)

Kiddo Fieldtrip :: San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers


A few weeks ago (actually over President’s Day weekend) Eric and I took the Peach to the Conservatory of Flowers, because they had an amazingly fun exhibit for kids, based on San Francisco’s famous boardwalk, Playland by the Sea.  The popular amusement park, Playland by the Sea, was a mainstay in San Francisco from Victorian Times until 1972 when it closed. Although the amusement park has been dismantled and scattered across San Francisco–like the famous carousel is in Yerba Buena Garden, Playland by the Sea still looms large in San Francisco lore.  and it was the perfect inspiration for the wonderful floral exhibit at the Conservatory of Flowers.

This was my first time to the Conservatory of Flowers and it was divine! And the exhibit–well, it took my breath away. And I know the Peach loved it too.

The exhibit also featured a few bits beyond the flowers–like these wonderful fun house mirrors, which the Peach loved.

Just walking into the room and seeing the original Playland sign was pretty impressive. Look at those awesome As!


The exhibit also included one of the original bumper cars from the popular ride. I think that was the Peach’s favorite.

The flower exhibit wasn’t just a staid arrangement, but had these buttons that kiddos could easily push to make the trains go or the carousel turn.  Too much fun!

What really made the exhibit particularly wonderful is that all of the structures were made from products that would have ended up in a landfill if it weren’t for the upcycling.

And it was so fun to see San Francisco landmarks that we all know and love.

We spent almost two hours there watching the Peach run around the room having a blast. It reminded me of my childhood trips to the Philadelphia Flower Show with my Dad years ago.  And it made me feel like spring was around the corner.  Perfect for this time of year.

After we left the conservatory, we headed to Cole Valley and  San Francisco’s new Ice Cream Bar. Eric had this insane milk shake and the Peach’s favorite strawberry wasn’t available, so she enjoyed a little cherry ice cream.

The best part was that we were able to make it back for the Peach’s 2:30 nap!  As you can imagine, she was pretty tuckered out from her full day of fun.  I think this may be our new spring tradition. Do you have any spring traditions?



Kiddo Fieldtrip // The Closest I’ve Been to Johnny Depp

We always try to make the most of three day weekends.  A couple of special breakfasts like blueberry pancakes or biscuits and usually a fun trip somewhere out of the ordinary.  And going to see the tall ships at Jack London Square this past Saturday certainly fit the bill!  The tall —the Hawaiian Chieftain and the Lady Washington—came to Jack London Square and we were lucky enough to get a tour of these magnificent water vessels.

Founded on October 20, 1986 by Grays Harbor citizens, the Historical Seaport built and launched the brig Lady Washington. Since 1989, more than 200,000 students and over a million people have all walked her decks. They learned how 18th century mariners explored Grays Harbor and the west coast in search of wealth for the new nation of the United States.  The Lady Washington is a replica of the original Lady Washington. She also a bit of a movie star, and was featured in Pirates of the Caribbean.

And man, there is a lot of rope involved with these ships!

We were greeted by the amazing volunteers who dress in costumes which really helps bring the whole experience to life!  Somehow she has developed a liking for pirates and announced herself as one as soon as she boarded the ship.  Of course, the Peach was all over that ship and determined to see every nook and cranny of it.

We really appreciated the fun crew of volunteers who spend two weeks in training and then get to takes these beauties out on to the sea for months at a time. Truly the experience of a life time to say the least.  Definitely one for the old bucket list!  If I were a volunteer, I would totally learn how to do these amazing knot mats.

And I totally wouldn’t mind spending some time in this room…

Unfortunately, the adventure sails were sold out, but I really wanted to go on the a battle sale, which includes both ships, as they maneuver around each other in 18th century fashion and fire real cannon with real gunpowder (no cannon balls) at each other. Guests are encouraged to verbally taunt their adversaries. In both Battle Sails and Adventure Sails, guests have a chance to take the helm of a real tall ship and help raise a sail.

Well, the Peach is a bit young for that, but she enjoyed just marching around the boat.

(Her dress is from Tea Collection and her shoes are Livie and Luca.)