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Vintage Kiddo Monday Goes Mommy.

Helllllo friends. I hope you remembered to call or write yer mama yesterday! We had a nice and relaxin’ day….nothing fancy, but lots of extra hugs from my little Wolf. We’re having so much fun with our revamped mother’s day logo (don’t worry, it’ll be business as usual in a day or two!) we decided to continue with a Special Edition of Vintage Monday. Instead of our usual round up of vintage duds for kiddos, we have some fun picks for all the ladies in the house! (Oh, and I made sure to pick a selection of sizes…don’t worry these babies aren’t all XS or anything. Most are M-L or have a shape that accomodate multiple sizes! Woot!)

Heeeeere we go, first up:

1. Kate Spade-Style Straw Bag
Tons of designers like Kate and Marc get their inspiration from the vintage racks. Why spend $200 on a handbag when you can go straight to the source? Look how adorable this bag is!

From my best girlie, Frecklewonder.

2. Super Sweet Sailor Tunic

If you have the legs to go short, this would look adorable with sandals or tennies….but if yer like me (and have a few, ahem, “challenges” in the lower body region), you’ll wear it over some rolled up jeans or cropped white jeans. CUTE!

From Etsy gal, OldAge

3. Ze Lady in Red

I love the lipstick red color, the  bell sleeves and the cute belt. (Also, I love this girlie’s Zooey Deschanel lookin’ bangs!) This dressie more for a cool spring day than high summer, but how great is that color?

From Etsy cutie, RoseRedWinter

Strawberry Lemonade Skirt

This is a perfect weekender skirt. Hip and stylish enough so you feel cute, but totally casual. I could see you dressing it up or down! But mostly I see you holding a yummy coffee and wandering the flea market while your husband offers to take the kid(s) for the day. Heh.

From Etsy cool gal, HellCatVintage

Hot Dog! Mustard Bowler Bag

This is a great take on a weekend bag or even a little “carry to work” bag. I love the classic  mustard yellow color!

Also from the lovely Frecklewonder.

Blue Hawaiian Kauai Cutie

Hawaiian prints can make you look a little Mrs. Roper if you’re not careful, but the fitted waist and cool zipper pull on this sassy number will make sure you look more chic than freak.

Another lovely from Etsy girl RoseRedWinter

Chevron Stripe Pinkie Poo

The classic Chevron stripe is a totally flattering look — and in this bright and bold pink color, it’s a smash hit! You can add a belt to this to give the waist even more definition, or just go “as is” to keep it casual and comfy.

From Etsy seller OldAge

Black and White and Rad all Over

OK, I know not everyone is as color crazy as me…..so how about this lovely thang? One of the best parts of vintage is that it can look elegantly effortless or casual cute. With black and white, def add a little pop of color as you see fit! A bangle, a belt or a headband.

From Etsy seller ILoveLune

Wicker Basket Beauty

I love vintage purses, and this one is so cute. I’ve seen many a wicker box bag in my day, but the plastic rings on the handle straps give it a very modern (and mod) look. Love it!

Get this cutie from eBay seller mydepaul

Floral Romp in the Park

This cutie is perfect for a day at the lake or a picnic in the parkwith the kiddos ….the skort means you can climb the playground equipment and not be afraid of givin’ the other mama’s a peep show. Hee.

From sweet etsy gal empressjade

I love Color! Color! Color!

You know me, and I love mixin’ and matchin’ patterns so this pretty much made me squeal with glee. I know this bold, colorful look isn’t for everyone, but how fun is this??  C’mon, admit it. This skirt made you smile.  Now just because you think you think “can’t pull it off” ( PSHAW ladies!) , don’t shy away from something like this. You can buy the polka dotty top and wear it with a jean skirt or get the fun skirt and keep it simple with a white baby tee and a cute necklace.

Was there any doubt that this beauty was from Frecklewonder?  UPDATE: Phooey! Looks like this dress just sold last night or this morning. Well never fear, I have a cute Freckle back up for ya! Floral sundress goodness here.

Sweet Bluebelle Sundress

OK, just in case I scared you off with my color frenzy , here is a little more approachable way to wear color. I love the bright blue and red contrast buttons….so sweet. It almost has a gunne sax/dirndl feel, ya know? She’s wearin’ it with sassy red wedges but flip flops or sandals or even chuck taylors would look just as cute!

From eBay vixen, marissa1031

Pretty Firework Florals

OK, this is my last dressy to offer ya. I love the easy breezy shape….you can leave it loose on a extra hot day or give the waist more definition with a belt. Looks like the perfect thing thing to throw on for summer!

Also from our etsy pal, RoseRedWinter

Well that was fun! It feels like I’m bringing a touch of my Strawberry Lemonade blog over here with nary a kiddo in sight. But ya know, sometimes we need to focus on the ladies. Right? Have a smashin Monday friends! Dottie will be joining us in a bit with a special Vintage Monday feature of her own!

Vintage Kiddo: Retro Roundup!

Well, it’s that time of the week, where all things awesome and vintage and kiddo are found right here for your viewing and shopping pleasure. Yuppers, I’m talking about the return of Modern Kiddo’s Vintage Kiddo Retro Roundup! Yeehaa! Did you miss it? We sure did and we’ve got some extremely sassy and sunny bits of vintage goodness to share with you today.

What is cuter than a little mouse sniffing a flower? How about an applique of a little mouse sniffing a flower on this sweet little girl’s dress! Bonus points because it’s a Nanette and I love that brand something FIERCE for little girl cuteness.

Thanks for the uber find, eBay seller, UberMom!

Now that the weather is officially springy, it’s time to think about heading to the beach and who wouldn’t want to with this great vintage kiddo beach robe/cover-up!

This great Superman pajama shirt would be great to wear during the daytime! Who wouldn’t want to show off Superman’s mad skills at punching a plane?  And really, it wouldn’t be too unusual to wear a pajama shirt out during the day? Why my friend Rosemary went to classes on the first day of college wearing her pajamas! Hee hee!!

Who wouldn’t sleep tight in that, ebay seller, Cowtown’s Revenge.

I am in love with this Petite Joue sweater and this petite cutie wearing it!

I am SO coming back to your Etsy shop, Kidretro!

Who wouldn’t want to sail away in my beautiful balloon–if it were made of gingham and on the leg of this sweet little jumper?  And it’s a Health Tex brand too!

Keep an eye on this eBay seller, ktjetta. She has the eye for finding great Health Tex goodies!

This mod smock features a terrific mosaic flower, that would be perfect with a little pair of salt water sandals. Perfect to pop over a bathing suit for that necessary beach trip to the ice cream parlor. I’ll take two scoops of cuteness with sprinkles, please!

I’m obsessed with your great find, eBay seller, ObsessedWithVintage.

I love a guaybera or Mexican wedding shirt on little boys for special occasions when the weather turns nice. And this pint-size vintage guaybera shirt would be perfect.  I love the colorful embroidery panels too. The little guitar is killer.  Wouldn’t it be cute to  have your ring bearer saunter down the aisle in this?

Great find indeed, eBay seller, G8tfindz!

Who wouldn’t be mad for plaid, if plaid is as wonderfully retro and pure Marsha Brady as this vintage Sears & Roebucks drop waist dress? I am in love love love with that green! And don’t even get me started on the faux undershirt awesomeness.

Etsy seller, Sunflower Grace, I want to go shopping with you!

Normally one doesn’t think of Winnie the Pooh as a western cowboy figure, but clearly someone did and the results are pure fabulousness–as you can see in this great tan Western shirt.

I wanna saddle up with your great finds, Etsy seller, Robynsetsy!

Snow plow applique on a little sun suit–irony was never so button cute! Hmmm… Or maybe it is just dirt, but whatever it is, it’s adorable.

You know I love ya, Lishyloo! And your great style finds for kids too!

I must ask you, Lish–where did you find THIS:

I nearly died when I saw it! SWEET PICKLE!!! I know that this is a reference to the Awesome Sweet Pickles book series, but it reminds me of this story my beloved friend Jen told me about a friend of hers whose Mom ran a daycare called Sweet Pickles Daycare and when he was a teen, he used to sneak into the daycare at night to woo the ladies, using the Teddy Ruxpin doll as a CD player. Awww yeah!

Happy Snappy Monday, ya’ll!

Yup! It’s That Time of The Week Again…

And this week, friends, we are going to focus in on one particular area of supreme baby kootness! Those widdle footies! The ones you just want to nom on and kiss all day long.

Although it is a shame to cover those little sugarfooties* up,  let’s do it in style with the nice selection we pulled together for your viewing pleasure–all available in sizes 0-12 months. And we’ve come a long way from those white ankle boots of yore.

These Zid Zid Eco Moroccan booties are just killing me with their sublime yumminess. I like the blue pair the most.

I’m in love with these Livie & Luca pink Holland boot. It kinda has that old school feeling to it that is making me that I. MUST. OWN. THEM. Why do you make me suffer so, Livie and Luca?

Right now my husband is in love with tweed, so I expect that he’ll buy these tweedy numbers for the Peach as soon as I post this. Sigh.

I think red and brown is such a great color combo–it reminds me of little red robins.  And in these tiny loafers, well, they are just stinktown cute.

Robeez are a baby shower staple for good reason–particularly when they put such wacky adorableness on their shoes, like this knighted fox pair–what a hoot!

Oh, but then I went to Etsy and lost my mind is baby shoe adorableness.  Crafters throw down the gauntlet of button cuteness when it comes to baby shoes.  Let me share a few with you…

Etsy seller, Garden Alley is cranking the cuteness level up to 11 with this embroidered pair:

FIE, Etsy seller, Gracious May–you are churning out some serious cuteness over at your shop! I don’t know what is cuter–the little foot or the little robot shoe over the foot?

And what about this Mary Jane or this kitty ones?

I have a not so hidden love of ticking fabric. And to use it for this tiny tiny shoes? Genius, Etsy seller, Cutienesser.

Nothing says love like knit booties, right? Etsy seller HandknitHugs is rocking my world. How could she not with these two cozy posie pairs that say love luv LOVE?   I’m dying here.

And you know how I love a good upcycled sweater? Well, pair that with baby booties and you end up with this little bit of awesomeness, the town boot from Etsy seller, Wooly Baby.

I broke a tooth on this cuteness!

*My mother grew up in the South and Sugarfoot was a term of endearment, so it was tossed around a lot in my childhood with smiles and cuddles. But as an adult, whenever I use the phrase anywhere else, I get looks of complete horror. Please bring back that awesome phrase. And say it with a Southern drawl for effect!

Vintage Kiddo Monday: Retro Roundup

Howdy folks! With lilacs in bloom and days getting longer, owe just can’t help but push their winter duds into the farthest corner of the closet and pull out the finery of spring and summer.

Now, this little corduroy tie top vintage dressy making good use of ric rac.  But let’s gild that lily with some widdle birdies and tulips.

Where do you find such goodies, Oh Sydney?

Swim lessons surely lurk in the folds of summer. Check out these sweet boys knit striped swim trunks.  They are all the rage in Europe and are becoming big stateside to boot! I know with swim wear, you want new, and these swim trunks are old stock,  means they were never sold and never worn! Woohoo! The red pair has a tag. The brown pair doesn’t.

Right on trend, Kim.Ber.Go.

I almost didn’t post these because I wanted them myself!  Two adorable little overalls–perfect for summer fun! You could put a little t-shirt under them or if it gets really hot, just suit up and go!  Two for under $12.00 too!

And the prints are killing me! Polka dotted elephants? Green pigs? What kind of zoo has these animals, Etsy seller StellaBluz?

Sunflowers can be a bit of a fickle fashion flower at times feeling more Hee Haw than hip. But this vintage little shift got the sunflower down perfectly. Polkadots and sunflowers make perfect sense to me!

I’m picking up what you are putting down, ebay seller, theVioletorChild.

I was cracking up over these vintage bell-bottoms featuring famous logos. Or *ARE* they? Victer with an E? And Aunt “Gimima”? Even in the seventies, copyright infringement fear was strong.

You won this round, RobotParade4Kids

Blast off with these great sneakers festooned with rocket ships–I see a flying saucer and what looks like Apollo Nine.  But I love the big white rubber shoe guard in front. Man, I would have killed for a pair this awesome!

Nice find, ebay seller, Servant2him.

I love this great vintage shirt with an interesting plaid of red and blue. This is one that my sweetie asked if it came in his size. Sorry, sweetie–just for boys!

Who wouldn’t want to get it for their own “wee men” And it is Sanforized…  Excellent call, eBay seller, 4sons4fun.

Even though your little one is too young to be sipping Mai Tais, he can still have a tiki good time with this great bright vintage Hawaiian shirt!

Mahalo, Etsy seller, Uncommon Eye!

And because I love you all so very much, I’m sharing this crown jewel of vintage awesomeness with you (instead of buying it myself), but someone must buy this. Please! This adorable yellow plaid coat makes me want a little chill in the air. Sigh!

Dottie go crazy over Etsy seller JudyGoVintage!

And then there is this friend.  I just had to include it. The elephant beanie.  I just try to think about the story behind this beanie. What could it be? A fabulous circus themed birthday party–and this hat is the giveaway?  The prototype beanie before they added the propeller? The mind is overwhelmed with possibilities.

I must admit that I have a complete fear of beanies with things on the top thanks to that surreal (in the true sense of the word) movie by Dr. Seuss made in 1953 full of cold war fear and Auntie Mame camp. Based on a child’s dream laced with his hatred of piano lessons, this movie scarred me as a child, The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T has given millions of children bad dreams for over half a century.

I found that image at the most awesome Website ever, Traumafessions. You can thank me for introducing you to this after after you’ve spent your entire lunch hour on it. ‘Nuff said.

But I saved the best for last–this great vintage hat from MK favorite, Lishyloo!  This hat is just bananas–it has all of these crazy and completely random sayings all over it like “rocking chair”, and “a pretty beaver”, and “up in the air.”

Could I get confirmation on the “a pretty beaver” line, Lish? That is almost too bizarre! Can anyone else make it out?

And to sweeten this week even more, Lishyloo is having a vintage kids clothing sale–with more than 30 items all under $15. Like that hat, which is only seven clams for all that awesomeness.

Happy Monday!

Vintage Kiddo Mondays: Retro Roundup

Happpppy Monday! It’s time for the Vintage Kiddo Retro Round Up, lovelies. I really *do* need to do a theme song, no? This week we are welcoming the arrival of SPRING! That means nary a sweater or scratchy knit in sight. I have a great selection of fun vintage goodies for our weekly e-thrifting session. As always, all these picks are available on Etsy and Ebay for your purchase!

First up? The Girls. Cute dresses, bright colors and fun little details—ladies, we’re ready for some sunshine!

Bad puns aside, I am totally nutso for the wee little squirrels on this red hot dressie. OK, so they kind of look like little baby polarbear squirrels, but who cares?? Not I!

Red Squirrel Knit Dress, Etsy seller ThreeRingCircus

This sassy lil polka dot scarecrow comes with a cute stripy bum cover! I love it—and check out the wee blue bird sitting on her hand!

Scarecrow Romper, Etsy seller ThreeRingCircus

I love a classic little puff sleeve and crisp white collar, but the drop waist and teensy bow are what make this one a keeper:

Baby Blue Plaid, Etsy seller Nanzfi

I was going to quote the lyrics to Build Me up Buttercup, because of the yummy buttery daffodil color on this amazing dressie, but you know what? They’re kind of a downer. I’ve always loved the song and thought of it as this upbeat fun song, but seriously it’s all about some girl who is totally breaking this guys heart, not showing up to meet him, breaking his heart….dang! Who knew? Well this dress is like a little ray of sunshine—my only sunshine. It makes me happy when skies are gray. You’ll never know dear how much I love it. Please just buy this dress right away. Hmmm, now if only I could think of another song to quote…

Buttercup Yellow Dress, eBay seller LostandFoundVintage

This is the only long-sleeved lovely in the mix, but it’s so colorful and fun I just HAD to include it. I’d love it with colorful tights and maryjanes or with a little pair of sandals and bare legs when it really warms up.

Mod Geomtric Dress, eBay seller: debbrame6x5m

And just for fun—ze pom pom hat!!! (I think technically it’s a pom pon, but who really spella it like that anyway, eh?)

Pom Pom Hat, eBay seller wyogems

OK, now lets look at some goodies for The Boys. Look at this lil set. Gingham? Check! Cute matching diaper cover? Check! Original price tag, never worn-ness??? DOUBLE CHECK!

Gingham Romper, Etsy seller loseyoureyesvintage

My birthday is August 22 which makes me a cuspy Leo…so I mean c’mon now. How could I resist this romper???? It’s so John John meets the Zodiac. He *does* have a little bit of a goofy stance….almost like he walks around on his hind legs with his arms hanging down. But hey, he IS king of jungle. Let the man walk however he wants to, right? Rrroar!

Lion Striped Jumpsuit, Etsy seller GiggleBoss

Ooooooh Luuuucy! You got some ‘splaining to do!! This little Ricky Ricardo cutie is amazing!

Ricky Ricardo, Etsy seller ThreeRingCircus

I love the kooky style of this 70s fabric (remember those stretchy belts that say “JEANS JEANS JEANS”??). And yee haw, this one is super cute!

Little Cowboy, Etsy seller thefancytail

As with the girls I have one long sleever in the mix for our little guys. It’s just so cool I couldn’t resist! And I promise, no Roscoe P. Coletrain jokes.

Dukes of Hazzard, Etsy seller differenthues

And finally….in honor of spring…. perhaps the most “unique” item for kiddos out there right now. What what what??? These toy bouncer shoes are BANANAS.

Crazy Spring Shoes from eBay seller moneygreen

Yep, people. SPRING has SPRUNG!!