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Retro Rainbow // This Week’s Color is PURPLE!

Howdy Friends!

It’s the second to last week of the Retro Rainbow and here it is: the color that totally stumped this color lover, PURPLE. Oh my gosh, purple is a crack up. I was worried I wouldn’t find a single thing. I’ve honestly never really been a fan of purple, I prefer the purples on the bluesy side of the spectrum if anything. So when I started poking around for purple, all my finds were purple and SOMETHING—no straight up purples. So you’ll be seeing purple + green, purple + yellow, purple + pink and so on. Also, apologies for the photo quality on some of these… we’ve had the busiest stretch of days getting all our ducks in a row for a new school year and cramming in every last bit of fun into these last days of summer. Of course I waited until the 11th hour to snap the photos and of course I was battling a big ol’ cloudy sky.

Next week is our last week friends! What do you think the color will be?? Do you have a favorite so far? I think my answer would be… everything but purple!! HAHA! But that would be an awful thing to say, since it’s PURPLE WEEK! ACK, I take that back… on with ze purples!!!!!!

xoxo Jenny

ps — as always, get your fannies over to Frecklewonder to see what amazing + lovely treasures Miss Alix was able to scare up!

Mmm hmmmm…..Alix here. I love how Jenny is all, “ooooh purple, I don’t have ANY purple” and then LOOK what she busts out!! That incredible embroidery….the suitcase….the sheets….the sun romper….that little box of flashcards with the amazing illustration on front?  It’s all so fun! You know what I’m realizing Miss Jenny? I think you have more 50s/60s stuff and I have more 60s/70s stuff, which is why aqua was a dream for you (it’s such a classic 50s shade!) and a little trickier for me! And with my smooth 70s stylings, I had more purple to scare up (because avocado and marigold aren’t the only 70s colors!) and it was a tad trickier for you.

Soooooo, ok. We only have one more week left of our Summer Project. ONE MORE WEEK friends! I don’t think I want this to end! I feel like we need to do Phase 2! What say you people? Should Retro Rainbow go Autumn???

As an aside, it’s my birthday today, so perhaps I can use this as leverage with Ms. Freckle to CARRY ON!!!! Be sure to pop by frecklewonder to see my purple finds!


Psst! Are you new to the Retro Rainbow? It’s Jenny and my special summer “Correspondence in Color”.  So far we’ve covered Green (Alix & Jenny), Yellow (Alix & Jenny), Brown (Alix & Jenny), Aqua (Alix & Jenny), Tangerine (Alix & Jenny), Pink (Alix & Jenny), and of course Red/White/Blue (Alix & Jenny). You can also check out our colorful Retro Rainbow pinboards if you wanna follow along! Mine is here, Jenny’s is here. See ya next Wednesday!

Retro Rainbow // This Week’s Color is GREEN

HEY HEY HEY, my peeps! Jenny here and it’s time for the Retro Rainbow and this week it’s GREEN!!!!! I woke up yesterday morning with 3 different deadlines and time sensitive issues on my plate so suffice it to say, my morning and afternoon was pret-tee jam packed! As I knocked back my morning coffee, I made one loop around the living room for my treasure hunt I totally started to L-O-L to myself because folks? I found most of the items ON ONE SHELF. I am not kidding you. Who knew I was such a green gal?!?! I didn’t even need to hit the basement this week.

So I’m totally not going to talk about the Retro Rainbow wrapping up — yes, we only have two weeks left after this — I will only to say that I am slightly panicked about next week’s color. I won’t tell you what it is (though it might not be hard for you to figure it out, especially if you’ve been following along every week… and um, HELLO! YOU’VE TOTALLY BEEN FOLLOWING ALONG, YES?!) but let’s just say… I’m not feeling as confident as I was with AQUA week. 😉

Alix knocked it out of the park this week with her greens. Get on over to Frecklewonder and see what I’m talking about.
Nothin’ but love, y’all!!!!! Jenny

“Gooooooooooooooooooooal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  {say a la soccer announcer} So, okay. This MIGHT be my favorite Color Collection yet!! I mean, did you see THAT RADIO?????  That rhinestone purse? The font on the S&P shakers??? And of course I have a soft spot in my heart for the sweet “Jenny” “Freckle” books. It’s too perfect! We only have a couple of more weeks left my friends, can you guess what the final colors will be?? I think they’re both gonna be good ones. Whooo hooo!


Psst! Are you new to the Retro Rainbow? It’s Jenny and my special summer “Correspondence in Color”.  So far we’ve covered Yellow (Alix & Jenny), Brown (Alix & Jenny), Aqua (Alix & Jenny), Tangerine (Alix & Jenny), Pink (Alix & Jenny), and of course Red/White/Blue (Alix & Jenny). You can also check out our colorful Retro Rainbow pinboards if you wanna follow along! Mine is here, Jenny’s is here. See ya next Wednesday!

Retro Rainbow // Color of the Week is YELLOW!

Hola, Kiddos!

It’s Wednesday and I think you know what that means. It’s time for the Retro Rainbow! This week is all about a happy little color called SUNNY YELLOW! I don’t know about you but I find it impossible to be grouchy around yellow. I don’t think I own a stitch of solid yellow clothing (I think I was told from an early age that it just wasn’t “my color”) but I do have plenty of pretty yellows sprinkled throughout my home. The entryway of my house is painted yellow, and I can tell you, it’s one happy place!

So, I have a wee confession: I’m starting to get a little sad about our summer series winding down. We’ve got just three weeks left after yellow, sniff sniff!! Alix and I have had so much fun treasure hunting around our houses each week and it’s been so cool to see what she comes up with, from the kooky Space Age Panties (Mi Lady!) to the amazing Jaws game (one wrong move and the jaws go snap!) to allllll the amazing and groovy mid century finds that have us all drooling and running to Etsy to start a treasure hunt of our own.

Of course this is no time to be sad, friends! Not when SUNNY YELLOW is in the spotlight! So… let’s get happy and on with the show! And as always… head on over to Frecklewonder to see what treasures Alix has to share this week.

Happy Wednesday, kids!  Jenny


Ooooh lala! Everything is so pretty and fun. I loooooove the drinking glasses and that wall paper?? Bananas. I’m amazed week after week at what fabulous-ness will appear in my In Box! I have to say I’m in the same boat as Jenny, and I’m already feeling sad that this series will be drawing to a close! It’s been SO much fun. I think we need to plot “Retro Rainbow Part 2” don’t you??  Join us next week when our color will be…..????

{Psst! The Retro Rainbow is a fun project where Jenny & I “shop” our home and photograph our own personal collections, in a weekly color.  If you’ve missed any of our past Rainbows, you can find more of Jenny‘s here and mine over here!)

Retro Rainbow // Get Outta Town BROWN!

Hey, kids! Freckle here and I’m super excited for this week’s edition of Retro Rainbow. Say HELLLOOOOOO to the BROWWWWWWWN! And yes, I shouted that like Oprah. I’m that excited, cause you know what? Brown surprised me. I mean, totally surprised me. I loved me some aqua (ok, and pink! and tangerine!) but when we settled on brown, Alix and I both kinda giggled and felt like the challenge was really on. We *are* a couple of crazy color lovers, after all. I ended up finding so many great options that I had to hit the breaks at a dozen items. Brown just might get it’s own special bonus round when this series wraps up! So check ’em out, and of course please head over to Frecklewonder to see Alix’s amazing finds. Really, really great stuff that will have you guys zipping over to Etsy and Ebay for a little somethin’ somethin’ of your own.

Happy Wednesday, y’all! xoxo Jenny

Sooooo, Jenny I forgot to tell you that I invented a new rule. At the end of every rainbow, I get to keep 3 of your items! So you know, if you want to just pack up that dressie, the poodle Enid Collins bag and maybe the kitty S & P shakers, that would be JUST fine! What? I forgot to tell you about this new rule? Hmmmm.

Friends,….how fun is this?? And in BROWN no less! I swear we were both really thinking that this would be super tricky and maybe end up with a littles less  “pizzazz” than our usual—but this post is Pizzazz Central! I love it. OH, and if you would be so kind, please skedaddle on over to frecklewonder so you can see what brown goodies I managed to scare up. All together now: “BROWN!” {jazz hands!}

Retro Rainbow // This Week’s Color? AQUA

Heeeeeeey Modern Kiddos!

It’s Jenny here on this Retro Rainbow Wednesday and I’m super excited about this week’s color! Alix and I chose AQUA as our color (and I might have bent the rules a little by pulling some turquoise and teal as you might notice.) I knew before I even started my hunt that a lot of my finds would be in the domestics department. You know, dishes, housewares, that sort of thing. It was a bit of a challenge for me to find some non-kitchen goodies, but I think I pulled it off!

I hope you enjoy my picks and as always, don’t forget to stop by Frecklewonder to see what Alix has to share. You and I both know that she always finds some gems!

Happy Wednesday!

Aw jeez louise, Jenny nailed it! It’s all amazing but the radio and the clock?? Um YEAH. Hello! And I love the pyrex. In such extra purdy shape! Stay tuned for next week when we’ll be spotlighting a color that just might surprise you! Heh. That’s all I’m gonna say.

Don’t forget to swing on over to frecklewonder to see what crazy aqua goodies I managed to scare up!

{Psst! Did you miss last week’s color TANGERINE? You can check out Jenny’s here and mine over here!}