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Real Life :: New Year’s Eve Sparkle Style

Happy New Year!! How was your night? Did you have a fabulous night out on the town? Or did you hunker down at home and have a cozy night in with family? We did a little bit of both!

New Year’s Eves are a definitely a much more low key event since we had Wolfie….but we still like to get out there and have a little fun. For the last three years Greg’s kid band, The Time Outs, have played a fun Count Down show (where they do an early count down at 7pm for the kiddos). This year they decided to take a break and actually just relax on New Years. My friend Lynn hosted a little party and it was super fun—four families, seven crazy kiddos and seven even wackier parents.

Me and my girls like to dress up and we all agreed to get fancified for the night.  I decided it was the perfect occasion to bust out muh TALL SHOES. I really rarely wear these, partly because I walk a lot and partly because I’m a mama and it just ain’t practical. BUT as far as tall shoes go, I love ’em….and they are comfortable enough that I could wear ’em at a party where I was only going to be standing around or sitting.

You’re probably thinking, “They don’t look that bad Alix….” but check out these babies:

Hatch cha cha! I love the flower details on the platform and the heel. They’re really pretty shoesies…..Kiki the cat seemed to think so too.

Oh yeah, here’s the rest of what i wore:

+ dress, vintage little number with feathers on the sleeves, thrifted
+ vintage rhinestone “tie” necklace and pin
+ black lace slip, thrifted
+ pinkie red tights. Target
+ crazy clomper shoes, Prada. Yes. That Prada. Bought at the Neiman Marcus outlet for a steal. I love the flowers on the heels. I fully admit I nearly wiped out on a pine cone walking up Lynn’s driveway. On the up side, I kept forgetting I was no longer 5’3″ and enjoyed towering over my friends for once! OK. So I didn’t tower. But I was at least nose-to-nose….

I got a little snowflake flower headband in Michigan that I wore for Christmas….I figured I’d bust it out again. It’s totally a poor man’s Starlette crown, but I felt festive! (I swear I will purchase one this year FO SHO. I am obsessed. So pretty….Sue is a genius!)

But back to the party. It was loads of fun. Mellow enough that it was a great time but lively enough that we felt like we had a great night out. My friend Lynn, the hostess, is a New Orleans girlie and she made a huge pot o’ gumbo and a red velvet cake. I asked my Twitter pals for some good appetizer recos and ended up making everything they suggested—blue cheese stuffed dates, wrapped in bacon (AHHHHH! So good), little mini mac-n-cheeses (also quite tasty) and some brie-filled mushrooms which were also super duper easy and good.

My friend Denise (the glamour puss below) is always hilarious and lots of fun. She brought lots of cool goodies for the kiddos to play with—including little laser rings and sticky mustaches. The mustaches were a huge hit and at some point we all ended up wearing them . And by “we” I mean the grown ups. The kid’s had NO INTEREST.

I waltzed into the kid’s room to show off my ‘stash to Wolfie who took one look and said, “Will you PLEASE take that off??” We were totally an embarrassment to the kiddos. Sigh.

We all ended up playing Rock-n-Roll Charades (where you act out band names and try to guess ’em….it was hilarious…my best rounds were Aztec Camera and Rush…Conway Twitty and Crosby, Stills and Nash were my worst!!) and then everyone made party hats from a stash of crafting supplies Lynn rounded up. This was a huge hit with the kids! My friend Chrissy’s little boy Kirby made this amazing black feather thing that was cracking us up—it looked like something Cher would wear. He kindly let me wear it:

So that was our crazy night. I think we started off 2011 in a great way….lots of great friends, good food and a fine dose of silliness. I hope you had an amazing evening too and lets make this new year the best one yet!


Vintage Kiddo: Holiday Style for the Ladies

image: Kate Spade

Hurray! It’s Thanksgiving this week! And you know what that means, Christmas and Hannukah will soon be upon us. I soooo love the holidays— this is always my favorite time of year—but I have a rule about not even *thinking* about Christmas until after Thanksgiving. I never understand the rush. Trust me, though, once that turkey is long gone I’ll be ready for my carols and pretty lights.

At the same time, I know that holiday parties are right around the corner—my work party is Dec. 10!! So since we all have a little extra time this weekend I thought it might be fun to do a little holiday-style shopping round up especially for the ladies! Hey, why should those kiddos get to have all the fun??

When it comes to party dresses I have three criteria: I want to feel pretty, I want to wear something that’s a little different from what everyone else is wearing and I like to feel somewhat comfortable (meaning, no teetering on 5 inch heels for this girlie).

Of course you know my first choice is going to be a vintage dressie. It’s the one way to guarantee you walk in wearing something that no one else has! The cut, the colors, the fabrics. If you are searching on eBay or Etsy, here are some grand key words that will pull up some festive lovelies.

This pale blue Ice Princess dress is soooo lovely. Pair it with white sparkly tights and look like a little snowflake! From Etsy seller Chiffonier.

I am so gaga over this colorful chiffon, swirly mosaic gown. It’s tooo fabulous! Plus I love any excuse to wear a gown—although if a maxi dress is too much for you, you can always lop it off around the knee for the picture perfect cocktail dress! From the always awesome Frecklewonder Vintage:

Mmmm. This watermelon fuschia cocktail dress is also soooo gorgeous. Reminds me of a Kate Spade dress! I can imagine twirling around in this with a glass of bubbly in mah hand! Also from my sweet gal Frecklewonder:

I also love this brilliant emerald green dressie….just look at those jewelled pockets. If this fit me it would already be hanging in my closet. Available on eBay—I lost the listing. I’ll find it and update, pinkie swear!

This one is slightly more casual but still so fun….the candy cane, chevron stripes are FAB. From thewitcheryvintage.

And then, of course, there are the VELVETS. Rich, sumptuous and perfecto for the holidaze. SadieDeluxie Cranberry Red Mini Dress

This dreamy blue sapphire dressie: Persephone Vintage


As much as I love a good vintage dressie, it’s often hard to find them in the perfect size. A great option are these lovely sequin vintage tops. Pair them with a cute skirt (modern or retro) and add a perfect touch of sparkle!

I love the tinsel effect on this cutie harlequin dazzle top from Etsy seller figandtwig:

These two remind me of the fairytale, Snow White and Rose Red…..brunettes would look drop dead divine in the cherry red and blondes would look terribly chic in the baby blue. Both from Rtsy seller SkivvyluluVintage.

A lot of times I hear, “Alix….I love looking at these pretty pictures, but I’m not QUITE this flashy/colorful. It’s just not me.” Well, honestly I think color is for EVERYONE. But I understand that some people feel much more comfortable in a classic Little Black Dress. And that’s OK! You can still add a little punch to the LBD and here are some of my favorite ways.

Colorful stockings! This is one of my all time, super fave looks that works with pretty much any black dress. The key is to keep your shoes simple—look how fun these outfits are, and everyone is wearing simple black shoes!

Another favorite way to sparkle up a holiday outfit are embelleshed vintage cardies. These sweet and cozy sweaters are typically from the 50s and add a sweet touch with their beading and sequins. The perfect way to add a little oomph to last year’s dressie! They are a great investment because you can even wear them throughout the year with jeans too.

This one from leibemarlene is so beautiful.

The one above is sold, but you can pick up one just like it on eBay from LoveSpyVintage.

This pretty beaded 50s cardigan from July Poppy is also heaven…

Here’s another take on the sequin cardy. I love it belted liked this! Available at Tiger Vintage.

And then, of course, there are the sassy shoes! When in doubt, wear something fun, festive and COMFY on those toes!

These Miss L Fire golden t-strap numbers are so dreamy. I have them in black with a red rose (see ’em here) and can vouch for the fact that they are COMFY as can be. Pick up a pair at one of my *fave* online shops, MODCLOTH.

Look how cute these black and white mary jane sassers are? I love the bow detail. Also from MODCLOTH.

I think these grey patent flats with jewel toes are soooo sweet. And they’re a steal from Target.

These purple suede wedges have a little more of a heel, and I love the color. From Target.

These fuschia fancy flower flats have such a great toe embellishment with that pom pom flower. Love them! They’d be cute with jeans too! From Old Navy.

And because vintage isn’t for everyone (again, sizing can be tricky) here are two super cute modern options that have a very retro sensibility but are available in a multitude of sizes.

How cute is this Vintage Style LBD? The little belt and Audrey Hepburn neckline is so lovely.

Of course I had to throw in a little pop of COLOR. I think this Purple Jewel Tone dress would be supremely flattering on all shapes…and while it’s colorful it’s kind of classic, no? Also from Ze Target. No I don’t get kick backs from Target. I’m just obsessed.

I leave you with my final obsession. The adorable Sue of Giant Dwarf (maker of the iconic Starlette Crown which I covet beyond belief!!) has these heavenly little hair pins. Her Starlette Sparklers, hair pins made with uber sparkly German Glass Glitter, are so fun and pretty. I think one would be super fetching, but I looooove the trio. You know my Devil-Ette code name is The Starlet, so I think these MUST make their way into my hot little hands sooon! They are a great reminder that a little jeweled hair clip can be the perfect final touch to your holiday outfit.

HAPPY MONDAY friends. Should we do another one of these grown up round ups again soon? That was pretty fun!

PS How cute is our Thanksgiving Header, courtesy of Kiddo Artist in Residence, Draw*Pilgrim?? My sweet friend Pilgrim is something I’m supremely thankful for!!

Mama Style :: Guide to Cute & Comfy Kicks for Mamas

Sensible shoes. *shudder* Second only to the dreaded MOM JEAN. Once you become a mama you have to stay sure footed and comfort becomes a #1 priority. For many people though, this means sacrificing style. Phooey on that, I say. I’m pretty passionate about finding pretty footwear that won’t leave me having to soak or bandage my tootsies at the end of the day. That’s me up there (on the left—the insanity going on on the right is my stylish friend Denise, who looked amazing in these but totally confessed she rarely wears them and they are a pain in the arse to walk in. My yellow shoes have a small 1.5 inch heel and, while I won’t be running any marathons in them, they are pretty damn comfy. I thought it would be fun to give you my tips and tricks when it comes to finding fab footwear! Let’s begin at the beginning:

Flats are a no-brainer for mamas. Ballerina flats, sassy little pointy flats—flats are all the rage. But promise me you won’t cheat and just get basic black ones. Bust outta yer comfort zone and go for something fun! A colorful sandal with a pretty flower looks adorable with dresses and jeans.

Darlin’ little sandals from Poetic License Sandals.

Or go for a wild animal print (i have the pointy leopard ones and wear ’em to death. $14.99, yo! You can’t beat that!).

Awesome flats from Target. They have a TON and they’re all comfy and way affordable.

“But Alix, pointy shoes hurt my feet…I don’t want to be cultivatin’ no bunions mama!!” Wahh wahh. OK OK. Why not get a flat with a rounded toe? Or better yet, an OPEN TOE flat! How cute are these?

Purple Passions from Zappos.

And if yer still not feelin’ it, try Toms. These are seriously the most comfy shoes around AND Tom donates a pair of shoes to a disadvantage child for every pair you buy. They come in all kinds of colors, stripes and even sassy metallics (love the gold). It’s great when you can buy something cute with a conscious.

TIP: some flats can be, well, a little FLAT. I usually add an insole to add a bit of cushion.

American shoes frustrate me no-end because they are either sky high or flat as a pancake. What about an inbetween height? What about….the MID HEEL??? In Europe the Mid Heel is uber popular. I suspect because they do so much walking around there. This is my favorite heel. In fact it was on my “6 Ways to Make Yourself Feel Prettier” list I did for Strawberry Lemonade. I’ve picked out two kinds for ya, comfy and sassy. It’s a bit misleading because the Sassy are equally Comfy (and vice versa).

OK, any of my friends or long-time readers will know about my extreme lerve of Worishofers. These are the ultimate granny shoe. And i’m serious. I think they were created for grannies! I discovered them ages ago and thought they were adorable Miami retiree. Despite being made fun of by some pals, I always got compliments on them. And then they were written up in Lucky magazine—vindication! Lucky wouldn’t lie, right? Cute and stylish. And they come in a variety of colors and styles. I swear by the sling back. And while I usually can’t wear mules, these suckers stay on my feet and would carry me through a day of thriftin’ (or a wild night of bingo….). Here I am actin’ a phool in my Granny Shoes!

Aw yeah! You know you want ’em….WORISHOFERS!

Another secret tip, don’t shy away from “sensible” brands! Aerosoles, Clarks , Sketchers….they’ve all got a history of comfort and thankfully have all stepped up their style quota. I didn’t put a photo here, but check out these Aerosoles cherry red heels! I tried them on. They were COMFORTABLE! Who knew?? And just look at these babies:

The left shoe is an adorable patent Dankso…..the one on the right is the Sketcher Platform.

Image: Photo is of my adorable Flickr Pal graygoosie, who says these rock! (Look how cute she looks!)


The Mid Heel Sassy is my top favorite. These tend to be a little more girlie and colorful, but that just makes them so much more fun! They usually have a wee little heel that is 2 1/2 inches or less and come in t-straps, ankle straps and mary janes! Look at these two from OFFICE shoes, an awesome UK brand.

OFFICE shoes, turquoise and silver.

Another brand I love (but I have to confess, I’ve never bought) is ReMix Vintage. They make adorable reproductions of vintage shoes, all in a fabulous heel that is perfect for dancin’ the night away!

Loving these Remix cuties, but hey have tons of styles!

OK, these are the shoes I am most coveting lately. I saw them on Modcloth first, and sadly they are sold out. However I managed to track down a few more pairs for you. THEY ARE SO FREAKIN’ CUTE I’M DYING!!!! And the heel is deliciously lowwwwww.

Yes, these can be yours. Over at Trashy Diva.

“Alix, these are all really cute, but you don’t understand. I need COMFORT with a captial “C”. I need rubber soled, runnin’ around the playground, kickin’ soccer balls and power walkin’ shit kickers!!  Not fancy flower shoes!!”

OK. Fine. Then lets talk SNEAKERS. (er….or TRAINERS for my friends Pilgrim and Kate….)

There is still no excuse not to have cute footwear. PLEASE for the luv of  Jerry Seinfeld don’t buy white sneakers. They will just get dirty and really, has anyone every looked or felt cute in a white sneak? Go for color! Red! Blue! Silver accents! Or even GREEN! You can get a sassy running shoe in loads of colors. If that’s too sporty go for classic Keds, skater Vans or the indie fave Chuck Taylors. I promise you….you’ll be lookin’ and feelin’ fine even at the end of the day!

OK. That’s my lecture for the day. What do you think ladies? Have you found a cool shoe you swear by?? Let us know!

We now return to our regularly scheduled program.


Vintage Kiddo Monday Goes Mommy.

Helllllo friends. I hope you remembered to call or write yer mama yesterday! We had a nice and relaxin’ day….nothing fancy, but lots of extra hugs from my little Wolf. We’re having so much fun with our revamped mother’s day logo (don’t worry, it’ll be business as usual in a day or two!) we decided to continue with a Special Edition of Vintage Monday. Instead of our usual round up of vintage duds for kiddos, we have some fun picks for all the ladies in the house! (Oh, and I made sure to pick a selection of sizes…don’t worry these babies aren’t all XS or anything. Most are M-L or have a shape that accomodate multiple sizes! Woot!)

Heeeeere we go, first up:

1. Kate Spade-Style Straw Bag
Tons of designers like Kate and Marc get their inspiration from the vintage racks. Why spend $200 on a handbag when you can go straight to the source? Look how adorable this bag is!

From my best girlie, Frecklewonder.

2. Super Sweet Sailor Tunic

If you have the legs to go short, this would look adorable with sandals or tennies….but if yer like me (and have a few, ahem, “challenges” in the lower body region), you’ll wear it over some rolled up jeans or cropped white jeans. CUTE!

From Etsy gal, OldAge

3. Ze Lady in Red

I love the lipstick red color, the  bell sleeves and the cute belt. (Also, I love this girlie’s Zooey Deschanel lookin’ bangs!) This dressie more for a cool spring day than high summer, but how great is that color?

From Etsy cutie, RoseRedWinter

Strawberry Lemonade Skirt

This is a perfect weekender skirt. Hip and stylish enough so you feel cute, but totally casual. I could see you dressing it up or down! But mostly I see you holding a yummy coffee and wandering the flea market while your husband offers to take the kid(s) for the day. Heh.

From Etsy cool gal, HellCatVintage

Hot Dog! Mustard Bowler Bag

This is a great take on a weekend bag or even a little “carry to work” bag. I love the classic  mustard yellow color!

Also from the lovely Frecklewonder.

Blue Hawaiian Kauai Cutie

Hawaiian prints can make you look a little Mrs. Roper if you’re not careful, but the fitted waist and cool zipper pull on this sassy number will make sure you look more chic than freak.

Another lovely from Etsy girl RoseRedWinter

Chevron Stripe Pinkie Poo

The classic Chevron stripe is a totally flattering look — and in this bright and bold pink color, it’s a smash hit! You can add a belt to this to give the waist even more definition, or just go “as is” to keep it casual and comfy.

From Etsy seller OldAge

Black and White and Rad all Over

OK, I know not everyone is as color crazy as me… how about this lovely thang? One of the best parts of vintage is that it can look elegantly effortless or casual cute. With black and white, def add a little pop of color as you see fit! A bangle, a belt or a headband.

From Etsy seller ILoveLune

Wicker Basket Beauty

I love vintage purses, and this one is so cute. I’ve seen many a wicker box bag in my day, but the plastic rings on the handle straps give it a very modern (and mod) look. Love it!

Get this cutie from eBay seller mydepaul

Floral Romp in the Park

This cutie is perfect for a day at the lake or a picnic in the parkwith the kiddos ….the skort means you can climb the playground equipment and not be afraid of givin’ the other mama’s a peep show. Hee.

From sweet etsy gal empressjade

I love Color! Color! Color!

You know me, and I love mixin’ and matchin’ patterns so this pretty much made me squeal with glee. I know this bold, colorful look isn’t for everyone, but how fun is this??  C’mon, admit it. This skirt made you smile.  Now just because you think you think “can’t pull it off” ( PSHAW ladies!) , don’t shy away from something like this. You can buy the polka dotty top and wear it with a jean skirt or get the fun skirt and keep it simple with a white baby tee and a cute necklace.

Was there any doubt that this beauty was from Frecklewonder?  UPDATE: Phooey! Looks like this dress just sold last night or this morning. Well never fear, I have a cute Freckle back up for ya! Floral sundress goodness here.

Sweet Bluebelle Sundress

OK, just in case I scared you off with my color frenzy , here is a little more approachable way to wear color. I love the bright blue and red contrast buttons….so sweet. It almost has a gunne sax/dirndl feel, ya know? She’s wearin’ it with sassy red wedges but flip flops or sandals or even chuck taylors would look just as cute!

From eBay vixen, marissa1031

Pretty Firework Florals

OK, this is my last dressy to offer ya. I love the easy breezy shape….you can leave it loose on a extra hot day or give the waist more definition with a belt. Looks like the perfect thing thing to throw on for summer!

Also from our etsy pal, RoseRedWinter

Well that was fun! It feels like I’m bringing a touch of my Strawberry Lemonade blog over here with nary a kiddo in sight. But ya know, sometimes we need to focus on the ladies. Right? Have a smashin Monday friends! Dottie will be joining us in a bit with a special Vintage Monday feature of her own!