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Girlie Style :: Wearing Vintage Pins.

Last week I was thrilled to be a part of In Bloom, a fun week of cool style post organized by the very sassy  My Girl Thursday and Little Tree Vintage! I had such a blast….I wanted to share my Guest Post with you here as well. My topic? Styling vintage pins!

As you all know, I have a major vintage obsession. I especially love the colors and shapes, soooo I thought it would be fun to take a look at one of my favorite colorful accessories: the vintage pin. Small but mighty, vintage pins can really pack a punch and show off your personality beautifully!

Look how pretty these pins are! I love sparkly rhinestone ones—especially those in whimsical shapes like starbursts and butterflies.

I have to say my heart belongs to those quirky enamel flower pins from the 60s. They’re so playful and fun.

The classic way to wear a pin or brooch is on a cardigan. I love them this way! I’m a maximalist—so one is never enough. Don’t be afraid to pile them on.

While you can definitely wear pins on cardigans and dresses, I wanted to show you some other ways to rock the vintage pin. It’s the perfect way to add a little punch to any outfit. First up—cuff ‘em!

This is a sweet and unexpected way to add a little personality to yer jeans. I had never seen this before and was just inspired one day to add a little something fun to my outfit. I love how it looks!

You’ve tackled your cuff, why not add a fun pin to your hatband for head-to-toe cuteness? It works on any kind of hat (a floppy sunhat! a cozy ski cap!) but I love the incongruous look of a masculine fedora with a sweet flower.

Did you know that these flower pins were often giveaways? Its’ true! My awesome friend Karen (of 97 Things to do Before I turn 97) gave me a lovely daisy pin still in the package—it’s so cool. According to the label it was hanging around a bottle of Rose’s  Hand Lotion. So cool! Alas, I forgot to snap a photo. I’ll do it soon, I promise!

Scarves can be a little slippery. A sweet pin guarantees your scarf stays in place. It’s also a fun alternative to a necklace. I’m using flower pins in this story, but a rhinestone pin would be just as cute.

I bought this simple cloth tote at Old Navy. It was cute but it looked a little plain, soooooo I added some a handful of my favorite pins!

If you’re not in the mood to wear a bright accessory on your outfit, think about adding a little touch on the collar of your coat.
TIP: If you have longer hair, avoid putting pointy pins (like the spiky daisy I put on the hat) on your collar or cardigan. Your hair will catch on it like crazy! Trust me…

So there you have it. Cheerful, sweet and super easy peasy to style! What’s not to love? You can easily find them online at Etsy or eBay!

Kiddo Time Machine :: Vintage 70s Kid’s Room Were Swank!

Howdy gang. I was cleaning up the house this weekend and stumbled upon my stash of old vintage home interior books—I have a handful from the late 60s and 70s. I love them but I have to be honest, I rarely crack ’em open. Thank goodness I did, I had totally forgotten about all the amazing kid’s bedrooms in some of them! I thought you guys might like to take a little look-see with me, so after an afternoon with the scanner, here’s what I have for ya. I think you’ll like!

I love those little mod pedestal stools that look all magic mushroomy. I totally remember that old green froggy toy bin in the back/ Four beds though…hmmmm. Was that for sleep over fun or was this some Jon and Kate style family?? Let’s continue…

“Oh hey it’s Todd here. Just shootin’ some pool with my good buddy Lance.”

OK. Where to begin. The honkin’ star on the ceiling? The ‘stash on that chalk drawing? Wow. I hate to say it, but in 10 years Lance will be driving a Camaro and probably won’t have anything to do with ol’ Todd. But don’t worry…Todd will get his revenge. He’ll invent the Walkman in the 80s and become a digi-mogul. Lance will end up renovating Todd’s rec room.

Tiny Tuesdays look out! Here’s a vintage baby nursery. Intriguing…

Ahh, ye olde floating wall nursery, with the deadly medieval metal pole hanging over sweet bebe’s head. Fantastic! I confess, I do love that rug…almost as much as I love the full formal hair do mama is sportin’ in her nightie.

This next one is amazing. Lots of cool cubby space for hunkerin’ down and reading your best Encyclopedia Brown book.

Sigh. I love the wallpaper, the book nook, that aquarium and those vintage adidas. Nice kicks, kiddo….

This next one is fun. I’m crazy about polka dots (although these are a little eye-cross inducing, methinks).

Look how cute that little polka chair is too! And nope. You aren’t imagining things. The next photo is the same room, but it was in a different book! I love the little romper on the boy.

This next room is a pre-teen dream. The yellow Arne Jacobsen chair is so dreamy.  Ten points to whoever figures out what the hell is on that top shelf down there.

UPDATE!!!!!! I know what’s on that shelf. It’s a HAIR DRIER. Brilliant. Check it out:

image: sugarpie honeybunch

Ahoy matey, the S.S. Kiddo is set to sail! This theme room is amazing….down to the porthole and the bell on the wall. By the way, those white circles aren’t fancy lights. This particular book is a three-ring binder. I was able to crop the holes out of most of the photos but I didn’t want you to miss out on the grandeur of the director’s chair/desk combo. Or that starfish pillow on the bed. And while we’ve solved one mystery (the ladydrop gumdrop above), can someone tell me WHAT IS THAT GREEN THING PEEKING OUT OF THE BOTTOM LEFT CORNER DOWN THERE??

Moving on! Check out this four poster bed. Holy florals, batman! I love the matching trunk, chair and wee table on the left. Gotta say I’m highly intrigued by the colossal Fish on Wheels on the floor over there on the right.

The 70s ruled. In addition to bold colors and fun pop stylin’….there was that 1976 bicentennial action that nudged people to go all Colonial. Check out that old-timey phone! The play space is great in here (and I love those mod window treatments) but wait til you see the beddie.

How cool is that?? It’s like a double bunk/fort with a build in puppet theater. Looove.

Check out this creative little space. The slanted wall could have felt oppressive, but the big happy rainbow just livens up the whole joint.

Kory lives here—and apparently Kory is The Man. If you couldn’t tell by his rad tube socks and name emblazoned on the bedroom wall, then just feast your eyes on his bunk bed pods:

I’m speechless, people.

Next up is Sasha’s pad. And this kiddo is giving Kory a run for his money. I mean the Star Wars Tie Fighter, X-Wing and R2D2…but I’m mostly digging the color swoosh on the wall….which somehow runs across the window shade, thank you very much.

My parents were into Danish modern when I was litle—and this was no mean feat growing up in Flint, Michigan, lemme tell ya. My brother and I had these really cool mod red bunk beds that were a bit like these next ones. There is no ladder, you climb up the slats on the end. Super cool! Alas, ours didn’t come with the head-decapitating magazine rack hanging over the top bunk.

And finally….my top favorite. The Indoor Playground. HOW. COOL. IS. THIS.

As always, vintage makes me want to embrace color and just kick everything up a notch. I hope you were inspired by these rooms as much as I was. Just promise me you won’t, you know, hang any awkward magazine racks over yer child’s bed, ok? We’re here to inspire, not clock yer kiddo.

Images: From the collection of Miss Alix. Better Homes and Gardens Decorating book (1968), Better Homes and Gardens Decorating book (1975) and House and Garden’s Complete Guide to Interior Decoration (1970).

Say CHEESE! Vintage School Photos Have Style.

Greetings friends! I’m back from a wee, sunny vacation and can I just tell ya that I feel soooo refreshed. Greg, Wolfie and I hit the Tiki Oasis weekender down in San Digeo and it was a totally needed little spoonful of awesome sauce. My friend sweet friend Doe and her hubs Otto throw one heckuva party, you’ll die when you see how fab it was! I took a zillion photos and can’t wait to share them all with you (I went crazy on the photos—I think I took over 400!!!!) so it will take me a day or two to sort through ’em all. The weekend was all about sun, fun, retro fashions, mai tais, great music and lots of family-friendly action down at the pool. Wolfie was even in a little fashion show for my friend Stephanie, of The Pineapple Princess Shop. Hilariously adorable.

In the mean time, can we West Coasters just brag for a moment? HOUSTON, WE HAVE SUMMER!!!!!!!!! Of course San Francisco had to be fashionably late, but we are *finally* experiencing what you all have been yackin’ about all summer long. HEAT. People, we are actually in the midst of a heat wave, propa. It was 98 degrees in downtown SF, which is UNHEARD OF.

So beside marveling at the hot hot weather, I’ve totally got school on my brain. School starts August 30 out here, and I can’t believe my little guy is going to be a first grader. I know some of you are already in the throes of a new school and others are gearing up for everything. I thought it would be fun to take a look at some classic Classroom Photos. I am obsessed with these, I think they are so cool. You just want to know the stories behind all these sassy little kiddos! Make sure you check out all the great fashions goin’ on…..

This first one is Mrs. Cliett’s Third Grade class, Shiver Elementary, 1963-64, Cairo, Georgia. Mrs. Cliett looks about a million years old, but I love her prim grey suit! You know she was the kid of crankster who rapped her ruler on yer knuckles.

image: janet sumner
Best Fashions: bottom row, red polka dot dress and cat eye glasses. yeah! also, a handsome row of lads on the top there..

This next one is also adorable. Grade 1 and 2 at Gray’s Lake Elementary, 1955. A whole lotta plaid going on.

image: takomabibelot.

On to the 70s….and COLOR, COLOR, COLOR. Mrs. Fujita’s Grade 1 & 2 class at Haskell Elementary in 1977.

image: C-Monster
Best Fashions: where to start? bottom row, love the two pinafore girls but hellllo jumpsuit on the end! Please note how teensy Mrs. Haskell is on the end there behind THE JUMPSUIT. Also, middle row, middle girl with huge bow is awesome, but the the two guys on the top row ends (far left, denim vest and far right…little bad ass stance) rule.

Next, Eisenhower School Kindergarten class 1973, Fergus Falls Minnesota. Dig that crazy teacher’s suit. WHOO, WHOOO is wearing an owl pendant? Why yes I do believe it’s Mrs. Teacher Lady.

image: Precious Kitty Kat
Best Fashions: the two kids with the spex are amazing, but BOTTOM ROW WINS! red, white blue dressie and tights, FOUR cute pants set, a boy with tie…..and a crochet vest on the end. The owner of this photo is the adorable girl on top in red and white!

Miss Michelle Frenette’s First Grade Class at Eisenhower Elementary School, 1974, Fergus Falls Minnesota.

image: Precious Kitty Kat.
Best Fashions: Love the middle row boys on the end (baby Joey Lawrence Bowl Cut on the left and cutie cowby on the right) but again the bottom row takes it. This time with the Plaid-O-Rama pants suit, plaid maxi skirt, the baby blue maxi dress, boy with tie AND yellow pants suit with photo of a water fall on it. Huzzah! Feeling badly for girl in sweatshirt. I bet her mom forgot it was picture day. Also, i think that’s the same kid in the tie as above…. love Miss Frenette’s jaunty neck scarf too.

Mrs. Amundson’s Second Grade Class at Eisenhower Elementary School, 1975, Fergus Falls Minnesota.

image: Precious Kitty Kat.

I love this photo from a primary school in Scotland. But uh oh, someone wore their jumper/ski sweater instead of regulation ties. Minus ten points Gryffindor!

image: joevl, Catrine Primary School, 1970s.

This is perhaps my favorite. Such a bunch of cuties. The boy’s all look like *such* rascals.

image: joevl, Catrine Primary School, Scotland, 1970s.

Miss Davis’ first grade class at Northside Grammar School, 1961. Hmm. “Miss” Davis is looking a little long in the tooth…

Check out the groovy Miss Groob’s Third Grade Class at Sheridan Elementary School, 1973-74 in Ohio.

image: brian glass

Mrs. Alford’s  kindergarten class at Spring Shadows Elementary, 1971-72.

Oh 70s, how we love ya. This whole class wins Best Dressed.  Front row snazzers, Cindy Brady on the end, two pairs of gogo boots, little boy in purple on top left….and especially Mrs. Alford’s crazy zig zag poly dress!

Mrs. Thren’s fourth grade class at Landisville Elementary in Hempfield, Pennsylvania. 1974-75.

image: brechtbug
Best Fashions: All the kids are swell, but helllllo gams! Check out those minis on the teachers!

Let’s take a little jaunt across the pond and check out some the “Preschool” (aka Kindergarten) class at the Princes Marijke School in Nieuw-Vennep, The Netherlands. 1974. LOVE all the colorful clothing.

image: christiaanV
Best Fashions: how could I pick?? But the little guy RECLINING is kind of brilliant.

Here’s the same school the next year in 1975, First Grade Class:

image: christiaanV

And finally, we head back to the states to Houston, Texas. This is Mrs. Dahlem’s First Grade Class Spring Shadows Elementary, 1972-73

image: Rowland Kodachrome
Best Fashions: These guys win BEST SHOES all around. Gogo boots, mod little saddle shoes, and even t-straps on Mrs. Dahlem. Little girl on the top right is kind of fabulous, with her jaunty scarf!

Let’s see how Miss Lamoreaux’s class at Spring Shadows Elementary holds up. This is from 1974-75.

image: Rowland Kodachrome

And finally, Mrs. Harper’s Second Grade Class, Spring Shadows Elementary, 1973-74.

image: Rowland Kodachrome

How fun are those? I wish they still did group photos. Wolfie’s school does a Classroom picture but it’s made up of all the little photos from the kids. Somehow it’s not the same as everyone sittin’ all proper on their little benches.

Lawdy, I wish you could see me right now. It’s late at night and as I peruse all these cool old vintage photos I’m realizing I’m totally clammy from the heat of our house that was baking in the sun all day. This is taking Sweatin’ to the Oldies to a whole new level. Hewwww.

Vacation Flashback: Heading Outta Town.

I know when August hits many families are exhausted from a full summer and can’t wait for school to start. As a workin’ mama, however, I have to say I’m totally not ready! My schedule has been action packed but all with work. Wolfie’s been at a fun summer arts camp and then he and Greg visited grandma and grandpa in Myrtle Beach ….but I haven’t really had a summer vacation to speak of yet. That’s why I’m soooo looking forward to this weekend. We’re all heading down to San Diego for Tiki Oasis—a fun, retro weekender celebrating  tiki culture. I’m plotting outfits, thinking about squeezing in a day trip to Legoland, dreaming of lounging poolside and of course some nice quality time with my sweet boys. Also, August 22 is mah birthday and I’m soo looking forward to hangin’ with my girlfriends who will be down in San Diego with their families too. Expect a full report next week!

In honor of the elusive Family Vacation that I’ve been chasing all summer long, here’s a little virtual slide show of retro holiday fun!

image: bunchofpants

image: striderv

image: panta rhei

image: Harold HAESLER

image: kristina^^

hubba hubba….

image: kristina^^


image: Kristina^^

Hahaha, awwwm what’s up, Playboy University? Check that kiddo out!

image: striderv

image: king power cinema

image: musicmuseCA

image: striderv

image: striderv

image: spajadigit

image: MS2172

image: striderv

Oh for the love of matching lavender (orchid??) purple shorties, I hope you’ve had a smashing summer. Where have YOU gone this summer, dolls? Or are you planning on squeezing in one last great escape before school starts? DO TELL! I love to live vicariously through ya….

Mod About You, Baby! 60s Inspired Kiddos.

We at Modern Kiddo love vintage inspired goodies…and if you’re a regular reader then you know that the sixties are one of my favorite decades to play around with. Let’s get inspired by the graphic coolness of that mod mod world!

Presenting a future shoe-gazer, indie superstar or little scooter boy….from fun lovin’ Etsy peeps Charlie and Sarah!

And speaking of  scooters—check out this adorable ride-along learner bike from kiddi moto. You’re kid will be the heppest cat on the block rockin’ this Vespa! Beatle boots not recommended while riding (didn’t have time to source some Carnaby style band-aids, doncha know….).

You know how I’m head over heels in love with this dressie from FaithWorks4U and I just had to bring it back for another go-go. Heh. Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

This mod little treeclimber is sportin’ a shirt from Etsy sellers babybolt. I just love the little playful touch of gingham. There’s one for boys….

…and one for girls!

San Francisco cutie tartlette makes sweet dressies for little girls, but this Mondrian-inspired mini is simply TOP of the POPS! Your little Twiggy will be the hit of the playground.

I love the bold graphics on these Karen Hilton Designs pillows. God Save the Queen! (and my bank account….)

This adorable Q-Star bib will only run ya 15 clams and is made of Japanese cotton linen. Fancy!

I love this print from Sugar and Cream—how cute would this be in a little nursery? The kitty helmet is killing me, but the message is just also a sweet little reminder.

This little dressie from Etsy sellter AlltheNumbers is not only cute as all get out, it’s extremely clever too! Would you believe it had a former life as a man’s button-up shirt? Mmm hmm. So now it gets to skip a day at the office and can go rollerskating instead. Sweet!

Polka dots and Vespas? This little romper is like Dottie and my secret love child! JoeyandAlthea are responsible for this little snippet of cute.

Listen, you’re never too young to appreciate a little 60s fun! This rosey-cheeked cutie easily proves my point! Grab yours from babybolt. Um, the onesie, not the baby.

So what are you waiting for? Ready…..steady….GO!