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Hot Dog! It’s the Vintage Kiddo Retro Round Up!

Well, well, well! Happy end of August to you! I hope you managed to get outside to enjoy the last sweet sips of summer before the school bell rings. How crazy is it that we are on the edge of September and everyone with a moppet over the age of five has been thinking about back to school wardrobes.  Well, let’s add a little vintage whimsy into the mix to help your kiddo stand out amongst the sea of Gap/Target/Old Navy fashions they’ll see in the bus line. Not that we don’t LOVE and shop with a zealot passion from the Gap/Target/Old Navy but it is so much fun to mix and match clothes from all eras to reflect your little one’s personality.

Check out this duet of wonderful print shirts. What a great addition to any boys little fall wardrobe! From eBay seller JimJac.

What is more perfect for returning to school with an apple red cardi with sweet little accents on the collar.  And how sweet that it is a girls size large too. From Etsy, Leafpeople Vintage.

Now, it wouldn’t be back to school season without going a little mad for plaid.  I have a very special place in my heart for little girls in little plaid dresses. And I have a trio of such goodies to share with you all!

Like this little harvest gold plaid dressie with smocking and lace to boot! From Etsy seller, PiratesB00ty.

Or would you prefer your other vintage sixties mad for plaid faux jumper tunic with a lovely butterfly collar? Once again in the ever so elusive size 7. From our friends at Our Retro Toybox.

Or go pure old skool with this perfect plaid bit of cuteness.  Check out the sweet little plaid piping detail. Just stunning, eh?  And the bid starts at just under $10.00.  All that detail for such a small price. From ebay seller, Paddywacks Vintage.

But we can’t leave the boys out.  Check out this charming little plaid coat for gents.  What mama wouldn’t be proud to send her little guy to his first day of school in this sharp looking coat. From the very glamourous Etsy seller, StilettoGirl.

I myself love a good matching combo. So, when I saw this charming dress and coat set, I nearly plotzed with joy.  It is the perfect thing to wear for a little woodland romp in October or November, doncha think?

Perhaps your little guy is more of a t-shirt kind of guy.  Perhaps he could meet his teachers in this styling poly t-shirt friend from Sears. From Etsy seller, Aesthetikara.

Although babies aren’t going back to school, they still deserve something cute–like these widdle felt cowboy booties in rip roaring red.  With buckle, natch. From ebay seller forgetmenot.

E is for Extra button cute as well as elephant.  And you can get your little one’s extra cuteness on with this saucy romper. From Etsy seller,  FuzzyMama!

I did a lengthy lunchbox search for something fabulous.  Oh, the treasures I saw.  Yes, there was the Duke of Hazzard’s lunch box. The Alf lunch box. Even the Campus Queen lunch box.  But I’d never seen this gem before from Etsy seller, Aquanetta.

I wouldn’t mind doing dishes either if I had a fancy black poodle wearing bows on his head by my side to help dry the dishes.

Happy Monday, duckies! May the day fly by with fun and giggles!

Hip Hip Horray! It's the Weekly Vintage Kiddo Retro Round-up!

Happy Monday, everyone! Did you have a lovely weekend? Ours were filled with birthday wishes and tiki drinks and home-made carrot ginger cake.  Our girl Alix is, I’m hoping, lounging in her bed drinking peach mimosas to settle her own birthday blowout this weekend.  Happy birthday my darling co-editor! I adore you more than I can say, Miss Alix!

I wish there were more rad pants like these for boys to wear.  A nice alternative to jeans or khakis.  Actually these vertical stripes remind me of the outfit Bart Simpson wore to make himself look taller.

This little jumper…  oh, this little jumper.   I don’t know if I love the navy with jaunty red buttons more than the the plaid and polka dotty tree. Or the wee white kitty with matching flowers.  I think it is jumper nirvana.

Pity this little sweater doesn’t come with pegged pants, short pointy boots and a little baby vespa, eh? Well, it is still awesome on its own.

I love the green with pink dots chiffon background to go with the woodland mushrooms to boot on this little dressie. Sooo sweet, dontchathink?

Come ON! This is just too cute for words!  The HealthTex jumper could work for either boys or gals because either would rock this leopard tiger bonanza hardcore. Hmm, or are they ligers?

Any little skater punk or punkette would be all over this sweet windbreaker to show off their diamondz moves.  A great find from one of our favorite Etsy sellers, 3 Ring Circus.

What little girl wouldn’t jump for joy if they could wear such an adorable vintage  sweater dress like this one? Sorry—lollipop not included.

Admittedly Howdy Doody was totally before my time, but this shirt is genius!  Awww—even the little guy wearing looks like he and Howdy woulda been grand friends indeed!

Oh, this is one of those fantastic vintage shirts for a girl that I wish I could make a machine that either shrunk me or made clothes bigger.  Where is that machine?

Yes, I’m totally jumper obsessed. Those little shift dresses are so simple in design, but so charming, wearable and different based on fabric choice. And this jumper version is so mid-century wonderful.  Perfect wear on these waning days of summer.

And in prep for going back to school, I found these swell vintage Snoopy mini coloring pencils. I think I would have traded my entire puffy sticker collection for a pack of these gems back in the day.  “Light blue is cloudless sky.” Perfection.

Happy Monday! And please try to squeeze every last bit of summer out of this week!


Vintage Kiddo Retro Round Up!

Did you all have a wonderful weekend?  There is something so lush about August.  Time to make that last trip to the beach or possibly the lake house.  How yummy is that?  Unfortunately, my entire family came down with a bad case of the sniffles which slowed us down this weekend. So what a good excuse to stay inside cuddling my computer to do some e-thrifting. Also these summer colds remind me to spend a bit of time looking for some good deals on vintage hankies too!

But anyhoo—on with the vintage kiddo goodies!

I can’t help but go freaky over tiki, what with Tiki Oasis next weekend.  I can’t wait to read Alix’s post from it. Whoohoo!!!!  And this little terry cloth lined boys Hawaiian shirt would be a great addition to any little person.

A is for apron as well as the sweet apple that adorns this vintage apron from the fifties.  With red tipped vintage lace no less!

Speaking of aprons, I think smocks are like the aprons of the 60/70s. And here is a sweet one that kept someone’s super sassy outfit looking clean. This art smock looks like it didn’t see to much time with Cray-Pas if you ask me, but that just means it is in better shape for your little budding artist!

TOOT!  The shirt says it all. TOOT indeed!

Do you guys remember Nina from Zoom. She could do that cool thing with her arms and totally rocked the hubba bubba talk. Well, she so would have worn THIS dress. It is Zoom cool.

Well, it looks like we weren’t the first generation to dig the owl. Afterall remember all those macrame owls from the seventies? Well I have a feeling the mom who bought this rad jumper made a couple in her time.

Stop. The. Presses. You MUST check out this little plaid jacket because it is perfect. Where is the app that turns kids size clothing into adult size, hmmm? I’m so going to the genius bar with that quandry…

This sweet little pink plaid jacket is a wonderful wonderful wonderful–

Clearly I am mad for plaid right now. But how can I resist with adding this dear little friend.  As if the plaid wasn’t enough… They added ricrac.  It’s like you KNOW my weaknesses!  If this isn’t bought by the end of the day, you leave me NO CHOICE but to buy it myself.

Who wouldn’t rumble for the bumble!  Bumble bee, that is!  I’m such a fan of the honey bees and it is so nice to see one on a boys clothing and this vintage baby boy blue top is too dear not to pass up.

This is more relevant to my parents’ generation than mine–but these skates are just wonderful regardless of any decade.  You just can see the Hardy Boys yellow bookbind peeking out of the overall back pocket of the little goy skimming along in this sweet skates–with key to boot.

Anyway, have an amazing week and if you are into vintage or even if you aren’t—check out our amazing vintage Irmi lamp giveaway from Little Miss Heirlooms, Priscilla Barros!

Happy Monday!

Vintage Kiddo Monday: Retro Roundup

Howdy folks! With lilacs in bloom and days getting longer, owe just can’t help but push their winter duds into the farthest corner of the closet and pull out the finery of spring and summer.

Now, this little corduroy tie top vintage dressy making good use of ric rac.  But let’s gild that lily with some widdle birdies and tulips.

Where do you find such goodies, Oh Sydney?

Swim lessons surely lurk in the folds of summer. Check out these sweet boys knit striped swim trunks.  They are all the rage in Europe and are becoming big stateside to boot! I know with swim wear, you want new, and these swim trunks are old stock,  means they were never sold and never worn! Woohoo! The red pair has a tag. The brown pair doesn’t.

Right on trend, Kim.Ber.Go.

I almost didn’t post these because I wanted them myself!  Two adorable little overalls–perfect for summer fun! You could put a little t-shirt under them or if it gets really hot, just suit up and go!  Two for under $12.00 too!

And the prints are killing me! Polka dotted elephants? Green pigs? What kind of zoo has these animals, Etsy seller StellaBluz?

Sunflowers can be a bit of a fickle fashion flower at times feeling more Hee Haw than hip. But this vintage little shift got the sunflower down perfectly. Polkadots and sunflowers make perfect sense to me!

I’m picking up what you are putting down, ebay seller, theVioletorChild.

I was cracking up over these vintage bell-bottoms featuring famous logos. Or *ARE* they? Victer with an E? And Aunt “Gimima”? Even in the seventies, copyright infringement fear was strong.

You won this round, RobotParade4Kids

Blast off with these great sneakers festooned with rocket ships–I see a flying saucer and what looks like Apollo Nine.  But I love the big white rubber shoe guard in front. Man, I would have killed for a pair this awesome!

Nice find, ebay seller, Servant2him.

I love this great vintage shirt with an interesting plaid of red and blue. This is one that my sweetie asked if it came in his size. Sorry, sweetie–just for boys!

Who wouldn’t want to get it for their own “wee men” And it is Sanforized…  Excellent call, eBay seller, 4sons4fun.

Even though your little one is too young to be sipping Mai Tais, he can still have a tiki good time with this great bright vintage Hawaiian shirt!

Mahalo, Etsy seller, Uncommon Eye!

And because I love you all so very much, I’m sharing this crown jewel of vintage awesomeness with you (instead of buying it myself), but someone must buy this. Please! This adorable yellow plaid coat makes me want a little chill in the air. Sigh!

Dottie go crazy over Etsy seller JudyGoVintage!

And then there is this friend.  I just had to include it. The elephant beanie.  I just try to think about the story behind this beanie. What could it be? A fabulous circus themed birthday party–and this hat is the giveaway?  The prototype beanie before they added the propeller? The mind is overwhelmed with possibilities.

I must admit that I have a complete fear of beanies with things on the top thanks to that surreal (in the true sense of the word) movie by Dr. Seuss made in 1953 full of cold war fear and Auntie Mame camp. Based on a child’s dream laced with his hatred of piano lessons, this movie scarred me as a child, The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T has given millions of children bad dreams for over half a century.

I found that image at the most awesome Website ever, Traumafessions. You can thank me for introducing you to this after after you’ve spent your entire lunch hour on it. ‘Nuff said.

But I saved the best for last–this great vintage hat from MK favorite, Lishyloo!  This hat is just bananas–it has all of these crazy and completely random sayings all over it like “rocking chair”, and “a pretty beaver”, and “up in the air.”

Could I get confirmation on the “a pretty beaver” line, Lish? That is almost too bizarre! Can anyone else make it out?

And to sweeten this week even more, Lishyloo is having a vintage kids clothing sale–with more than 30 items all under $15. Like that hat, which is only seven clams for all that awesomeness.

Happy Monday!

Vintage Kiddo Mondays: Retro Roundup

Happy happy Monday, darlings! Did you have a wonderful weekend fully of jelly beans, malt ball easter eggs, choccy bunnies and peeps peeps PEEPS! I spent mine nomming on some honey baked ham, roasted asparagus and homemade cream biscuits with pooh butter. I wonder how many calories e-shopping burns? I do type 80 words per minute, but still I think I may have to hop off for a brisk walk after chatting with ya’ll. Oof!

Well, let’s get down to it, darlin’s because we’ve been so very busy while the Easter Bunny was doing his rounds and have some ridonkulous button cute vintage finds to share.

With April showers blowing in this month, having such a great raincoat as this vintage Superman raincoat from the 60s may take away the blues.

What a super find, eBay seller, Mama Jeanne!

You’ll want to choo choo choose this perfect Health Tex top from our friends over at CowTown’s Revenge.

Oh. My. Word!  Doesn’t this snappy dress looks like it was stolen from Marsha Brady’s closet?

Thanks for the love eBay seller,  Annie’s Panties!

And then there is this great ABC dress from Sears.  If this isn’t the perfect thing to wear to the first day of school, I don’t know what is! And with a starting price of $1.99, you just HAVE TO BUY IT, RIGHT?

A+, eBay seller, Rapistole!

I am head over heels for this little pair of baby shoes made of felt.  So pretty that they would be just as wonderful in your nursery as decor.

Thank you for sharing them, Etsy seller, A Rose Without a Thorn.

I know, I know… we here at Modern Kiddo are very pro comfort and usually aren’t fans of the polyester onesie, BUT I just fell in love with these great polyester onesies!  I think you could easily cut the bottoms off and turn these into some swell shirts for your little one—over a nice cotton t-shirt, right? Who’s with me?

Well played, Etsy seller, Fat Patch. Well played, indeed!

With a name like Dottie, I am sworn to love the Dachshund dog. Now check out this little Doxie with balloons on this vest.

Even one of the balloons has dots on it!  And a errant seagull to boot??  Drat it, Etsy seller, HartandSew, you did it again!

Remember when Snoopy was bigger than ANYTHING in the seventies/eighties?  You HAD to have your Snoopy stuffed animal and at least five outfits for it! Well, this sweet t-shirt is going to have you flashing back to your favorite Snoopy memory. Look at him here roasting six hot dogs at once. He’s like the McGyver of dogs! Go Snoopy, go!

We’re just wild about eBay seller Robot Parade for Kids.

And finally, your little one will be quite the handsome devil in these sassy pants.  Pitchforks not included!

Tee hee!  I don’t know why the Devil is wearing a hospital gown, but perhaps they are quite in fashion in H. E. double hockey sticks land?  You’d have to go there and back to find a pair of pants as cute as these that Etsy seller, Fuzzy Mama is selling.

Well, happy Monday, ya’ll and get ready for an extra special week here at the MK corral, for someone very special is about to have the sweetest birthday ever this week.  Whoo hoo!